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    I just don't get the proprietary format unless there's some proprietary use.
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    Fair enough. Nobody is being forced to purchase them.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I've updated the link -- it is now split into 3 pages. I've increased the font sizes for readability. The first page contains the Amps and Cabs followed by Effects on page 2 and finally Legacy Effects on page 3.
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    Wow, this is great stuff and sounds like a perfect solution. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. I will get my my grubby little mitts on one of these units and will get back with you. I promise not to allow this to fall under the heading of "No good deed goes unpunished" but I may have a general question or two. While we're on the subject, do you have these buttons replicate exactly what the buttons on a Helix floor unit do or do you have your own personal setup? I just ask because there are so many patches made for the Helix floor unit but they don't really translate straight across to Native due to its lack of hardware buttons. Just curious and I am VERY new to this. I didn't understand you last short post: "Mac stuff here - i would load some up and see if it helps - should " On a personal note: Do you wear tights and a cape? 'Cause I feel like you just swooped down to help me out of a jam :) Hey, do you have a Vette?
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    Thank you Kilrahi,... I remember your guitar on my bench. Very good. Glad I could help.
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    If you want specific presets grouped together, use HX Edit to organize them.
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    You can’t assign presets to footswitches in Stomp Mode, if that’s what you’re asking. But you change the footswitch mode to Preset Mode. Hit the Page < and > to scroll through the various footswitch modes.
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    I have my Helix floor outputs going into a a stereo channel of a Mackie ProFX12v2 mixer (which I use for other things as well, such as synths). The mixer is also an Audio interface so USB out from the mixer goes to a MAC for recording. The studio monitors JBL LSR308's are plugged into the mixer main outs, which works well as I can monitor the output signal going to the speakers on the mixer, use the mixer for headphones, and control volume output levels.
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    When I got my Spider V120 the first effect that I tried was vintage tremolo. I was very disappointed and figured that it was going right back to Guitar Center. Luckily, I installed the Spider V app on my iPad and and found that when adjusting the tremolo settings with it (rather than the amp itself) I could get exactly what I was looking for. Now, I use the app anytime I am creating a new tone or fine tuning an old one. It is so easy to switch the order of effects and also make minute adjustments.
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    You could walk before you run... the free Allure Pack offered by Line 6 can get you some decent IR's to get your feet wet. Yes the package deals are good... If you want a package that has options for all, I would recommend the "core tone bundle" under their multi cabinet libraries on the Ownhammer site. You will get a Fender, Vox, Marshall and Mesa cabinet which will cover a lot of ground. Once you get your feet wet you can decide which style you want to expand if you still think you need more options. There are a few Ownhammer options in the Line 6 Marketplace as well... but I think each bundle narrows in on one style of cabinet so you would like want more than one bundle to experiment. On a final note... if you have zero experience with IR's beware the rabbit hole that's already been mentioned. There can be hundreds of IR's in each pack... it can be very daunting if you don't know where to start. Rather than just experiment with each one looking for something you might like, take the time to learn (at least a little) how speakers, mics and mic position can effect the tones. The better you understand this, the easier it is to identify an IR for your purpose much quicker.
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    I got it! I used a CC command on the EXP 2 and set the values at min to 0 and max to 27 that way it will switch back and forth from lead channel to channel 3 on the dual rectifier when engaging the pedal and disengaging the pedal. I didn't need to use the toe switch.
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    Well, "Play View" has four modes, and since 3 of the 4 modes have this ability (simply pressing FS1 + FS2 or FS2 + FS3) I assume you mean in the stomp mode of play view. As far as I know, no, if you can't or don't want to hook up an additional switch you have to bend over OR, I think, you can set FS3 to cycle somewhat but then you loose the tempo/tuner ability (I think on that last part - I have only kind of fiddled there). If you want a midi controller that can do it, my research indicates this is the best one and that it can do it: https://www.morningstarfx.com/mc6-mkii It's a pricey little beast but it sure seems like it can do a lot. I've been tempted to put it on a Christmas wish list, but then I have to ask myself why if I need that to enjoy my Stomp I didn't just buy an LT. Hindsight, 20/20, and all that.
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