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    Sure there’s a few different ways you could accomplish this. First off if your using a noise gate block, you could setup a stomp that engages both the noise gate and the rat when you need it and bypasses them both when you don’t. Alternatively if you want to use the noise gate on the input block, you could set up a Snapshot with that and the rat engaged and a second one without.
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    Apparently everyone missed what you said. There's no reason to send the signal to the board using the 1/4" out R output. Just send it using the XLR L/mono output to the board. You could be inviting problems if you happen to use a stereo effect. In that case you'd get one side of the stereo in your monitor and one side at the board.
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    Well, there is such a thing as Line 6 Spider Jam 2.0! My wife just picked it up. Very excited about this! Interesting that Line 6 don't mention this newer model at all on their site.
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    that's great! might be a bit big for a band setting but for solo or sitting at home tone heaven it's spot on
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    This is an old thread, but since it's been re-opened I'll add my thoughts on the MIC input. For some people the HD is their primary Audio Interface for recording... having the mic input is no different than having a MIC input on any other interface. It's great for someone doing a single act. Carry the HD and a powered speaker... that's all you need. Setup a dual path (one for guitar, the other for the mic) and send them to the powered speaker... no need to carry a mixer. As a multi-instrumentalist I find it never hurts to have another input. None of my additional instruments use mics but that doesn't matter... I often plug my mandolin or dobro into a direct box, then run an XLR from the DI to the mic input.... adjust trim as needed. Added features are never a bad thing... even if you don't see the immediate value in it.
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    Hola. Yo tambien tengo la duda sobre el cómo bajar los tonos. O sea los bajo y la pc me pregunta con que software voy a abrir el archivo que baje Es decir ¿Como subo el tono a la POD XT LIVE? paso a paso para un principiante plis
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