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    Hello, I wanted to share my Helix 4CM/7CM setup with my two Marshall tube amps for those new Helix owners. I also have two Gibson Les Paul reference monitors on my desk connected via the XLR outputs. I bought a 30-foot USB cable to connect my Helix to my MacBook Pro which is on the other side of the room. I am very pleased with the results! I hope this helps somebody that hasn't tried the 4CM or 7CM. This is just for me at home, so please forgive my poor cable management. As an IT professional, I have to admit it could be a lot better. :) 4 Cable Method (4CM) for Amp #1 Cable #1 Guitar to Helix Guitar In Cable #2 Helix FX Send Loop 1 to Amp #1 Main Input Cable #3 Amp #1 FX Send Loop to Helix FX Return Loop 1 Cable #4 Helix 1/4" Left (mono) Out to Amp #1 FX Return Loop 7 Cable Method (7CM) for Amp #2 Cable #5 Helix FX Send Loop 2 to Amp #2 Main Input Cable #6 Amp #2 FX Send Loop to Helix FX Return Loop 2 Cable #7 Helix 1/4" Right Out to Amp #2 FX Return Loop
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    For months now I have been running an Audio Technica AT2020 through my UX2 via an XLR cable, using Windows 10 64-bit, and everything was working great. Only recently, perhaps about a week ago now, the microphone completely stopped producing any input in Pod Farm 2. I've done multiple fresh installs of Monkey as well as all the most up to date device ans USB drivers, I've ensured the 48V button is still pushed in as it has always been, I've ensured the gain knobs are not set to 0 as they never were, I've tried different USB ports on my motherboard and case to no avail, I've ensured the UX2 is the default recording device in Windows as it always was, and of course I've ensured Mic 1 is the selected input in the mixer in Pod Farm 2. I should also mention that absolutely nothing happened between the microphone working and not working; the microphone was never bumped or dropped as it remains out of the way on a mic arm, the cable itself is coiled neatly on top of my computer case and it is never touched, and the UX2 itself sits on top of my computer case and is never touched save for when I adjust the gain knob. Because the microphone is producing no input whatsoever through Pod Farm 2 I'm inclined to believe it's a driver issue and not a hardware one, although I can't be sure. Oddly enough when I deactivate and reactivate the 48V boost while Pod Farm 2 is running I do get a signal as indicated by the needles on the UX2 itself, but recording from said input in Audacity to test produces only static. I've already opened a support ticket with Line 6 but have yet to hear back from them and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    If the updater is v1.15 and it shows the LT at 2.30, that's what you choose to update. As noted, make sure that HX Edit is closed before you open the Updater.
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    If you bought the IRS from the Line 6 Marketplace, you need to have at least firmware 2.70 installed for them to work. Make sure you have HX Edit closed while running Updater, otherwise Updater won’t see your device.
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    Easiest way is to create a playlist on your phone/iPad and connect to the mini-jack input. The media player feature on the M20D is very basic and a bit quirky.
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    So the issue was with the cheap midi interface.. I got one for $25 at its working perfectly.. Now i just have to figure out how to map switches with native..
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    I know many people are tired of these but I like them. I do take them with a grain of salt. I'm never looking for a representation of what the units sound like with these. As many of us know, there are too many variables to make a determination of that. But I like seeing/hearing how close they can get to each other. It is interesting to me. Then again, there is a good chance I may be just looking for validation of my purchase choice. In this case, I closed my eyes before I could see what was what, listened, and when I opened them, I actually liked the Helix tone slightly better. Only VERY slightly though. They were all extremely, super close. And maybe with a little more tweaking, even closer. They were all so close, it would be hard to determine from this, which one to get. They can get so close to each other that it has become more and more apparent to me that none of these are better than the others. It's more about your work style, flow and what exactly you want to use them for. To me, the Fractal and Helix are essentially studios in a box with the Fractal having a little more finesse and options. Which you pay for. I think the Helix is right on it's heels though. The Fractal is less user friendly but that certainly doesn't make a difference to me personally. I think it does to others. And I would say the Helix (the floor unit anyway) is built more for the average bar, small venue, gigging musician, where the Fractal is more for the concert type, "big time" situation, (less drunks and spilled beer to worry about). Not that they couldn't be used for either situation. Not at all. There is a rackmount Helix after all. They both are more about getting a studio sound in the field. The Kemper seems to be more about having an amp in the room experience. Or more to the point, ANY amp you want in a room experience. Less about a studio sound in the field. A VERY cool thing. All have their place and are of equal value. Just each with their own strengths. And of course, as Dunedin pointed out, your average shmo has no clue and more than likely, would say they all sound the same. But, they don't have to have a clue and don't want to. They probably don't even care. I know, I know...not care about guitar tone? What's wrong with them? What a GREAT time to be a guitar player. I just wish it had happened about 30 years ago. Sigh. Wait. How old am I again?
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    Just wanted top let you all know that this patch (and IR) should be in the Line 6 Marketplace section tomorrow for all Helix and HX Stomp users. Thank you so much for your continued support.
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    Good to know this works on both Windows and macOS!
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    Hey benvigil, this works for me perfectly. Thank you very much for your help. For Windows User, go to: C:\Users\{Your Username}\AppData\Roaming\Line 6\Helix Native and open the "Helix Native.prefs" with an text editor. Then remove everything that is marked Yellow in the pic I added. If you can't see the folder "AppDate" it is because it is hidden. In your Explorer Window, go on the top to "View", then to "Options" and there go to the rider "View" and search for Show Hidden Files and Folders in the List to activate the viewing of the hidden folder.
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    Kinda odd seeing this thread because I have the EXACT same problem running Presonus Studio One with Hellx Native on macOS! It will run perfectly across multiple launches for about a day (i.e. 24 hours), then it crashes the DAW. However, I DID run it up the flagpole with L6 support and their only suggestion was to completely reinstall the DAW... which made no sense, because all plugin versions (AU, VST) crashed every DAW and VST host I tried it with. But I happened upon a solution: after installation, and you use the VST for the first time, it creates a set of folders in your user directory. There is a preferences file that you need to edit. On macOS, it's located here: ~/Library/Application Support/Line 6/Helix Native/Helix Native.prefs In that file, there is a key called "Session Token" -- if you close the DAW, open that file, remove that key and value, and save the file... everything works again... for 24 hours.
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