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    For anyone who wants his variax to be more accurate: https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24065.0
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    I suggest you create a Boston patch and show us... I sold most of my Rockman gear in hopes of nailing the sound in the Helix. As I stated above, a few have come reasonably close. The reason we (me and others, not the royal "we") that Line 6 could model it, is because of the interaction of the components in the sustainer. As example, how the compressor interacts with the distortion and the EQ and the Cab Sim. Then there's the issue that it's not just "any" compressor, or any eq or any cab sim. All of the models in the Helix have their own characteristics at the component level, so at best, we can just get sorta close.
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    So far I've only had a few minutes to experiment with your bundle but I hope to spend a lot more time comparing your work with the factory presets on a bank-by-bank basis. Based on what I've heard so far I fully expect that in the end I will settle on a Variax bundle that includes a mix of the factory stuff as well as your work. What's obvious immediately is that you have done a ton of great work here! Thanks for sharing. Everyone should appreciate the level of detail you've gone to in terms of balancing individual sting volumes and overall level matching bank to bank, and the amount of time you must have spent getting there. Great work, and thanks again.
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    I'm planning on buying a Helix as soon as the software editor/librarian is available. In the meantime, I've got a question: What's the best external expression pedal to use with the Helix (I guess line6 stopped making the EX-1)? I'm looking for a reliable pedal with a smooth, reliable pot, and one that will be accurately calibrated by the Helix automatically. I'm interested in using two external pedals, mainly to tweak delay level and delay feedback. I'm assuming that this can be done on the Helix (although I can't find a way to do it on my Spider amp or my old X3 Live)... has anyone done it? Crito
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    I'm sure I'm not alone on this one. Is there a list of compatible expression pedals for helix? I used to use the boss fv-500L with my m13 and an m9.
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    I remember it being mentioned several times that the Helix has calibration for external expression pedals. I can't seem to find it anywhere in the manual or menus. I have 2 Ernie Ball volume pedals connected with insert cables; on both the sweep dips back down as I go fully toward the toe. So like this: 0% on pedal (Heel down) = 0% on Helix 25% pedal = 25% Helix 50% pedal = 50% Helix 85% pedal = 100% Helix 100% pedal = 70% Helix I feel like I'm not explaining it very well, but any help is appreciated.
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    I hope that this is OK to post this here.
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    A demo of all 4 snapshots of my 'Foolin' by Def Leppard preset for the Line6 Helix, Helix LT, Helix Rack, and Helix Native. Snapshot 1... Main Snapshot 2... Clean Snapshot 3... Pre-Chorus Snapshot 4... Solo
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    Man you're not kidding, he was a hardcore fan of tubes and analog. I definitely took note of the same comments you did by Scholz regarding "anything with an MPU". I had read the same article previously myself and it definitely helps explain why Scholz never released a digital "anything". Too bad though, had he contributed his not inconsiderable talents to a team of musician programmers I think the results might have been outstanding.
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    **That's an understatement. I think a lot of the power of the Helix is overlooked. In the traditional sense, it's not practical to tweak the bias settings and such on an amp for every song, but on the other hand, want to put your distortion between the power amp and cab... I wouldn't recommend it IRL but on the Helix.... why not? Heck, put a cab after your Wah into an amp, into a compressor... woo whoo !!! Seemingly limitless possibilities.
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    Thanks, guys! I was allowed to create the account at IdeaScale and voted for the idea posted by Nicholas.
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    Yes and no. It turns out a "Rockman" sound really isn't too hard to replicate, but I've really only heard one person do it and that's Scott of TheHelixChannel. He recently released a set of Def Leppard presets from Hysteria and that album was almost entirely done with a Rockman for all guitars. He pretty much nailed it. That isn't the sound most people think of when they think Rockman. They think "Boston" which is the "Boston" sound, but NOT the Rockman sound per se. It's so layered that it created that "sound" but @codamedia is right, the first albums, Rockman didn't exist yet. However, they were so produced that Tom had to create devices to help the live show sound like the album. The problem reproducing the "Boston/Rockman" sound in the Helix is more than just the Marshalls stacked up with an eq in between. The Sustainer, which is the key to the sound, is a Sustainer, Exciter, Distortion, EQ, and Cab simulator all in one. I'm pretty sure Line6 could (should) model that device, but until they do, there's really no way to get the dynamics created between the components. Glenn also has a "Boston" patch, which sounds great for the specific sounds it's designed for, but when one starts making adjustments, it doesn't quite act like a sustainer, because the interaction of the components just isn't there. It's a great Boston tone patch tho... highly recommend it.
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    There are already a few requests for this on ideascale. You may want to up-vote those requests, instead of reposting the idea.
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    You can have up to 64 total controllers, including snapshot controllers, per preset... So go ahead and assign away!
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    Didnt know about the discounts. Having awareness of this, it is good price with a big pack.
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    If anything, they should model the Rockman!
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    I don’t understand how you would want this work in the Helix...The levels of the amp models in the Helix can be set to whatever level you want them. There’s no need for any sort of virtual attenuator.
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    i have a sonic port vx and a ipad air2 and was quite happy with it using positive grids bias fx and many synth apps with no problems. As i am going to use jam origin midiguitar, a genial guitar to midi converter, i realized that the air2 has to low cpu power(A8 processor). So i bought a brand new ipad 2018! This has more cpu power (A10 Processor), but always there are bad random clicks, so it’s useless for live guitar to midi converting. I also bought a used iphone 6s, and this has no clicks also(A9 Processor), but most of the synth and guitar apps i use are not available for it! I read, that the 6s exists with to different cpu manufactures, one is clicking, the other is not! So my question: is there any firmware update for the sonic port vx or has apple a fix after ios 11.4.1 in the pipeline?
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    I have used a Mission EP1-L6. Works nice. not my favorite pedal. I also am using a really really old KORG EXP 2. IT works well. And I have an old Ernie Ball VP Jr.. It works well, too. With the volume pedals, you just connect a standard guitar cable from the EXP jack to the OUTPUT of the volume pedal and... voila... an expression pedal it becomes! So, see what you have around, it might work.
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    That is a hilarious hack. Very Adam Jones-ish. :lol:
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    I used a old fv300 for years as a exp pedal on my HD500 it would go past 100% so I drilled a hole towards the tip and put a drywall screw through as a stop. Not the most elegant but worked perfect and could fine adjust to +-1% B)
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    From: http://missionengineering.com/ Wiring. Most potentiometers have three connectors; Clockwise, Counter-clockwise, and Wiper. Amazingly, there are multiple different ways these can be wired, all achieving largely the same result, which means yet more variations for expression pedals. The most common expression pedal wiring is to connect the pot to a 1/4″ stereo (TRS) instrument jack as follows: CW —— Sleeve Wiper — Tip CCW —– Ring An alternative is with the tip and the ring reversed as follows: CW —— Sleeve Wiper — Ring CCW —– Tip Yet a third way is as follows: CW —— Sleeve Wiper — Tip CCW —– Tip In this last one, the wiper and CCW are bonded together and connected to the tip and the ring is unused. This requires the use of a mono (TS) cable such as a regular guitar cable, in place of the stereo (TRS) cable used in the other two. These three are the most common that we see in expression pedals, but we keep finding more. Sometimes a dual gang potentiometer is wired in parallel to create a single pot with half the resistance. For example you may see a dual 20K Ohm potentiometer bridged into a single 10K. In this case the pedal will function the same as if it were a native 10K Ohm single pot. ..................................... OK so now we know we can do this: This also alleviated the backwards operation problem and the 0 - 100 - 0 problem... The third way is the Line 6 way. (after some google searches I found this out) which means after the conversion you don't need to use TRS cables anymore you can use TS cables. Also now with either the 12k ohm pot in the one and the 10k ohm pot in the other I get full 0% to 100% on the Helix control. here is what I did to make mine compatible so there would be no need for re configuring. the Potenteiometer on this 1 is 10k Here is before here is after... so just moving 1 wire (the green/ring) and put it together with the (red/Tip) and the (black/sleeve) stays the same. also I jumped out the black on the side pot that is for changing the "throw" of it to disable it and not doing it made it have issues when you adjusted it it would not go back to full throw. (If that makes any scents to you) My other one here is after... so just moving 1 wire (the green/ring) and put it together with the (red/Tip) and the (black/sleeve) stays the same. this model had a duel 24k pot and I soldered each connection 1,2 and 3 to 1,2 and 3 (you see it better in the picture above) making it a single 12k pot This can be done with a soldering iron with no extra solder. just heat up the green wire pull it off and put it on with the red and heat it up to connect it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ any 10k or 12k ohm pot can be used to make your peddle work I am re-posting this from another thread on the same thing
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    Hey guys. I'm still having trouble getting my external exp pedals to work properly. I have a Boss FV30H and an FV500H. I get the same sort of issue spiderone described when using a TS cable from the output on both. At Heel it's 0% & it sweeps fine to a point around about 70ish% on the pedal but the helix reads it at 100% and then as I keep pushing the toe down it starts reversing the values going down to 16% on the helix when I have the Toe right down. That's with the FV30H. With the fv500h it's the same but at Toe down the helix reads it at 28%. From heel to toe on the exp pedal it sweeps from 0-100-16%(FV30) or 28%(FV500H) respectively. Using a Y TRS cable on both I can get so e better results but I'm not sure if that's normal operation. I have to swap the tip and ring cables into the opposite if what I normally do in other devices like my HD500X or my Tc electronics nova system - with them the tip goes into the output and the ring to the input of the exp pedal. With the helix I need to plug it the other way and then the Heel is 100% & Toe is 0% for the FV30H only. Then if I go to controller assign and set min to 100% and max to 0% it works for the FV30H only. It also doesn't seem to be normal operation but the only work around for that pedal. For the FV500H I tried the same thing but at Toe it won't go passed 80% unless I put all my weight on it and bend the die cast metal. When I get off it bends back and goes to 80% again. Having a calibration option would be good in this case. The last option I have for this pedal it the dedicated exp out (FV500h) connected to a 10k pot. Using either TRS or TS cable the Heel to Toe sweep is from 0-100-0% reaching the 100% about halfway through the sweep. My work around is to set the values in the helix of the controller assign from min =100% & max = 0% making the sweep from Heel to Toe 100%-0-100%. Then I use the min max dial on the FV500H and bring the first half of the sweep up til at heel it reads 0% on the helix. Then pedal sweeps more or less normally but I can't use the min max dial on the FV500H to bring the Heel value up as is normal operation. As I bring the dial up the helix slowly goes from 100% to 0% at Heel position but then continuing to bring the dial up to max doesn't start increasing the value a regular sweep with the min max dial at min, would if you take my meaning. Basically it's a work around but it's not normal operation. So am I doing something wrong or is there another way? I didn't understand the strymon link re exp pedals achieving a resolution. Anywho, help please =)
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    At one point during the firmware development, there was a calibration procedure for external pedals, but then they decided to just make it automatic. The Helix just calibrates them when you plug them in. So when you say you're using insert cables, do you mean you're hooking them up like shown here? http://www.strymon.net/tag/expression-pedal/ The Helix doesn't work the same way. It just is looking for a TS connection, not a TRS. With the Ernie Ball pedals, I think you would just take a TS cable from the output to the Helix's expression pedal input.
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