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    I play in a P&W band in church with a pretty busy band mix (2 guitar, 1 key/pad, often tracks and an acoustic guitar). Many of the tricks in this thread I use as well and it works. Some other ones that work in my experience: 1. Using the minotaur in front of your amp model, with gain at 1.0, helps to boost the right frequencies. Cutting frequencies is regarded as better, however many OD pedals boost certain frequencies (for instance: a tube screamer) - don’t cut the highs to aggressive. You need some sizzle to cut. I use celestion IRs, which are a little bright/ mid focused and I cut somewhere at 10kHz - if using headphones to dial in your tone: use good ones (I use Beyerdynamic DT 770 and could not be happier) and dial your base tone in while playing along with the recording of the song you are playing and make sure you dial the EQ in a way you can pleasantly hear your self, without overpowering the track volume wise.
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    If I'm not mistaken the Tone Cloud option is only available using the Android or iOS version to the Spider Remote for now. You can vote for this feature to be added using ideascale... https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Include-Cloud-Tones-in-PC-Mac-software/917678-23508 BTW... When Spider V was released Remote only worked for Android and iOS, but Line6 did listen and released a PC/Mac version so there is hope! :-).
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    Always add a Studio Tube Pre and some reverb. FlyingsCool, where is the Amp Sim? Any general guide to eq a nylon guitar? Usually cut the low freq to 80Hz and the high to 10KHz.
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