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  1. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Helix was designed to act as the centerpiece of one's rig; it was not designed to replace every component in someone's rig. If a formant filter is mission crucial, we've provided multiple ways to incorporate it into Helix's signal flow.
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  2. Try the Litigator model with Minotaur or TS808 in front. Pretty straight forward Strat tone. If you are using in ears as monitors only, it will be difficult to get that sustain on the verge of feedback.
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  3. Howdy all Have seen a bunch of expression pedal posts; seems odd that it should be such a challenge to get third party, passive expression pedals to work with a multi effect unit in this day and age, but I digress. Below are some pics of the necessary mods to a Morley M2 in order to get it to play nice with the Helix. Essentially, you disconnect lead 3 from its correspondingly numbered jumper (someone please correct my terminology here), and connect lead 3 to lead/jumper 1. The warranty-voiding mod is shown along with my sloppy soldering in thosr pics with a small red wire in them. It's possible to secure the wire manually if you're extremely dexterous or have tiny little hands or what have you, but I found it to be a little bit of a tight space to solder in. Been a fan of Morleys for awhile - they're generally tough and I favor both their shape and height, but your foot may vary. Cheers - Dan
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  4. I heard that Line 6 hired a new catering company for their lunchroom meals. Wondering if that will be something they implement into the next firmware release. I personally would love the ability to place a burrito on the expression pedal and turn the 'lunchbox amp' to 11 and have it nuked while I'm tweaking. Any help if this will be coming this year at all?
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  5. The question is NOT whether the DSP can handle a formant effect, the question is whether or not users are wanting it more than they want other things. So I checked out IdeaScale and saw that the Voice Box and Formant effects have a grand total of about 50 votes combined, compared to 1530 votes for signal metering, 1149 votes for digital clipping indicator, and about 300 higher ranking suggestions. I believe that may have something to do with it not being there. You may have to wait a while......
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  6. No worries on the hijack lol. I actually know how to set up the sending automation from the DAW through USB to Helix Rack. Thing is it isn't always reliable. (I think it is half Helix fault, half my DAW's fault) I use FL Studio 12.5. FL Studio 20 just launched with a slew of improvements/changes, but I am waiting a few months until all the bug fixes are patched in. I am hoping that with the updates/improvements of FLS 20, and the midi improvements in the Helix in FW 2.6... that most of these issues will be ironed out. Unless your post was directed to Roberttheprole. Either way its cool :)
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  7. I started playing around with this after reading your post. I haven't used the Bomber in my live setup, but they do sound very good. I thought they were a little mild on the top end until I changed the default mic from 47A to 421. Also helps to change the cab to one of the 3x12 brit. I have leaned heavily on the Diezel (Diety) amps for this kind of tone. I think they cut through very well with my band and the other guitarist. I have been disappointed a couple of times when trying to apply the EQ, as it can sound awesome at home and then its not right at the rehearsal. EQ can get pretty wild with volume changes I guess... its best as a last resort. Sometimes, if I'm having trouble, I will play a riff on my looper pedal and then just scroll through the amps, cabs and mics to find the sound. Also check this youtube you can hear some isolated parts of Cantrells guitar on Them Bones
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  8. Dear DI... are we allowed to start the guessing game on this forum considering that it already has on the TGP? There are a couple guys who risked saying the EVH 5150 III is coming after that freudian slip you made during the interview with Eric of the Helix Hour show... As well as a couple new HX reverbs and the two amp models announced in the 2.50 firmware update remaining... Do we have your blessing? Please don´t get snarky... I´m just an anxious fan of Line 6´s work... Thanks for everything you guys do in order to improve the Helix... in advance.
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