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    My nephew visited last night, and it was the 1st time he's seen my new Helix LT. Needless to say, he was blown away and wants one of his own. He loved the delay and reverb capabilities. He has a special event coming up, and my wife and I want to really treat him. So, she and I spoke about a Helix as a gift last evening. It is more than we initially planned to spend on the gift, but it is something we'd like to do. He is a 100% an acoustic player. Currently he plays at home through a Yamaha THR5a as well as headphones. The thought would be that he'd be able to use the Helix out to the THR5a for home use. When gigging he currently uses an inexpensive pedal (not sure make/model) to the house PA. So, would the Helix LT or the HX Effects be the better option. Realizing of course the cost savings, I am hoping the HX Effects is a good solution. Thanks, John
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    Hi again, Ah, the Vintage Delay! Well that model is supposed to sound like that. It is replicating the sound of early digital delay systems and the noise created is due to the way they worked. It's all down to the sample rates and bit depths that early DDL units used. I still have a 12-bit 34KHz mid 1980's rack mount unit gathering dust in the corner. Solution - don't use "Vintage Delay", "Vintage Swell" or the old Bucket Brigade and Adriatic models if you don't want the digital noise that is inherent in them. Also, as noted above by "cruisinon2", avoid the Transistor and Cosmos tape delays for similar reasons. NOISE! Hope this makes sense.
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    I'm pretty sure he's talking about the tape delay which I believe does even simulate the tape hiss.
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    When you drag to Path 1B, you are creating a parallel path. You can also drag the line back to Path 1A at the end of the chain. I do this for effects that don't fit in Path 1A, but I don't necessarily want a separate parallel path on Path 2B.
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    Loving the Helix. Created some cab IRs from a Friedman 2x12 (vintage 30s). Wanted to share them with the community. http://www.studiocat...an_2x12_cab.zip Three basic mic positions for most of the IRs. 1 = center 2 = edge of cap 3 = cone 1o = center off-axis 2o = edge of cap off-axis 3o = cone off-axis Multiple mics were used (SM57, SM7b, MD421, RE20, RE320, C414). The center positions are bright. If that's not to your liking, make sure to try the other positions. Enjoy!
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    The Alt tunings are all relative to the actual tuning so if you change the actual tuning, the alt tunings will be shifted. If your actual tuning is out of tune, the alts will be out of tune.
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