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    UPDATE: Instructions for installation further down the page Not sure if any of you folks out there are in Linux-land, but after an SSD failure yesterday I took the opportunity to rebuild my machine with a clean version of Ubuntu 17.10 and WINE (I record using Reaper). Instead of using the Windows version of Reaper, I installed the Linux native version, and then spent the evening futzing about in a last attempt to get Helix Native working. The result... That's Helix Native running under WINE inside Reaper running natively (with lin-vst as the wrapper). It works fantastically well; even patches which would max out a hardware Helix are using just 3% of the available CPU capacity (it's an i7 6700), with no additional latency compared to other amp sims. I is a happy camper :) I couldn't find any info about the process other than the maintainer of lin-vst dropping some hints (and he missed out some major gotchas). Is there any appetite for a guide on how to install it, or is it just me who wants this and nobody else cares?
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    For anyone who wants his variax to be more accurate: https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24065.0
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    I hope that this is OK to post this here.
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    If anything, they should model the Rockman!
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    It's really not that much? One lunch, a set of strings, etc.... There is a lot of work put into my presets. Each tone needed for each 'Artist' preset is included. Custom IRs and free updates too. Most preset makers offer a pack of presets for $20 or more? It seems like a great deal, but you really only end up with a couple that appeal specifically to you? You have to buy the whole pack to get the one or two presets that you really wanted? I have many 'Build Your Own Pack' discount codes that reduce the price dramatically when purchasing 4 or more presets at one time. You can get only the presets you want in a discounted 'Pack'. The larger the order, the larger the discount. From 35% off to 70% off. There are not enough Helix presets in my web-store yet to take advantage of the deeper discounts, but and '8pack' cuts the price in half.
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    Hi Dshow, As I noted in the previous post, I went to check the info on your site, and very slick, clean and organised it is - no obvious typos there. No sir, I think those amusing "spooling mistooks" have occurred when our helpful friend "DannyMarkIV" has done the conversion to Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) possibly using some form of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR is notorious for taking plain English and turning it into some totally alien language. Best avoided, and/or use a good spell checker. I also totally agree that our enthusiastic friend should have given a you a proper credit, rather than the short comment which mentions dshowmusic.com in passing. Regards
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    Did'nt try one of your presets jet as i still have to much undiscovered ones on my Helix. But i like how detailed you describe your patches (what type of pickups, cable length, assignment of expression pedal..........) Leaves the impression "less mass, more class" to me
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    after lot of experimentations , found my self using the les paul lester pickups on the les paul junior body ! superb sound im finnally done....its different from a real les paul but the most important is that its an inspiring tone TIP : USING the greenback 30 helped alot to get the desired bass response
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    Man for 10 dollars it should be spot on.
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    It's gorgeus, both front and back. Maybe the most beautiful I've never seen pictured. Does it also play and sound better than Gibson Historic?
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    Wonderfull ! What happens 5th day ? You bring it back to the shop ? :) I've bought a PRS like once and i found that it was a good compromise between a strat and a gibson. After i bought a variax.... ;) Does it have piezzo pickups ?
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    I never really cared for PRS style guitars (shape wise), but their finishes, and color combos have always been beautiful. Your's is no exception there. I love both of those colors, and the way they work together. I really like the different shades on the back of the neck. The Unique flaming near the bridge is quite nice too. I hope you enjoy her.
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    There shouldn't be that many typos on the website. I copied the information directly from Line 6 information. So if there are any typos they where there too ;-) I had a quick look through the site and didn't find any. Thanks for controlling
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    Today I gave Moke's BOC Burnin' For You preset a spin, and it's another winner. Based on what I'm seeing/hearing with this and the Rebel Yell preset, Moke has put a lot of tweaking and attention to detail in these presets. He also has a couple other Helix presets on his site. Hopefully he will do more.
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    It looks like Line 6 is using open collector transistors for switching to ground as opposed to using relays. There seems to be an isolation problem between the EXT control 1 and EXT control 2 that might be mitigated by increasing the stated 11k resistance. The most reliable way is by using relays, like in the below pic, which I will wire up and test. The only drawback is that the relays need power, so you will need to provide 9VDC to the interface box. Seeya Joe
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