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    Hi I'll do for mooer radar as i believe cab sim is the weakness of pod Tried putting my audio interfaces in pod fx loop , with IR and yes this does the job , really really good ;) You 'll have only one cab sim unless you use a midi capable unit that can receive program change message when changing preset. But here price will increase, Torpedo cab might have midi implementation (not sure), torpedo live and... but budget reaches 800bucks
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    Hello, I'm sorry about posting in this section about XT, but there's no section about the X3 Live. I have a X3 Live with a effed Trim Pot, doesn't matter if I rise or lower it, I get reaaaally low level, even boosting the comp to max, I just can't get enough level. I've read some threads about it, but none of them explains the actual problem, if it's the pot I can solder a new or a different one to it. Anyone got an idea of how I can fix this? I'm very interested on fixing it as I sing live with this device, and I'm very interested in the vocoder. Thank you very much for your help!
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    Hi Data Commander Thanks for the reply. I can see and use the Helix after registration, but I can't see it on the License Manager. On all my other L6 gear, I had to "authorise" them via the license manager. Regards.
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    In all likelihood that patch does have a cab block, but I'm not in front of my Helix at the moment either... Plug some headphones directly into Helix and see what the patch sounds like, compared to the playback from the DAW. If they sound radically different, then something's going on within Garageband.... channel EQ, etc. It's gonna be a trial and error thing to narrow it down.
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    HX STOMP does NOT function as a USB Host
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    Awww! HX Stomp is like that adorable kitten you want to take home, but you already have two BIG cats. I only just took delivery of my new Helix Rack this afternoon and the email about the HX Stomp arrived this morning. Thanks Line 6. Your timing stinks! LOL
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    This sort of thing is why I have two of them, one as a backup. Nothing against Helix, but DSPs in general are always susceptible to this sort of thing. That being said, in two years of gigging almost every weekend, never have needed the backup. Converse of Murphy's Law, I guess...
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    Any progress towards running Helix Edit on Android or iOS? Would really like to have this option. Thanks, j
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    Hi, I thought that he had registered his Helix with Line 6, but was still having issues with his computer failing to see it? Maybe I misunderstood the situation.
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    I don't think he's having any problems with his USB connection. The license manager simply doesn't contain Helix in it's list of devices to authorize, so it will never find it.
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    There are benefits to both approaches.... you need to decide what is most important to you. The mixer would offer you immediate tone controls you can use to adjust for the room. This is much easier than diving into the global EQ on the HD. You could also separate the paths into two separate channels on the mixer. EG: If you have a vocal path and a guitar path, or an acoustic and electric path, you can separate them at the output so you can EQ and MIX them at the mixer instead of on the HD. On the other hand.... All mixers have a tone of their own... and you may find the HD sounds better going directly to the speaker (avoiding the pre-amps in the mixer).
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    The "Lamp Bias" is a surprisingly important parameter in this effect. Lower it to reduce the over-presence of the "swooshes" in the vibe sweep. I run mine with the Lamp Bias at 3.1, Intensity at 7.2, mix at 50% with the rate controlled by an external expression pedal, and always in front of the amp. This is one of my favorite effects in Helix. Hope that helps get you where you're trying to be!
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