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    Yeah so this is a telecaster on the bridge pick-up plugged right into my audio interface. I didn't even use the helix. The first few seconds is how the guitar sounds without my Banjo IR then I engage the IR. It's not like the best banjo sound in the world but you can clearly hear it takes on some of the characteristics of a banjo type tone when I engage my IR. What do you guys think??
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    I agree. Amplifi has some nice features -- notably the ability to stream a backing track via Bluetooth while playing along live, but the woeful lack comprehensive control via footswitches on the FX100 make it a poor choice for my use. My old POD XT Live is more far flexible for the kind of use you've described, plus it will power my Variax guitars via VDI cable. Amplifi can't do that...
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    I have consulted this with my friend. He says shorting R amp to the ground is not safe (when TS is used). So TRS to TRS cable is proper connection. When paralleling, his advice is to use 0,1ohm, 1W "current sharing" resistors or to short T and R at the speaker TS side. To be sure both amps deliver the same signal it is good idea to place some mono DSP block before output (e.g mono volume). I found some confirmation on yt: I have submitted to ideascale the idea of publishing some specs of Helix to get to know the wattage of the headphone amp. If somebody is interested, please vote. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Specifications-publishingof-I-O-imedances-FS-levels-etc/943915-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments
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    Hey! The two notes are very different and require different approaches. I have an Ibanez M80M, so here's my wisdom (might not work for you or in your music, but hey, this is a forum :D). For me, frequency split and a bass cab is the key. I use a 3Sigma audio Zilla cab with an Ampeg 4x10 IR, everything under 500hz goes through the bass cab. It clears out pretty much the low end for me. Send me your mail in PM and I'll share my preset with you.
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    Yep... 100% sure. All Helix products are using the SHARC ADSP-21469 chip. It's just the Floor, LT and Rack have two of them, and the HX Effects and Stomp have one. BTW, the Fractal FX8 uses a single SHARC ADSP-21469 chip as well, just for comparison's sake. There are simply some amp and cab models that are a lot more DSP intensive than others. Sometimes if you put in an amp, a cab, and the '63 Spring Reverb model, you won't have left for much else at all on a path. With some amp models you can have a lot more. On the Helix itself, you can have up to 16 blocks on a processor path, but it's not like you can fill them all up with DSP-intensive blocks. It's really more for the sake of routing flexibility than being able to max out blocks. If you create an effects-only Helix patch, you can load a lot in there, but unless you want 16 EQs in a path, you wouldn't be able to use all the blocks.
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    I have a full Helix and a stomp, if you want to send me over a list of the exact blocks you used, I can tell you if it would have worked in the helix in one path without running out of dsp. Cause, now I am curious about that as well. I can get a lot of stuff into one path on the Helix without hitting the dsp limit.
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    If you have ANY line 6 software opened when you are trying to use the Updater it won't work. You have to close everything else out first and then run the Updater.....works every time!
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    I bought the Focusrite Scarlett Solo specifically to use with Native. The Solo is, of course, the entry level Focusrite model for $99. I've been very happy with it. I did a quick and dirty comparison with the LT and they are near identical but I would say the LT has a slight edge, but I would say the lay person wouldn't be able to tell the difference. There where a couple times I was even confused to which one I was using. Before the Focusrite I used the POD HD500 and an old M-Audio Mobile pre. The HD500 worked well, but I couldn't get the latency that I get with the Focusrite and I had problems with Win10 and it's drivers. When I upgrade my interface I will definitely consider the Clarett.
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    Hi there!! I had a great troublesome time having a floor board bought from Ebay since it came with a failed or non-working wah pedal. I checked everywhere for a solution but nothing fitted. The pedal activated the wah function excellently, but the sound didn't go up and down as a wah was expected but just remained stuck at the high modulation, as if the pedal were being stepped on and nothing else. Later on, I had the pedals circuit board taken out and had their components measured with an electronic tester by a friend of mine. And what was found?? Since the only faulty thing on the floor board was the wah pedal function, not the volume one that was ok BTW, it was evident that one of those little components on the wah side was very dead !and so it was!: Which one? THIS TINY THING: 2N4401 transistor Remove the broken one, solder it and... Long Live your WAH again!!! Hope it work for you guys as it id for me!!! May God bless you all!!
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