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    By removing the SD card, it is a good chance you damaged it. The SD cards Line 6 uses are very cheap and can break very easily inside. I know, been there, done that. In this case, you must buy another SD card. A 4 or 8 gig if you can find one. Make sure the card is in FAT format. Update your amp via USB from a computer not Bluetooth. The Line 6 software will detect you do not have the latest firmware in the amp and install it. You should be fine after that. For the reboot issue, check the wide ribbon cable that goes from the top controls to the main PCB. It tends to get loose. Line 6 put silicone on it to keep it in place, but the silicone is too soft to be of any good. Also, check the connections on the bottom of the main PCB to make sure they are seated in place firmly. No silicone was used there at all and vibration can make them loose.
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    I suspect if the Tuner were improved, then people who are happy with it currently, would be even more delighted with it. Are people really going to complain and say "hey - I preferred it jumpier - put it back!!" No, they'd likely say "I made do with it before, but this is actually really nice." Or maybe they'd even say "I didn't realize how much it needed improving..." I agree. As elegant as everything else is with the Helix, it's a bummer about the tuner.
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    Until the Helix Tuner's Visual Display is properly dampened, such that it presents a stable and accurate graphic, such as the case with the majority of readily available free tuner apps and reasonably priced tuner's (Snarks, PolyTune Clip, BOSS inline tuners, etc.) this issue will persist. Line 6 needs to resolve this and put the issue to rest.
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