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    Will there be a forum specific for HX Effects? - that would be a great help for HX Effects users. BR Lasse
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    Thanks Edgar, That worked as you described! Much appreciated!
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    I can't speak for MAC's, but on the PC the program works just fine - it's getting it installed properly that is the problem. L6 just has to change the JAVA pointer in the installer, and allow the old version of Workbench to show as an option with a Windows 10 search. There is NOTHING difficult about either of those and I agree, they should provide the solutions. Here are the steps I use to install Workbench on Windows 10 in case anyone needs it. 1: Go to JAVA.COM and download/install the latest stable version of 32 bit JAVA 2: When downloading Workbench from the L6 site, the older Workbench will not show as an option for a Windows 10 search, you need to set that to Windows 7/8. No worries, the version that shows is still the one you need for Windows 10. 3: When installing Workbench.... uncheck the box to install JAVA (you already have it step 1).
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    The short answer is yes. The HD sends out PC messages when you change presets, and the M9 will respond to those. The M9 only has 24 presets, so that will only work for the first 6 banks of presets on the HD.
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    OK - so - they *did* ship it yesterday - though I didn't get a notification until this morning - no complaints there after all then :-). The case arrived this afternoon (DPD). This is a very solid piece of kit. Catches are robust - and the whole thing has the feel of something very well put together. The Helix stays in the tray while the lid is removed (at least it will for me) and the inner foam has been shaped with a ridge so the Helix sits about 7mil down in the case which looks like it will keep it in place nicely. Having the Helix raised above the stage is definitely something I was looking for and it does that very well indeed - expression pedal is obviously a bit higher up but I'm sure I'll get used to it. The feet on it are solidly attached and are currently refusing to slip on my wooden floor - which bodes very well indeed for stage use. Not much room left (if any) in the case once the helix is in it - so I wouldn't be expecting to put anything else in there (cables etc). Again - I wanted something as "small" as possible so for me this isn't an issue - I can get most of everything else I need in the guitar case.... It's not light - but again that's something I was expecting and not an issue for me - I estimate its about the same weight as the Helix (maybe a bit lighter) so its probably around 12Kgs all told with the Helix in it. That's not unsubstantial - but definitely reasonable for this type of case. The handle seems comfortable and again looks durable. Definitely very pleased with this. The Helix Backpack wasn't an option given I wanted something under the unit on stage, and something I would be happy to "chuck" in the back of the van for a gig or two without worrying about it getting a knock or two. So overall then I'm very impressed with the case and happy with the service from NSP. I've attached a pic - and yes I know I should take the plastic off the Helix screen but I'm a bit funny like that... I'm sure I will do eventually :-)
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    Hello, I would like to have a block “feedback generator” like the Digitech Freq Out pedal or like the Feedbacker of the Boss GT100 to play with feedback at low sound level.
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    Hi Redwan, just curious: when your volume drops out have you been able to stop and check if any parameters have dropped to zero? Perhaps you have your amp’s master volume set via snapshot and it’s bugging out? Again, just curious-I just posted about some of my parameters in other blocks going haywire; on the amp though it’s usually my presence going up to ten...
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    I've updated to 2.60 and designed a few great sounding patches based around the new Cali Texas Ch.1 Model. However, is anyone else facing this issue I have, where the volume keeps dropping and then completely disappears? I've tried a few solutions that I've seen provided after searching about this online - such as not leaving the bass control at 0 (I have mine at 0.3, and 3.9 depending on gain structure and snapshot), and also assigning EXP 2 Pedal Position to 'Global' instead of 'Per Preset'. Unfortunately that still does not resolve the issue. It definitely is solved after I go to a different preset and then back again, but that does make it highly worrisome. Just played two relatively big shows where I had a bit of anxiety just making sure my volume wasn't dropping by continually going back and forth between presets, in between songs. Do chime in if you're facing this - and also if there are any solutions! best, Redwan
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    So I updated to 2.60, and have been enjoying the update. There are two things that I have noticed: 1. MIDI Messages Assigned to Stomp Buttons I have posted before regarding MIDI bugs in stomp mode and command center; so far the Instant Commands are working better than they were before, but sometimes the stomp CCs can be a bit buggy. The main thing I've noticed is that if I have a CC message assigned to a stomp button, it will occasionally switch to a lit state in between snapshots; this wouldn't normally be a huge deal for me, but I mainly use the CC messages to utilize transport controls in Ableton Live. Occasionally when I switch snapshots, the Fast Forward button will be lit, and then I can't stop the fast forward function unless I completely clear the MIDI message from that particular stomp... weird... Anyone else run into this? 2. Unexpected Parameter Changes In Snapshots So, I believe I have experienced this before 2.60, but it was never so frequent that I felt the need to post to forums... Since updating, however, it seems to be happening a lot more often. The unexpected changes occurs on a multitude of blocks--Amp (Presence settings), Modulation (Time), Delay (Time, Feedback, and Mix), and Reverb (Mix). Two things happen: First, there are occasions when the time parameter switches from my tempo specific note values (such as 1/4 or 1/8) to milliseconds. Second, there are times when the snapshot value shifts whatever value I have to 0%, 1%, or 100%. This is of course a huge shocker to me when I hit a note or chord with delay on and suddenly the note doesn't stop repeating due to the feedback being at 100%. I've not been able to pinpoint exactly what causes the issue, but I think it may have to do when I plug in my Variax and press the model knob to turn on the Variax (which, by the way, my Variax always turned on automatically [if I'm remembering correctly] when I'd connect to my old HD500, is this the way other peoples' Variax functions with their Helix?). It may also just happen when I change quickly between snapshots. One last strange thing in regards to this issue: It seems like this either affects how the Helix exports or imports the presets as well. There are times when I know I export the preset with all the right settings, but other times I can load the preset and the issue is evident upon importing it to a new preset. Again, anyone else run into this problem?
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    I think you can also right-click the parameter, choose Controller Assign > Snapshots. (This is similar to HX Edit, which also has a right-click menu with Snapshots on it.)
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    And of course right after I post I figure it out :) Hold down the ALT key and click the parameter. Hope this helps someone else!
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