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    Saw some interesting posts over on The Gear Page(TGP) and not being sure if this has appeared yet on the forum, posted it over here. The idea indicated by the post I saw was thanks to a user named benefin. The approach is to use the multi-band compressor instead of high/low EQ cuts to cut the boom/mud on the bottom end and ice-pick/shrillness on the high end. This way you can use the multi-bandcompressor to reduce instead of cutting the frequencies below for example 90hz and above 5khz. Essentially you have the compressor either ignore or gently compress the midrange while having it much more dramatically compress the low and high end (note the -30db setting below). Seems like a very interesting and appealing concept. Set properly it might do a good job of attenuating the problem frequencies e.g. below 90hz and above 5k without cutting them out completely(albeit using a slope) as a high/low pass filter does. In other words the compressor unlike the EQ cuts will still allow the designated frequencies through but at much lower volume, as opposed to cutting them completely as a high/low filter cut might. Anyone doing this right now, if so, is it yielding a better tone that using high/low EQ cuts? What settings are you using? Some recommended multi-band compressor settings(with some settings missing/optional) from Benefin also from TGP: Ratio = 4:1 Attack = 10ms Release = 50ms Lo X Freq = 90hz Hi X Freq =5 k Level = As Needed Lo Thresh = -30 db Lo Gain = ? Mid Thresh = ? Mid Gain = ? Hi Thresh = -30 db Hi Gain = ?
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    Hi you are right to be curious because helix is an awesome interface and I can go between both the zen tour and helix its more the fact that I have more mic inputs with the zen with dedicated pre amps so less work for helix and my imac dsp's to deal with so I guess its just a work flow thing .still lovin the helix .
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    Well, if someone who owns a Helix hasn`t dumped the thing after a day it says a lot ............ I always thought that they ought to have given the V a different name (Firehawk Jr or even a name that sounds a bit like Helix) , there`s way too much (mostly deserved) past stigma attached to the Spider name . When I demo'd the amp to a mate who`d not seen the V , I covered the maker and name up with black tape , told him it was an amp made by Yamaha (which it is) and demo'd it from my own patches .. his reaction was "Wow , modelling amps have come along some haven`t they, that kills my VT120+ stone dead" .......... I uncovered the names and the response was "No way" ...... people hear with their eyes and even if Line-6 had put presets in which do more than sell other makers amps , the Spider name would put them off ... as you say presets are variable in all modellers, even the VT100X which doesn`t really have presets but starting points - but the Spider V seems to have won the highest number of duds award by miles . I tried the Katanas a while back and found them, while good, are too limiting and quite frankly well overrated sonically I think a couple pedals and a scruffy Peavey bandit would replace and dare say BETTER the 100 Watt one easily at a fraction of the price, they`re that kind of amp . YMMV of course .
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    I actually after time making adjustment and modifications it is now my favorite guitar. I Don't think its perfect but its my favorite. I don't think you can have a perfect guitar for your self. If something about it bothers you. You can't just change things and expect it to sound or play the same afterwords. I have modded guitars for years before I got the jtv59, I tried to have certain neck materials or profiles, a specific body or electronics. Or a mash up of different guitar attributes I liked, only to get undesirable results in the end. I am happy with my 59 though not at first but I adapted.
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