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    I sent them to you by pm. Good luck and keep us posted on support.
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    Spider V's are very good amps. The 60's and above are they way to go. I have Spider V 240 and love the heck out of it. I won't use any volume settings above the 1/2 way mark. It will blow the paint off the walls! The V 60 is perfect for around the house and outside to impress your neighbors. You will really like the MANY different sounds you can develope! Tweeking the amp makes you feel like a kid in a candy factory! I have had mine for a couple of months now and still have not reached all the output possibilities! Wow.....You will be turned into a sound scientist! Have fun...ENJOY!!!
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    Hey guys ;-) I just bough the Sonic Port again (for the 3rd time, haha )), and I wanted to use it with my MacBook. Anybody tried the Apple Pencil adapter?
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    Playing metal with FRFR for the last 4-5 years I can say that it's rarely (actually never, that I've experienced) a problem. My "FOH" Helix patches sound good enough through a shared backline (at least as good as me bringing my head and hooking it up to an unknown cab with very little set-up time, anyways) and usually, I'll just set my monitor on top of the backline cab and use have my sound on stage, anyways. That's one of the nice things about having that portable and easy-to-set-up rigs. I'm not getting in anyone's way bypassing the backline and taking the XLR out of the mic'ed cab and plugging it into my Helix never really causes an issue for anyone. The sound guy is gonna have to EQ that channel for whatever head/rig is being plugged into the backline cab for each band anyways (unless that person isn't a very good soundguy, and then it matters even less).
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    Sometimes that's exactly what happens... the amp model matters of course, as does what you're playing and how you play it. But a lot of it has to do with one's choice of cab and mic models, with emphasis on the mics and their distance parameter. Any of the ribbon mics, especially when they're pulled back a bit, can sound quite dark. They tend to mitigate the need for really savage high cuts. But on the other hand...take a Strat bridge single coil, a liberal dose of gain, and a 57 positioned 1" from the cone, and it'll go through your head like a nail. The variables are numerous.
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    The new Shuriken is ebony,... don't know about any of the other Variaxes.
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    Did a gig last night opening for Saliva, along with a couple other bands. There was everything from modded Marshalls, Fryette, Kemper, and me with my PODHD into a pair of JCM900 power amps in stereo. The stereo effect was mic'd through the P.A. system panned hard left and right. Even the guy running sound told me that my guitar tone sounded the best and cut through the mix better than any of the other bands. I paid particular attention to the Kemper when they played. It sounded nice but didn't seem to have any dynamics - very solid state flat sounding. The other real amps sounded nice but got buried in the mix somewhat. I'm sure a lot of this is EQ but I thought it was funny that the PODHD cut right through and got lots of compliments. Even the owner of the venue came up to me and said how nice it sounded and wanted us back to headline. We always hear about issues on this board, which is what it's for. I thought it would be nice to post something about a positive experience and say "Thank You" to Line6 and everyone here that has helped me over the years.
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    This is a another really great update by the folks at Line 6......and it continues to be free. Does anybody remember having to buy the "packs" for their previous PODS? Thank you Line 6!
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    Have you tried this? https://cakewalk.bandlab.com/ It's essentially this for free. http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/SONAR It's a long story and I'm a bit miffed since I've bought Sonar and all of the upgrades for awhile. But it's free now. If you haven't tried it, do so. I like it. (Despite all the money they've gotten from me.)
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