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    I'd like them to focus on improvements to the overall aspects of the HELIX rather than more models. There's a lot that can be improved - from : more than one global EQ preset global presets for control centre settings better USB Input/output routing options - at patch level AND GLOBAL level presets per effect/amp type a more accessible way to adjust USB 1/2 level better integration of iOS devices via USB into the HELIX iOS Editor / control of the HELIX HELIX NATIVE - much more flexible options on mapping MIDI CC messages to aspects in HN plugin like SNAPSHOTS ( currently its a fixed CC for ALL snapshots with the value determining the snapshot - index but many hardware MIDI foot controllers have fixed CC for each pedal so this won't work to change snapshots in HN ) ......to name a few. oh..... and a POLYTONE model :)
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    OK I did a factory reset and now it's fine... picked up the tip from another thread. edit - just playing around with it, I discovered it was the mic emulation that was off! I can't believe how much the sound relies on it... incredible.
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