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    If you have a fully-mono signal chain, the Left and Right main outputs are putting out the exact same signal if you connect both of them. If you're running any stereo FX, then they'll be different, but if you wanna run the whole chain in mono, there's no need to add any stereo FX to the chain anyways.
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    The above post is 100% if you truly have a MONO signal. Send one side to FOH, send the other side to your cabinet. The other option is how I used to do it with my HD500.... a direct box. Left out to the DI, continue that signal 1/4" to your FRFR cabinet, and send the XLR from the DI to the FOH. I actually prefer this method over the first as the left will collapse to mono in the event you actually do have something stereo in your path. It's more of a guarantee the FOH is getting the exact same signal.
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    Double-check that you're running the newest version of HX Edit. Every time I've seen this mentioned here, it's been because the person was using the wrong version of HX Edit. Note that on the HX Edit display, the number at the bottom represent the firmware version of the Helix, not the HX Edit version.
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    Charlie? Not Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration? ;)
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    I'm gonna name mine Charlie...
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    Go to System Preferences -> Privacy and Security and in the GENERAL TAB "Allow Line 6..."
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    This is an old thread, but since it's been re-opened I'll add my thoughts on the MIC input. For some people the HD is their primary Audio Interface for recording... having the mic input is no different than having a MIC input on any other interface. It's great for someone doing a single act. Carry the HD and a powered speaker... that's all you need. Setup a dual path (one for guitar, the other for the mic) and send them to the powered speaker... no need to carry a mixer. As a multi-instrumentalist I find it never hurts to have another input. None of my additional instruments use mics but that doesn't matter... I often plug my mandolin or dobro into a direct box, then run an XLR from the DI to the mic input.... adjust trim as needed. Added features are never a bad thing... even if you don't see the immediate value in it.
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    i have a spider v and so far its pretty good, EXCEPT for the fact that the cloud THING is pretty much useless to most people with smart phones that are android!!!!!! for an amp that is this new AND that will connect to a PC, why the F__K have line 6 decided to leave any editing or downloading of tones, artist patches etc from a PC based platform?????? it connects to a pc right? so make the cloud available on pc for christ sake, it aint rocket science. i own a pod hd5oox, guess what? i can link it to a PC and download patches - great. so what moron decided to leave this option from the spider v? SACK HIM, I WOULD, HE'S GOING TO LOSE U CUSTOMERS!!!!! seriously thinking of selling my V based purely on this oversight and buying a KATANA which will connect and edit using a pc
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    You can change the note value on a snapshot per snapshot basis, but you can't change from a note value to a millisecond value.
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