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    I have been there and know exactly what you wanted to do. That fact is lots of the killer tones on the KPA (and Helix) are just to die for. The KPA has a much better tuner, been updated with goodies and fixes and with the 3rd party editor now available from talented programmers/users it is really a nice setup and good competition to keep L6 from getting complacent. Best of both worlds, in my opinion, is to have both boxes, but that tends to rub the penny polishers crazy when I've suggested that in the past. They suggest you don't need that and should be satisfied with what they consider enough. I say, there isn't a music dictatorship or mandatory standard to adhere to, and "each to their own" in searching for the holy grail of tonal bliss. ; ) Good luck in your endeavors to find it!
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    What a great suggestion... I have a few of those sets in my string box but no longer have the guitar I bought them for. Now I have some experimenting to do :) I have a colleague that uses his variax mostly for acoustic... he sets his up with a light set of bronze wound and it makes a huge difference on the acoustic tones.
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    For years I’ve enjoyed my 500 setup with D'Addario ECG26 Chromes Flat Wound Electric Guitar Strings. The trick is to buy Medium 13-56 set, throw out the 56 and add a 10 - now you’ve basically got 10-46 set with plain (17) 3rd/G string. Barely changes a thing about the guitar setup (if already using 10-46) and the flat wound exhibit some cool unique qualities with the modeling. I also like how it helps reduce “squeaks” and other piezo artifacts under higher gain amplification. The acoustic models are particularly interesting with an almost “Norman Blake” dead string Martin sound going on….
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    Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's not. But it's always worth a shot when using a guitar amp.
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    Yep, As much as I would like them to expand the HX reverbs, and fix the "mix" issue... (especially in mono) Signal metering, and clip indicators are my number 1 hope that get added in the next FW update.
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    Well if we're listing our wishes, I'd like to give a shout out to having back the ability to send midi messages when changing snapshots!!! Seriously!!! Updates are supposed to be just that! So curious how that wire got crossed! Whatever the case, is this not important to everyone as it is for me?!?!?!? hahaha
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    Hoping for some polyphonic updates including improvements to existing pitch shift effects. Definitely my number 1 is to improve the whammy.
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