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    Holding down the Right 2 foot footswitches worked, and reloaded the factory default patches. Thanks arislaf and all......... Thumbs UP
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    Yeah, it would’ve made much better sense IMO to widen JTV operating voltage and a mounting system/sled to allow the “option” of either AA or 18650 lithium rechargeable packs. Particularly since there's no "charging" taking place inside the guitar. RC model industry did it with computerized radios as lithium packs became more prevalent and better understood.
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    If your password is stored in your PCs browser, you can easily get it. Go to Settings and Manage Passwords.
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    Agreed! Some of the guitar cabs are far better than many bass cabs... for bass use! One important trick for me is to avoid the use of certain mics (57 Dyn cuts lows!). In my experience, a close (1'') 414 Cond or 121 Ribbon give me the best results. If some cab is too dark, then the 47 Cond helps (this is what comes with the SVT by default). Then the 4038 Ribbon boosts lows too much, it is useful sometimes, but I am not sure if there is the need to boost lows when there are so many cabs that work well. Avoiding medium distance "57 Dyn" is what makes MANY guitar cabs usable for me. My favorites bass cabs (Forgive comments in "Spanglish"): Also "No cab" works really well for me. With some EQ to tame and "voice" high frequencies, but totally transparent with lows. It avoids phasing issues. We bass players have enough with our "FRFR" cabs, they are not that "transparent" in the lows, so there is no need to make the problem twice as bad. I have certain theory why some "good" or "professional" or "thoroughly recorded" cab models are not so great with the Helix or any other modeller. Their responses are anything but "tight". 1x18 Woody Blue may sound good with headphones, but I doubt it is good with the full band and using any practical real cab in stage with the full band at high volume. To me it sounds really BAD. I can understand why some bass multi effect users are enthusiastic with their presets tuned with headphones without a band and then in the first rehearsal the band tell them "This is for guitars, your old bass amp sounded way better". ================== About the blend: Some overdrives / distortion have. And this is great because this avoids certain subtle problems that appear when using parallel paths. The problem with parallels paths (besides being very limited in number) has to do with phasing issues, they are different for each amplifier or overdrive. These issues are far worse in bass than in guitar. I know that this topic can be very controversial. Some ODs don't have a blend control, but they work at low / moderate gains "as if" they had a clean parallel path. If you play bass I recommend to try Teemah! for this reason. Teemah! and Obsidian 7000 are my favorite dirts. I have a preset that is simply Teemah! plus an EQ (instead of cab) plus effects, this is one of my favorites with the band. Because it is "rich enough" but "TIGHT". And I need my bass to sound very tight in many songs / band situations. Next in my "OD" list are 3 bass amps (SV Beast and Tuck'n'Go) and then Clawthorn Drive. There are many usable blocks to create OD / Distortion, some are bass amps, some are guitar amps. IME many of them are totally unusable for bass. But there are some surprises, for example the LEGACY heavy distortion (this one requires a parallel path). Or the Tube Screamer emulation is too "treebly", but does not CUT bass, so it admits EQ to restore bass... and does not require a parallel path! (it works better in a band context this way). I really would like to add a blend control in overdrives and distortions. Now I know it is not trivial to add if done properly. Hope it helps.
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    Just got some time and tried it. It works. Mixing Mardhalls and non-marshall models work pretty well! More to come. The AX8 doesn't allow you to do that. The HX Stomp does. So much to explore just from that... It does, however, seem to use a TON of CPU... I only managed to put an OD and 2 x amp + cabs on my preset. Not even a Reverb fits.
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    With respect, I agree with rikio in this regard: I have both the Helix Floor and the Helix LT. I have patches on them that should work on the Stomp, and I'd like to use HX Edit to do as much of the work of copying those 100 or so patches as possible. I use those patches at gigs. Certainly, the Stomp is a useable device right out of the box. One can try the stock patches and fairly easily build custom patches right on the Stomp itself. But for the brute force effort of recreating 100 patches efficiently, the promised ability of HX Edit 2.70 to allow copying blocks is indispensable. In fact, I wish one could copy entire paths; where an element of the path won't work, it could flag that for the user, or correct it if possible. For example, if the path input is a Variax, that could easily be corrected automatically to Guitar. Sends and Returns could be flagged for user decision how to handle them. Copying an entire path would surely make things pretty easy. I got my Stomp on Friday, and haven't even plugged a guitar into it, partly because I've been flat out busy, but also because I need the editor to move my gig patches project along as efficiently as possible. I'd really like to know when 2.70 will be released.
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    I am often surprised lately at how killer the tones of my Variax 500 are and how the little battery pack works with rechargeable AAs such a great little utility guitar!The JTV on the other hand has big boy playability and features along with the modeling tones.Just not in any kind of extreme weather lol!
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    isn't that what taxes are for?
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    Hey y'all! I tour with a national act and I recently committed to a Helix/Variax rig. Most of our touring these days consists of fly dates, usually about 3-4 shows per week, and then everyone flies home. I rarely see our own backline, which lives in a trailer that is pulled by our tour bus. Gone are the days of going out for 6-8 weeks on the bus, since everyone has families. A lot of our shows now are 3 piece acoustic as well. For me, checking a suitcase, guitar, and pedalboard is the only way to go. I've hated playing thru at least half of the rented backline amps that we get when we do a band show, and long ago I made the commitment to go direct when we do acoustic shows (I always play electric with either lineup) I'm relatively new to Helix, but not to multiprocessors. I've generally been a Boss GTx guy, but when I heard the Helix, I was in. I had been thinking about a Variax for a while (one of our crew guys had a 700) so now I can replicate all the guitars, tunings, and even have some acoustic instruments. I've only done a half dozen acoustic shows with the Helix so far, but I'm loving it. No problems so far with checking the Helix on the plane. It appears to be tour grade, but a good case is a must. We had some band shows booked this week in Florida but yesterday everything got cancelled because of the hurricane. I've been feverishly programming for the last few days and the Helix/Variax combination does almost everything I need it to do. Hoping for some eventual firmware updates that will complete the picture for me. I was really looking forward to using the Variax for the first time also. And anyone who has toured a lot knows that as nice as it is to play the cool vintage guitars onstage, I sleep a lot better knowing that they're safe at home and not subject to baggage handlers. Plus, if anything happens to the Helix/Variax, there's usually a GC nearby. Hope that helps!
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