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    Just made this, free for everyone who likes it, enjoy it.
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    The only place to set the threshold is where it sounds right, and feels right to you. This is a lot of trial and error, especially if you are relatively new to compression. No two compressors work the same, and no compressor works the same with different guitars. I recommend starting with three extreme settings... full CCW, half way, and full CW. This will immediately tell you which direction the threshold is working. Next, find the place where you notice NOTHING, vs having PLENTY. What you want will likely be somewhere in between, but again - there are too many variables to say anything with certainty. Always balance the level with the effect on/off. As you add more compression, you will need to raise the output level of the effect. Good luck, and welcome to the compression rabbit hole!
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    Sounds like your unit is defective. I would either exchange it or open up a support ticket with Line 6. My HX Effects is completely transparent as far as I can tell.
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    Hi there folks first time poster here with my impressions on helix LT intergrated with my pedalboard. First of all the helix really is a great piece of kit on it's own , but i only finished building a my dream pedalboard at christmas and bought the LT in February so it has had very limited use. This board is controlled by the G LAB GSC-4 switcher and G LAB ML-4 4xloop extension giving me 10 loops and MIDI control over DD-500,EHX Holiest Grail and Mooer Ocean Machine.Curiosity on how these two would work together got the better of me so i thought with MIDI implementation i could remotely control the board whilst using using some simple presets/snapshots.Well i'm pleased to say i got some great tones but i hit a snag when using the commands to switch presets on the board. No matter what i tried regarding settings on both devices, i could not for the life of me get the controller to recognise the instant commands and it would revert to 1 of 2 random bank/presets.Fast forward another day and a bit , and i remembered a similar issue i had controlling a Boss GT-5 via MIDI which only responded correctly when its MIDI channel was set to OMNI mode only not matching on each device as per normal.Thankfully this solved my probl;em and i can now enjoy the best of both worlds.Just thought i would share my experience in case it might help someone else in the future.Great forum, keep up the good work !!!!
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