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    I'd like to add another "perspective" to this debate. These modelers are tools and ultimately in the right hands I believe you can get amazing results with both. At the same time in the wrong hands you can make the most powerful units sound really bad as well. I don't understand these posts from some people in here containing a long video of using just one modeler and then saying "I can't get these sounds from the Helix". No offence but chances are that you couldn't get them from the Fractal either. I believe that a big part of the learning curve in every modeler is that guitarists are now forced to learn how to tweak good guitar tones or purchase tone packs. I don't think it's a debate of "which one sounds better". If both can sound like real tube amps then there's no other comparison besides specifications and features and how they fit the specific user's needs.
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    I can’t wait to get started with it. For anyone interested, I posted an unboxing video to YT. I won’t link to it here in case that’s against the rules, but my channel link is in my profile.
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    IM SO EXCITED...... Sold 2 pieces of gear today, and that means Monday morning I will be pulling the trigger on Helix Floor. Anyone for a high five?
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    You do understand that demanding "proof" of something that (by definition) cannot be quantified, or otherwise measured in any definitive/ objective way, is like to trying to pick up a turd by the clean end, right? Never mind... don't answer that, we've all wasted enough time already. You'll "win" the argument by default, because what you're demanding cannot be done. It's a half-clever (yet thoroughly obnoxious) means of seeking external validation for an already fully-formed opinion. And while it makes for some festive arguments, in the end it achieves nothing and helps no one. Your Congressman would be proud.... But what the hell, I'll bite....I posted the same clips a while back in a previous iteration of this retarded discussion. So as long as we're all intent on taking yet another ride on the stupidmobile, here ya go: Listen to This Really Needs A Title by cruisinon2 #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/user-100603322/this-really-needs-a-title Listen to Here Goes Nuthin' by cruisinon2 #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/user-100603322/here-goes-nuthin-final-edit Love it, hate it... either way, it's no skin off my a$$.
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    The thing is that comparing the stock presets or even default amp/cab settings of each device doesn't mean much. They might be models of the same amp model number, but they're not models of the same amp. They're not using the same IRs, the same mics, etc. In order to do a true A/B test, you need to start by comparing like for like... So, really, you'd at least want to use the same IR with the comparable amp models. In any case, if the Axe FX III inspires you more, get that. I have no desire to convince anyone what they should and shouldn't like. Guitar tone isn't a competition. These are all tools. Use what inspires you most.
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    I think Mooer won't get another cent from me (I had some of their small pedals at one point)... Doing what they did with EHX and getting caught only means they're doing it for other things as well. There's too many honest companies making good products to justify supporting a company that's doing that sort of crap.
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    Allow me to spare you the suspense...Helix will not have an additional 200 amps a year from now, so you might as well break out the credit card and beat the Christmas rush.
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    Line 6 Helix 2.70 Mega-Setlists · 4 Setlists: IRs LG + IRs HG & Cabs LG + Cabs HG. · 232 Presets, each with 8 Snapshots. · 57 solo amp & 175 dual amp presets. · Cab Sets feature L6 Cabs. IR Sets feature IR blocks, but not IR files are provided. BYOIR. · LG = Low Gain (Supro->Plexi Jump). HG = High Gain (2204->L6 amps). · Each amp features Snapshots for Low, Mid, & High Gain settings. · 2 formats for dual amp presets: “Channels” & “Parallel Amps”. · LED rings color coordinated for Snapshots view. · All FX Blocks are custom named. · All Snapshots output leveled to -28.5 LFKS Integrated, ITU-R BS.1770-4, over 15sec of looped open G strumming. · EXP Pedal 2 has additional Mod, Delay, & Reverb settings. · Amp and FX settings largely derived from the SOAS Project (25%) and personal preferences (75%). · To Import, Drag + Drop directly into Helix. Or hit the top left yellow “Import” button & search for “all files” instead of just .hls. I am not sure why the Setlists are saved as .hlx instead of .hls files. · For more information, including lists of all of the amp and effects settings, along with the OwnHammer IR’s I used, please visit: https://l6helix.wixsite.com/helixsoas · To Download the Setlists, please visit: https://line6.com/customtone/profile/Noobian_Prince https://imgur.com/a/Gic53qq
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    Apologies for the click bait title, I promise you that this is not click bait. Let me in good faith say up front that it is incredibly good, and therefore nobody ever needs to click the video. If you’re still here.... I have owned my Deluxe memory man since 2004, and I know it very well. I haven’t seen a comparison anywhere before so I decided to do one myself. If you want to hear just how accurate the model is to the real deal have a listen. I think anyone would be impressed. https://youtu.be/_ZLPTCT8zDs
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    Here's a FREE PRESET AND IR to make your Helix sound like my real Dual Recto. In the video you'll hear a comparison between Helix and Axe-Fx III. I can definitely get them both sounding just like my Recto: DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bfibnuenvsp7bwo/ML Sound Lab FREE Recto.zip?dl=0
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    Logic is logic my friend. You're just wanting to set me up for a game where I post something and no matter how hard I work on it you say, "I hate that." I didn't fall for those games in 3rd grade when a friend of mine preferred Caddyshack to Ghostbusters, and I'm not dumb enough to fall for it now. Find someone else to hurt on the teeter totter.
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    Why is a guy demo-ing a guitar speaker without having someone actually play a guitar through it? Why SAY this is different than the TS312 without actually running music through both? This has to be one of the stupidest AND most useless YouTube reviews EVER!
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    Hey - First time poster. I recently got a Helix (love it so far) and while creating patches, I thought it would be nice to have a one page resource for what the blocks are modeling. I tried creating one that kept the theme of the Helix overview cheat sheet available from Line 6. Link: Google Drive PDF I use it all the time now as I'm getting to learn all the Line 6 names and what they are modeling. Thought maybe someone else might benefit from something like this. Cheers.
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    I sold my Helix and my wife's car and bought the 194 real stomp boxes. Now I can't afford to buy the 74 amps. I think I may have made a mistake.
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    Honestly, I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of myself that I avoided even looking at this discussion for as long as I have. I mean, being the sarcastic demon I am I could have had an absolute BLAST with this thread, but I'm slowly learning to conserve my snide remarks so I have plenty of them for when I REALLY need them...although I have to admit the OP has made this is one quite tempting..... At any rate, I think you guys are doing a fine job on your own. Carry on........
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    So even after having the Helix after 3.5 years, I'm still finding new tricks. I have a Chase Bliss Tonal Recall RKM, and one of the things I really like about that pedal is how thick, dark and chewy the repeats can get. I hadn't really spent a lot of time messing with trying to recreate it in the Helix. I could get somewhat close with the Adriatic Delay, but last night I decided to mess around with the Mod/Cho Echo model, which is kind of a boring name for a very interesting effect, as it turns out. It has high and low cut parameters, and turning the high cut down very low, like around 1.2kHz is getting me what I was missing - surprisingly so. I actually kind of prefer some of the attributes of this to the Tonal Recall, I think. The Tonal Recall does a lot of other weird stuff, but here I'm comparing kind of a basic dark analog echo sound. I used a looper block as the first thing in my chain for this clip so the same dry track is being fed to both the Tonal Recall and to the Mod/Cho Echo. Not too shabby when you consider the Tonal Recall RKM is a $500 pedal... I won't say which is which for now, but I'll reveal it later. In any case, I personally think I'll be selling another pedal very soon.
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    First, I want to emphasize something about the whole global EQ thing. If you read the manual you'll note that Line 6 warns about using global EQ only for making corrections in the acoustics of the room and there's a very important reason for that. But I want to put a couple of things in perspective for you first. A key value of the Helix or any modeler is its ability to completely transform your sound from song to song, different genres, or in the middle of a song. This is something new to people who have used traditional amps. Typically you have an amp and it stays within a certain range of tone all the time. Pedals can help transform the tone, but it will always have the base tone of the amp at it's core. That's not the case with the Helix. You can move from a heavy rock sound with a Marshall amp, to a very clean bluesy sound with a Roland JC120, to a more country or americana sound using a Fender twin, to a crunchy Pete Townshend sound with a Hi-Watt. However using high cuts will vary depending on the amp model used, the cabinet used, and the mic or microphone mix used. So using global EQ gets in the way of doing that correctly because it applies across whatever amp, cab, or mic is being used. That's why it's important to keep such things within the patch itself so it can change, if necessary, right along with your base tone. Another key difference in moving from a traditional amp to a modeler is that the paradigm being used on a modeler is one more closely associated with that of a recording studio than a live performance. You've probably read stories about how famous groups with famous records record one track with a certain setup of amps and cabinets and a completely different setup for the next song. That's more in line with how a Helix signal chain works than traditional live setups where you simply plug in and play the same rig all night. You don't change your amp or your cabinet or your mic'ing approach from one song to the next, but in the Helix you can which is extraordinarily powerful in achieving a wide range of tones even within a genre or style. That doesn't mean you HAVE to make those changes, but you can if you need to. However, just like in a studio the more you understand how all of these things affect your tone, the more control you have over your tone. Things like Fletcher Munson are always in play whether you play a traditional amp or a modeler. They're more prominent on a modeler because you're listening to your sound through a particular mic placed in a particular location on your cabinet. You'll hear the same things on a traditional amp and cabinet if you place your ear in the same place you would a mic on your speaker cabinet. And if you're playing live through a PA, THAT is what your audience is hearing, which is NOT what you hear standing next to your amp on stage. That's why the first step in getting your tone right is being sensitive to what cabinet or mix of cabinets you're using, what mic or mix of mics you're using, and the placement and mix of those mics. Using a Shure SM-57 with a distance of 1" is a much harsher sound than using a Royer R121 ribbon mic at a 6" distance. Combining those two mics can give you a middle ground between harsh and dark. That's where you start when getting your tone where you want it. Any additional corrections using EQ can be done after that using a parametric or graphic eq to fine tune the sound. With all of that in mind I'd refer you to Jason Sadites exceptional series of videos on YouTube to see how he applies all of these elements to dial in a variety of tones.
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    I am here about 10 years, and as far as i recall, official line 6 persons get more involved there than here. And still yet not figured out why. Lately, line 6 made a survey, and one of the questions was how to improve communication or something like this. I answered, simply speak with us as you do in tgp forum...
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    I went through TGP and got all of the info about the Helix models I could find along with some "hints" and put it in a word document for myself. I wish there was some kind of official Line 6 document with this kind of info in it. Here it is if you want to look at it. It's not really organized all that well but, hey, I created it for me. It's 40 pages long. I had to split it into two documents to attach here. It is in the old Word format. Helix Models Info 1.doc Helix Models Info 2.doc
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    First off, you don't need a Fender Bassman model since there are already two Bassman models there. The Tweed Blues Norm and Tweed Blues Bright are Bassman models. Secondly, it doesn't do any good to post such things here as the only place that is refered to by Line 6 would be on their Ideascale site. Here's a list of what models are currently in the Helix and the amps they are based on. https://helixhelp.com/
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    So, if you think there's a product that has all the amp models and effects you want, why not just use that product instead of expect another manufacturer to essentially copy what they're doing? I can tell one thing for certain, and that's that Line 6 is really not interested in trying to recreate the feature set of the Axe FX in the Helix. They have their own vision for what the Helix is going to become. Certainly that means more amps and effects in the future, but it doesn't mean trying to please everyone...
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    Have you looked here? https://line6.com/support/manuals/spiderv60 Or check out my attachment: Spider V Effects List.odt
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