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    Even though there are not a lot of "cleanish vintage sounds" on the list by name, that sound is still pretty easily achievable. Line 6 Doom does some nice clean sounds(my fav actually), SLO clean channel, Zed, J45, Brit Trem, Litigator, A30 fawn, Jazz Rivet, Cali Rythm I....they all do that sound well enough to make me feel like there is no shortage in the clean tones department. Actually most any of the amps can made to do clean tones pretty easily. No need to add amps that completely forego the heavier sounds just for the sake of calling them "clean amps". I say bring on the versatility. For sure the amps you put on your list, here. Would like to see a Powerball as well. Definitely a selection from Randall and Diezel. Dont be afraid to get creative. Dont be afraid to take risks. Please though, any new additions, quality over quantity by a large margin.
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    Comparing the Helix IRs with the cab modes is light night and day. The IRs when run through the powercab in the FRFR mode will sound like a miced amp through a PA speaker (or close enough that it doesn't matter). Whereas when outputting the helix without IRs through the powercab speaker modes is very much like playing an amp and standing in front of it. On one level it depends on what you personally prefer. I have found when jamming with my band, where we all play through amps and only vox and keys are through the PA, that a miced guitar sound through the a PA speaker just doesn't cut through. Whereas an actual guitar amp does.
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