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    Volume 2 preset pack now available! This pack contains 19 Artist presets by artists such as Queen, Ozzy, Metallica, Pantera, and ZZ Top just to name a few. It also contains 3 Custom Modded amp models PRS Archon and Bogner Blue, plus 18 custom IR’s. Artist Presets: Arch Enemy Lead.hlx Arch Enemy.hlx Boston - Peace.hlx Dokken - Kiss of.hlx Dream Theater.hlx Extreme.hlx Jake E Lee.hlx Metallica Black.hlx Mountain Queen.hlx Pantera Cowboys.hlx Queen - Rock You.hlx Randy Rhoads.hlx Rush Limelight.hlx Sonata Artica.hlx Vai Passion Lead.hlx Van Halen One.hlx Zakk Wylde.hlx ZZTOP Rio Grande.hlx ZZTOP TresHombre.hlx Amp Models: Archon Deep Archon Warm Bogner Blue Singtall Mod IR's Archon Deep.wav Archon Warm.wav Boston Peace.wav Boston.wav Dokken Kiss.wav Extreme.wav Fremen 1, 2, 3 Helix Limelight.wav Metallica Black.wav Pantera Cowboys.wav Shinedown - Madness.wav Sonata Artica.wav Van Halen I.wav Zakk Wylde.wav ZZTOP Rio Grande.wav ZZTOP TresHombres.wav
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    Line 6 on a flaming stick is "NOT" the next update I want guys. Get the Hell outta there K? Come back when its safe...
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    Have you looked here? https://line6.com/support/manuals/spiderv60 Or check out my attachment: Spider V Effects List.odt
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    It`s a shame they didn`t use the HD engine or even a kind of cut down Helix and I can`t think of any conceivable reason why but it`s way better than any PodX3 I`ve heard (I cant say I was knocked out with the Pod HD500X either) , so they must have updated the whole modelling engine somewhere ..... The Forum Hyperbole about how bad these amps are rattles on endlessly, but even after a few weeks of use I couldn`t disagree with them more ,.. the 240 2X12 at least is a very servicable Gig and home tool with some features I sorely miss when using my Valve amps not least the plug and go Wireless (don`t need the receiver and usb power hassle) ..... they DO seriously need to put some decent presets in there, most are dull , small and blankety sounding . Oh ---- I`m using an SG 61 Reissue , an 09 Fender USA Deluxe strat with the lame electrics replaced with Duncan HSH setup with splits and a Korean made Epi les paul loaded with BKP, Mule , Duncan SH1 and 80s Dimarzio in a HHH setup .. all work just fine
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    Amen. Every "My ________ sounds like crap with helix" thread is a waste of time. The reasons why Player A with "X" model headphones hates the way it sounds, and Player B with the same cans thinks the tone was hand deliver by a choir of angels are too numerous to bother contemplating...and nobody is "right" or "wrong". There's no playbook for this stuff. Turn knobs until it sounds good to YOU, because you're the only one who knows what "good" means anyway...failing that, try a different pair of cans.
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    Well all this aside, it seems there are some customer issues with the 2.x models, and some people prefer the earlier versions. Line 6, listen to your customers. You have a wonderful product that has the flexibility of software/firmware updates. I really hope you are working on redoing those 2.x models because frankly I don't think they are that much of an improvement over what you had before. Given what we heard in the earlier versions, there appears to be at least the opportunity for additional improvements. I suggest a very simple solution - provide the old 1.9 models in a 2.x firmware update so that all the tunings, switches and controls work properly, but the users can choose which models to use. That can't be that hard. Do it, and this issue goes away and you have happier customers. I personally would change the Tele, Strat and acoustic models - and that's a pretty significant set of pretty common models.
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