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    If they are indeed Celestion’s, the letters probably correspond to Fat, Thin, Dark, Balanced and All (a mix of three microphones - R121, MD421 and SM57). Yours all appear to be based on 4X12 cabs with a Greenback speaker loadout. I have purchased a lot of these IRs. For me, the three-mic mixes are some of the best out there and they come in high gain “Hi-Gn” and low gain “Lo-Gn” flavors, the high gains being generally darker. I like their Redbacks, their Golds and recently uploaded G12K-100, my new favorite. It’s a very personal choice! Visit celestionplus.com for more info.
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    Been getting with legal and marketing about this. It's not a problem, so long as you remember to not have any trademarks, logos or branding on the template, stuff like Helix, Line 6, and maybe the L6 Link. As those are all trademarks. Remember, when things like trademarks and such are part of it, it's always a good idea to check with us first. And maybe digitally edit the photos from the earlier posts here. Yeah snhirsch, you have the right idea, thanks. Though AES/EBU is a standard, I think the L6 Link is trademarked if I recall. Might want to play it safe on that one as well, maybe label it 110-Ohm instead of L6 Link. Always looking out for you all. Nice to see the enthusiasm. Aside from,... enjoy.
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    Hey, G12M is the speaker type https://celestion.com/product/16/g12m_greenback/ 412 - 4x12, size of the cabinet A, B, C, D - probably the position of the microphone R-121 is the Ribbon 121 microphone.
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    Thanks Smashcraft!!! I had just ordered a new switch, then saw your electronic spray cleaner suggestion. A quick run to store, a few well placed sprays and 'voila' it's working like a champ!!! thanks again!!!
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    Mine has been to line6 twice and they covered it. I actually bought a backup one (both DT50) after the first incident. I've recently started gigging again and am scared to death it will fail me. Keep in mind these amp have not had even 20 hours of use. I wish they'd take them back and give me a solid state speaker replacement with L6 link. They're both like new... because I am afraid to use them.
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    The expression pedal is acting not only a controller for the position parameter of the Volume block but also a bypass controller. To change that, you just need to be in Signal Flow view (which you are in in your photo). Navigate over to the Volume block and touch FS2. Use Knob 3 to select the bypass for the Volume block. If you want it on all the time, just select "None". One other thing I should add is that if you're just wanting to control the volume of the loop being played back, a better way to do that would be to assign the Playback parameter of the looper to be controlled by the expression pedal. Navigate to the Looper block (which you already are in in you're photo), touch FS3 to activate the parameters in that scribble strip, and then hold down Knob 1 (for the Playback parameter). That will take you to the Controller Assign screen. There you can select EXP1 to control the playback volume of the looper block.
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    This guy didn't know there was a protective film on the Helix screen and thought he had a big scratch on it when it was just a torn protective film. It's essentially the last three posts. i have a scratch over one of the scribble screens looks like plastic lifted up ect small bubble anything i can do about it?dosent effect the lde readout ect.just whatever is on the top covering of that scrible screen.u can scratch it with a fingernail dont take much https://line6.com/support/topic/16981-screen-protector/ Doesn't fill me with confidence about his observational skills. Not that this would apply to his ears. He could very easily just not see very well. Or maybe he just listened to the factory presets. Just sayin'.
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    The only other thing to try is reflashing the firmware, but it's doubtful it would work.
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    yes - please Line6 - it's nearly a year after I bought a v120 - and still no cloud tones in the PC app....
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    The powers that be will likely say no, and attempt to equate fixing a JTV with repairing the Hubble telescope. Tales of woe about some half-wit's botched attempt notwithstanding, as far as I'm concerned, as long as it isn't the guy's first day with a soldering iron, and he can outsmart Forrest Gump...the answer is yes. There are guys around here who don't make a living fixing guitars, yet they've managed to swap out mag pickups, piezos, and busted switches, all without a trip to the ER. It can be done. Half the time an "authorized service center" is your local Megalomusic, and the "tech" is a 19 year old kid. You do the math...
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    There are a number of "bluetooth transmitters" on Amazon in the USD $20-$40 range that could technically do what you want (i.e. plug the transmitter on the headphone jack or some other line-level audio out) to connect to your bluetooth headphones. Unfortunately, everything that I have tried has a very noticeable (and I would say "maddening") delay in it. If you are willing to forgo Bluetooth, you could get wireless headphones (again, Amazon is you friend here) in the 900MHz or 2.4GHz bands (for me, 2.4GHz has less interference) which have negligible delay. Or you can try wireless in-ear monitors, which I know, are far more expensive than BT, but like wireless headphones have negligible delay. In fact, at the core, wireless headphones and wireless in-ear monitors are based on the same technology, i's just a matter of how much you're able/willing to spend for them.
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    Well, the Amplifi doesn't transmit audio as a Bluetooth device, it only receives it. You could hook up a bluetooth transmitter to its headphone out and pair that with a pair of bluetooth headphones, but the latency would be noticeable, probably to the point where it would be unworkable. I use Bluetooth earbuds with a transmitter for the TV in my workout area at home, and I can even notice the latency in that situation if I pay attention enough - it becomes obvious the audio track is lagging behind the video. It would probably be noticeable right away with guitar.
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