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    ... I won't be getting rid of my Helix and Helix LT... I had to play one for myself... Hehehe
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    I understand 2.7 will have a tuner in the editor...
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    Does everyone who bought the flagship amp Firehawk Fh1500 feel let down. No updates in over year no upgrades on models. I have the Fh1500 and Fbv3. Where are the updates and upgrades?
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    Helix in front of S-Gear - interesting option. I’ve used S-Gear for a long time and still prefer it for recording over Helix Native. But for a live setup, I just use Helix, and have an Apogee GiO into Logic Pro X or MainStage with Helix Native (mostly the same patches) as my backup. I also do a bit of MIDI guitar with Helix and Logic too. I do have a recording setup that uses Helix front of the amp effects into S-Gear, using the Apogee GiO as a MIDI foot controller, and an Arturia BeatStep for additional amp controls. That’s my home rehearsal and recording setup. There’s real magic in S-Gear and its delay, chorus and reverb effects. It really shows the potential of digital guitar amplifiers. Recent Helix amp models are approaching S-Gear in functionality, but there’s still a noticeable difference in the overall tone. Its nice to have both options.
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    Yeah... I need one like a hole in my head, but the Furian in me wishes to walk on the dark side... LoL!
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    Glad to hear you're eager for this review. Over the 37 million minutes of viewing of my reviews to date I guess that my reviews are liked by many. I've met sarcastic people like you before, but I thought they were all on the Fractal forum where they belong. I was wrong. Thankfully Yamaha has bought Line6 and I guess they won't tolerate people that have a sad attitude and hide behind stupid names on forums simply because they can't attach their acidic remarks to their real names. I don't like sarcastic people like you make no mistake about that... and for what it's worth I will be focussing on this forum as part of the customer service aspect of the HX Effects products thanks to you. Not a problem for me, and certainly not a problem for my review, but it might be a problem for you at some stage. Just a question... when did you ask 'we're all dying to know' about watching my review? Because that's basically a 'made up' comment.. or some could construe it as a lie. I see from the five or six posts you have made to date that it would be hard to make a statement like that. I suspect that you should go back to your Fractal Forum where your attitude is in line with the general attitude found in such places. Until now I did feel that the Line6 forums were full of reasonable people, but I can clearly see that this is not the case where you are concerned. And guess what, you can take your forum and see how far it fits in to a part of your anatomy... either your mouth or... well you go figure. Over the 37 million minutes of viewing of my reviews to date I can confirm that my reviews are liked by many... all except often some very sad entities that try and create with stupid attitudes some level of distain against success. Don't worry you make absolutely no difference to the review I will make and likely you will enhance it. Bye Bye.
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    I honestly have no desire to really try one. I tried an AX8 a few years ago and wasn't blown away, and the Axe FX III is an expansion on that, so I don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything. I have too many things in my house as it stands right now. Not saying the Axe FX III isn't awesome, but I just feel like I have more than I need with the Helix and Helix Native.
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    tell us what you think.I wanted to try one myself because im a man child and i want new toys.
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    Oh please hurry! We are all dying to know what YOU think about it. And please make it as fascinating as your original post!
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    I’ve done this to an iPod. It works but first, before you pull the plug out, give it a good twist in case some of the glue oozes out the sides of the plug and gets it stuck in the walls of the jack. A quick twist will loosen it from accidentally glued areas.
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    Great to see Line6 take a breather on adding features and to instead work on bug fixes that make the HX line more reliable and resolve some long standing issues. Time well spent! Here's to hoping their fixes took and relatively few new bugs, or better yet, none, were created. They still managed to get some nice adds into the update - a few new amp and effect models, editor for HX Effects, MIDI support for Native, etc.. Like everyone else I am looking forward to firmware 3.0 as well with whatever features that brings (improved tuner, polyphonic effects, some more HX reverbs?).
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    I would like the helix to have tone matching and effect matching that syncs with what I would be currently hearing in my head. Could we also include a fold out amp cabinet that can be triggered via my key fab?
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    Ah at last the mysterious update that makes the HX effects what it should have been from the start. Expect an in depth review now that I can continue... Thanks Line6
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    If the jacks are like the other l6 equipment jacks I’ve dealt with, they’re closed. what about a magnet? Or, put a dab of gel-based super glue on the end of the broken 1/4”, insert it, let it sit for a couple minutes, then pull it out.
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    I'm planning another smaller pack, for metal, but will include the two new amps with it
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    Dude- Chill. I appreciate your patience, man. There are some quite a few entitled people out there. I am super pumped about the new update. I am happy it took a little longer and we got a ton of bug fixes and some pretty cool updates. Honestly- Line 6 is going above and beyond compared to past releases. I really hope they continue this effort and bringing us these really quality models on a semi-frequent basis. These dirt pedals have made most of my pedal board obsolete. I can't wait to check out the range mast and DS1
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    Are you looking on the actual unit or through HX Edit? If you are using HX Edit, you will also need to update HX Edit before you will see them there. I noticed the same thing.
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    As noted above - it's released right now. Before you do anything else, open up your existing version of HX Edit and create a backup of your HX Edit. Then, go to the Downloads link above, and download the latest version of HX Edit, and that will give you the updated drivers and the latest version of Line 6 Updater. Run Line 6 Updater to install the firmware update, and then you'll be good to go.
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    My apologies for assuming you knew the difference between line level and instrument level. The only 2 Line inputs on the UX2 are on the back of the unit. The front of the unit has instrument and mic inputs (not Line inputs). You can also download the user manual which is a good resource. Cheers!!
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    Sorry to be a little late for the party, and for being a bit on a rant... but I have to agree with the original poster and the few others, the harmonizer in the Helix is really a big fail for a flagship device in 2018. I bought the Helix as a replacement for my 10HE effects rack, and while it does everything else as good as the stuff in my rack (except for the leslie, which is also aweful if used with a real amp and a real cab - the Helix really needs a model of the H&K Rotosphere!) the harmonizer is a joke. I get that they tried to emulate the behaviour of an 80s device, but not offering a modern, well working alternative is... well. The harmonizer kinda works as long as you don't bend. It sounds very artificial and nasal, kind of like autotune on steroids, but it works... more or less. It completely fails if you dare to bend a note, because it cannot decide where to track it. Especially when the harmony note involves a half step - try for yourself: E minor scale, -6th harmony, bend the d (15th fret on 2nd string) to the e. The harmony should follow from an f-sharp to the g. The harmony starts to follow the band, shoots over and goes sharp, and then, when the bend is far enough, steps down to the correct scale note. I play in a cover band where I use a harmonizer on a few tunes. I have a G-Major 2 in my rack for that purpose, which came out what, 10 years ago? It passes with flying colors. Surely Line 6 should be able to match that. Here are three examples (live recordings from my band) that show how well the GM2 handles harmony stuff (being fed in the FX loop of my amp with a high gain sound, and tracking just fine): Harmony part at the end of the "Hold the Line" Solo Whitesnake - Is this love harmony guitars Ufo - Doctor Doctor Twin Guitar Harmony Note how well the harmonizer handles bends and vibrato, follows whammy dives and deals with transitions through non-scale notes.That's a 400 Euro device from ten years ago. Here we're talking about a modern 1.300,- Euro device. So no, the harmonizer in the Helix really doesn't sound fine. It doesn't even sound mediocre. I really really hope the nice people at Line 6 make up their mind and add a harmonizer that's up to par. I'd really hate to carry the GM2 with me just for the harmonizer once I've moved over to the Helix.
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    Basically how it worked for me is: 1. I went to the Line 6 website to downloads -> "all software" drop-down menu -> "Drivers" 2. Lookup the correct update number in my Line 6 Monkey under "Newest" update 3. Scrolled down quite a bit in the Drivers section on the website until I found the correct update (in my case which corresponds to the UX2 toneport updates as listed on that page) 4. Downloaded and installed the correct driver 5. Started up my Pod farm and directly got an license error, so I chose (in the error box) the license manager button 6. License manager opened automatically and my UX2 device was listed under "DEVICES" 7. Shut down my Pod farm and started it up again. Then it worked fine.
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    Ive been using my M9 for some time now and now and then my dial for the setting of note or milliseconds fails to go back to milliseconds .now i only get the note values ..is there a way of retrieving this or do i need to go back to factory default
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