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    Dear group, I can not emphasize this enough,...do not, do not, do not use anything other than the specified tubes (valves) in these amps. Power tubes must be matched sets. Use only the specified tubes. Please, I'm trying to keep your gear of of my repair bench, so you can make music and rock out. Thank you.
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    Sorry for the noob question but how do I use my HD500X for effects only with the DT25 amp models? I just can't seem to get the POD to sound as nice and dynamic as the actual amp.
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    Am I the only one that wants a Marshall JVM OD1 and OD2 preamp? The JVM is the most modern iconic Marshall amp available today. Endorsed by artists such as Dave Mustaine and Joe Satriani - pretty big names in the guitar world. We all know there are plenty of clean and dirty Marshall tones, but really only 1 Marshall metal preamp - Brit 2204 (JCM800) and if you want to count the Line 6 version 2204 Mod, there's 2. But these don't get anywhere near the gain/metal tone of the ENGL/Mesa/PRS preamps. I have owned the ENGL Powerball II and own the Mesa Mark V and TC-100 - and 2 Marshall JVM's (410 head and 205 combo). The JVM can match or out metal any of these amps, so it's not like I'm comparing apples to oranges. Now technically the JVM OD1 and OD2 preamps are based off the JCM800 preamps, but they have more gain stages added and the EQ is voiced differently. So I definitely think there's an opportunity for Line 6 to include the JVM preamps. Anyone else want this as well?
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    Apples and oranges. The DT series is a "full" tube amp with selectable topographies. Combined with a L6 Modeler HD or Helix the Katana is squished under the DT's iron boot. Now if you are talking about price that is a different story. That said I do like the Katana the weight is light and the features are packed for a modeling amp but it is no DT.
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