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    Ok, I know for some reason Line 6 have not been able to produce a decent nylon string sound for the JTV guitars as yet, (Fender and Roland did), so I am curious if anyone has written or discovered a decent IR for a nylon string guitar that can be either programmed into the JTV or maybe into either the Helix / HD500X systems. The sort of tone I am looking for is similar to the one used by Steve Stevens on the Vince Neil disc when he was strumming the nylon string, so I am not so much chasing a good nylon string sound for individual notes / leads parts, more the chunky, but not to bright attack of the nylon string for playing a fairly percussive latin style of rhythm parts live. In the studio I used an actual nylon string, layered with a steel string acoustic on opposite sides of the track.. Obviously live I would rather not have to change instruments when the JTV is capable of doing just about anything. What is out there groovers? Cheers.
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    The lists are now also available as PDF-Download. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page: Amp Models http://dshowmusic.com/line-6-helix-amp-models/ Cabinet Models http://dshowmusic.com/line-6-helix-cabinet-models/ Microphone Models http://dshowmusic.com/line-6-helix-microphone-models/ Effect Models http://dshowmusic.com/line-6-helix-effect-models/ Enjoy!
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    Hey guys, I came up with a new fun idea for a video series! The concept is simple: My viewers send me DI tracks of some guitars along with some drum and bass stems. I then reamp the guitars with VST plugins only, so no real amps. It's been fun and interesting so far. I'm planning on doing other platforms as well but so far Helix Native has worked out very well. Here is episode 1: And I've just released episode 2: Hope you enjoy!
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    I don't think it's terribly likely that we'll see anything added to the existing Variax products...and a nylon string model was always a longshot anyway... don't think it's all that easy to get a steel string to mimic the sound of nylon. It's been requested on and off numerous times over the years, to no avail. Moreover, nothing at all has changed in Variax Land with regard to new/better models for years, now. The JTV's debuted 8 years ago, and the Standard and Shuriken have the same guts. In today's world, an 8 year old tech platform is ancient. Smart money says they're biding their time until they decide the next generation of Variax stuff (whatever it may be) is ready for public consumption.... which could be anytime between 5 minutes from now and Doomsday.
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    Within the last years, i did'nt own a real tube amp except a Line6DT25 (not really a real tube amp because of some modelling stuff included) sold two years ao and replaced by a couple of selfmade FRFR-Powercabs. Problem: As i mostly play just for myself with selfmade guitars, i was a bit afraid to lose the "reference" - forgetting how a real tubeamp sounds and reacts. So - as a reference - back to the roots: In the early 80's, i owned and played an Acoustic G100T 112W with a Elecrtovoice 12L speaker. I played a lot during this time from small gigs to medium open air up to 4000 people, so i still have the sound and feel in my head and on some rare records. A couple of weeks ago - i found one of these old diamonds and bought it for small money. :) I can get a nice sound with it on home level, as the amp uses cascaded gain stages, but at last under these conditions, i can get still better sounds with the Helix and FRFR. Not regarding the huge differences in variability. This was a surprise to me. Next week, i'll get my old guitar back: A Ibanez Artist 300 AV from 1982 in nearly mint condition - better than my old one that i bought new in 1982 after two years of playing. This was a pretty good guitar in it's style and i'm curious how my selfmade paddels compare to this original. When this setup is complete, i will have my old 80's setup to comare it with the actual selfmade stuff. Think this well be an interesting experience after so much years of analog absence.
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    The release date is pending as we seek to resolve minor anomalies in the phase inducer coil interaction with synapse boundary field fluctuations. Our test subjects are recovering faster than expected, so we hope to distribute a public beta as soon as this is confirmed.
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    Ya know the way I see this is if Line-6 would not make the firmware available thru anything but "Line 6 Updater", there wouldn't be any confusion factor here to mess with and you wouldn't be so tired. With how its setup now (new firmware available for download "twice" (with updater and a download) and its right next to HX Edit in the same DL section, Line 6 is creating all the confusion, not the user.
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    Convolution reverbs take a ton more processing power than a cab IR. The Helix can load cab IRs with 2048 samples... A high quality convolution reverb is up over 65000 samples. The reason is the decay of the signal. If you think about a how a guitar cab resonates, not a lot happens after the first burst of sound. Wood really isn't all that resonant in the sense that it doesn't continue vibrating once the initial signal stops. Reverbs, though need to ring out a lot longer for them to sound natural.
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    So the NINE updates in way less than a year so far isn't enough...?
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