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    Why is a guy demo-ing a guitar speaker without having someone actually play a guitar through it? Why SAY this is different than the TS312 without actually running music through both? This has to be one of the stupidest AND most useless YouTube reviews EVER!
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    It depends on how the physical output jack is labelled. If it says L/MONO then the stereo output is summed to mono when only the left jack is used.; if it just says L then the output is just the left side of the stereo image.
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    I run a dual path after the amp with one chain having a cab and the other with the Leslie. This allows the signal to be 100% either way or any blend. Most of the time it is a blend which I use for a Gilmour patch and a Frampton patch. Although the Leslie can work as an effect, I treat it like a cab.
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    I still find the concept of a "serious" interface somewhat funny in this discussion. The fact is that a lot of session guys do their tracking in their home studios today, and they're using all sorts of interfaces to do it. Generally, the quality of interface and converters isn't the bottleneck anymore, and it really hasn't been for quite a while. The Line 6 guys released a podcast last year where they interviewed Peter DiStefano of Porno for Pyros fame, and he's made a career of doing film scores, including some very big-budget films. He's pretty much done all the guitar parts using his UX2 and POD Farm... Is that a serious interface? Maybe not, but it's still plenty capable of getting the job done.
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    Hello everyone, Thought I would share a video I did on getting the Van Halen 1 album tone. I used just the Helix with no IR's and no other processing. Download the tone here: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/3254199/ Enjoy!
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    $75 is perfectly reasonable, probably about average I'd say...and I'm certainly not advocating searching high and low for the cheapest guy in town. Eventually that won't end well. And I certainly understand that not everybody has the time or the inclination to do all their own set-ups... but that doesn't mean they should get fleeced in the process. If I were ever quoted $230 for a set-up, I seriously doubt I'd be able to stop laughing at the guy. Nobody's that good... he's fixing a guitar, not raising the dead.
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    I have run my HD500x and Helix into the aux in jack on the back of my Spider 5 240hc. It should pretty good. I tried the same with my old Spider IV 75, and it didn't sound too good. If you happened to see a used Spyder V 30 for say $75 and you couldn't pass it up, you could do the AUX In cable thing, or plugin to the guitar in and have it set to "no amp" and use it for playing at your home. But I wouldn't buy the Spider V just as the output for your HD500 though. Buy something like a Headrush FRFR-1212 instead. It will serve you well for many years as you upgrade to new modelers in the future. It costs more than a spider V 30, but you will be better off in the long run. My HD500x sounds great though the Headrush FRFR. I plan to purchase a second so I can hear stereo effects.
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    Thanks to all of you for your opinions and postings on this topic. As always, I appreciate every one of you, and I greatly value your opinions. The general consensus here clearly appears to be in favor of the merchant(s), and like I said from the outset, I'm all to aware of the raging skeptic that resides in me, so I have no problem with that whatsoever. In fact, if anything, its reassuring for me to know that others have experienced the very same circumstances, and that most had no issues accepting those circumstances. In addition, as others here have duly noted, if I were to return it, in all likelihood, any and all other units the merchant might ship to me as a replacement, would also have been opened for the very same reasons. Hence, I'm simply chasing my own tail. Nothin' new there! And so, we'll go ahead and keep this opened Helix Rack here, and begin the learning process with it. From everything I've read and learned, it sounds like a great piece of gear, so it should be good fun. Cheers! And thanks again! ;-)
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    Thank you everyone! Here is a patch specifically for the Stomp: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4221804/
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    Are you talking about the Roland Jet Phaser model? In the original product (which I owned in the late 70's and early 80's) the phase was nothing special, it was the "JET PHASE" setting that people were after... which is likely why it was the section modeled. There are better "phase only" pedals modeled in the Helix. IMO - I can't imagine anything would be better than the legacy model... it's my "go to" for chorus. BUT - always room for improvement I guess. Sometimes we never know we want something until we actually have it.
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    Try this bundle, works for me. https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24065.0 Have not tried this one but does much the same https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9388.0
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    I use a very soft toothbrush to clean them every time I change strings.
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    I use my JTV-69, Helix, and Powercab 112 Plus in a few classic rock cover bands. I love how I can use Helix snapshots to select Variax models and tunings. Variax custom settings are a great way to quickly select a model and a tuning at the same time. The VDI connection for powering the guitar and allowing Helix to select Variax models and tunings is the greatest feature for me. My ideas for the next-generation Variax are: - Keep the VDI connection for powering the guitar and allowing Helix to select Variax models and tuning - Better DSP, like Helix vs POD HD - More models to choose from with each firmware update - A nylon-string acoustic guitar model - An upward-facing OLED display for model and tuning names - Keep the rotary model knob and 5-position switch for picking models - I'd prefer the JTV-59 knob for tunings over the JTV-69 roller control - Keep the variety of physical bodies, necks, and bridges (I'd love a Variax RS820CR RevStar) - Keep the workbench for creating custom body and pickup combinations, and for installing new downloadable models - Magnetic pickups not required
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    Agree Peter. But my point was that two more blocks, to match a single Helix path, wouldn't make HX Stomp that much more complicated, but would add a lot of flexibility: I could fit in that one extra front of the amp effect, and separate the amp and cab model for example. Big change in tone possibilities without hardly any additional complexity.
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    I had this issue because I ran the "Line 6 Updater" before I updated the latest USB drivers. Download "Line 6 Driver2" and install before running the Line 6 Updater app.
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    Great video and excellent reverb sounds but more effort and more DSP required than I would generally dedicate to my reverb. Might be great for specific presets where the reverb sound was paramount. I'm sure some of the more diligent preset designors here will get a lot of mileage out of yeatzee's video. Still hoping for Line6 to add mono HX versions of the meat and potato reverb models like spring, hall, plate, etc.. With all the talk on the forum about Strymon style reverbs I can understand why Line6 chose to deliver the reverb selection they did last update. However, it feels like somebody handed me some hip-hugging Jordache designer jeans with a Bedazzler kit and a tube full of glitter when all I really wanted was some high quality work pants.
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    @TheBoyWithDog, I would love to see multiple Parallel Split and Merge points per Signal Path (as you depicted graphically in your other post): Just not sure if Line 6 would feel too many Helix users would use the feature. You should post a separate IdeaScale suggestion for this: Multiple Parallel Split and Merge Points in a Signal Path. Your existing IdeaScale post does not adequately emphasize this suggestion!
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    Just to avoid confusion, the Helix warranty is two years in the US only. For the rest of the planet it’s one year (sigh).
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    If HX Stomp is on a tiny board, you can "offload" some of those functions to other pedals (part of the point). If you are used to having everything you use in one patch, HX Stomp can't and won't do that. If I'm playing a "big show" it is simply never going to be enough. But I'd use Rack/Control for those shows anyway. If it's not enough, maybe someday they'll make something bigger with more footswitches and even an EXP maybe... maybe something with two processors... ...add scribble strips and you really got something... wait a minute... this sounds familiar. Yes, you have to understand its limitations. For some it's perfect, for others, it's just not enough.
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