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    I personally am a classic rock player...but a LOT of players use a lot of gain. And a lot of amps on the market ARE high gain. I like a lot of gain on my leads and I don't like to use distortion pedals in front of the amp. So I always used relatively high gain heads (my last "real" amp was a Bogner Ecstasy 101B). I currently use the Archon model in the Helix for my crunch and lead tones. I would think that if a player wanted insane amounts of gain then they SHOULD be able to achieve that without having to worry about fizziness. I've never used an Axe unit...but the thing I hear about them when reading forums is that it does not have that fizziness in the high gain amps. I've said it for a long time...Line 6 should get in there and make these models sound like an amp. Get rid of all that fizz on the top. Yes, I can (and have) tweaked it out of my sound. But why did I have to do that? And by doing high cuts...I always feel that I'm "losing" something up top other than just "fizz". Just seems stupid to create a modeler and have it sound that way. From what I've read...Fractal didn't make that mistake. Don't get me wrong...I love my Helix. But the amps themselves should be the main event in a modeler. No need for "Fizz" in a high gain amp. And if Line 6 thinks there should be "fizz"...then they should have a "fizz" parameter that is set to "0" by default so players can add in fizziness to their taste (bet NOBODY ever would).
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    Hi Folks, Loving the Helix. Created some cab IRs from a Friedman 2x12 (vintage 30s). Wanted to share them with the community. http://www.studiocat.com/temp/Friedman_2x12_cab.zip There three basic mic positions for most of the IRs. 1 = center 2 = edge of cap 3 = cone 1o = center off-axis 2o = edge of cap off-axis 3o = cone off-axis Multiple mics were used (SM57, SM7b, MD421, RE20, RE320, C414). The center positions are bright. If that's not to your liking, make sure to try the other positions. Enjoy! Jim Roseberry www.studiocat.com jim@studiocat.com http://www.studiocat.com/temp/Friedman_2x12_cab.zip
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    wouldn´t that be a nice upgrade...? to get a little more influence on the expression curve...like the fractal units have...a parameter for the middle of the curve etc... another question: is there a way to get rid of FS3 showing "learn" and go back to the block infos...??? and one more...can anyone tell me if helix rack can have more than 9 blocks in one preset...? thanks
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    There's a really good post by 'benifin' at TGP about the advantages of using the EQ block, complete with audio clips. Rather than repeat what was said, here's the link. Hope this helps.
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    Lol... "That guy" is Cliff Chase. The founder and brains behind Fractal and the Axe-FX. I'm willing to believe he knows a thing or two about what he's talking about...
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    You are over thinking this.... They are merged by default, but you can hard pan the inputs and outputs to keep them separate. You have full control of this. 1: Stay away from Stereo Effects... 2: In the Input "Y", hard pan the left input to Path A, and the right input to Path B. 3: In the Output "Y", hard pan Path A to the left, and Path B to the right. 4: The paths are now independent and will accomplish what you want to do. The LEFT In/Out is one set of effects, the RIGHT In/Out is another set of effects. *** Keep in mind you will need at least 1 effect block in each path before the Y options become available to edit. I run my HX with separate paths in some situations.... it works 100% as long as you get the routing (panning) correct and stay away from stereo effects.
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    There are several Ideascale entries for this - no idea if anyone is checking Ideascale these days, but adding your vote can't hurt. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Expression-Pedal-Response-Curves/890716-23508#idea-tab-comments https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Curve-parameter-for-expression-pedals/905964-23508#idea-tab-comments https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Helix-EXP-Pedal-Curve-Control/791011-23508#idea-tab-comments
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    take a look at this post (from a fractal moderator) on the fractal forum ,https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/low-cut-high-cut.119906/ they too use high cuts to get rid of fizz and harshness in the high end when using frfr.
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    For the number of repeats, you adjust the feedback parameter. If you are running the delay in series, try about a 25% mix and 25% feedback. That will tend to stay out of the way (ala Andy Timmons). You can also run the delay in parallel with your "dry" signal so you maintain clarity. You should be able to make the trems a set time and not based off the tap tempo.
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    My mother always told me “If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything.” Good advice, but not always. We sometimes need to feel a right to assert our own boundaries. @cruisinon2, you are a valued contributor, I never miss your posts. I found your response to be constructive. There can be quality and connection issues with Variax. I think properly serviced and setup, these instruments are pretty reliable. I have four Variax guitars. The Variax 300 was the most unreliable because of an intermittent short between the shield and one of connector pins. Tape fixed that. I’ve had one piezo pickup go bad on my Variax 700 Acoustic. I use a JTV-69S for every gig and don’t even think about its reliability. Its never been a problem other than not seating the VDI cable completely. My Variax Standard neck is pretty environment sensitive. So I don’t gig with it anymore. Avoid thin necks. The feel great, but tend to be less stable.
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