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    Thanks, Kilrahi. I no longer have the cable...and was able to do this with the Focusrite. So it is more a matter of me wanting to do it than needing to do it!
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    There is nothing "niche" about the high gain world. It is a huge market! (EDIT TO ADD: Sorry to pile on, I see someone already beat me to that a few posts earlier) In these forums I am on the record stating that although I have no use for any high gain amps (JCM 800 is more than enough gain for me) I fully support you and others that want more options. If there are iconic high gain amps missing from the Helix, then you deserve to have them. That said... if you think the Tweed Deluxe is a "clean amp"... then you obviously have a different take on what level of dirt quantifies as dirt. Very few buy a tweed deluxe for it's clean sound (volume lower than 3).... they push it into varying degrees of glorious overdrive.
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    Cool preset, TLF2007! I'll give it a try at the next rehearsal.
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    It looks like per block snapsnot omission is coming, among other cool things:
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    I’ve had no issues with HX Edit and Windows 10... I’ve pretty much been using Windows 10 ever since I first got my Helix.
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    Thanks for this advice. I didn't know that and will consider it. Fortunately this is not a big problem for me because i play either at home or at my church 99,5% of the time .... so i only have to check 2 venues. :-D (and in the other 0,5% i have DI boxes at with me :-D ) I am no native speaker and understood 'allegedly' as 'I (the one who is speaking/writing) can't verify this and am only repeating what other people reported' Didn't meant 'I doubt that....'. :-D But let's better play some guitar than discuss semantics (in a language i am not really firm). :-D :-D :-D bye Simon
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    You check with Customer Support, but if it's not in our online store, then I would think we would not sell directly to end users for that item. It's more for service techs. https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/236797-electro-harmonix-t-el34eh-matchpair-pair-of-matched-el34-preamp-vacuum-tubes For the EL34 for the DT50 power tubes. https://www.fullcompass.com/searchresults.php?search_simple=true&txtAll=Electro-Harmonix+12ax7 For the 12AX7EH pre-amp tubes.
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    Hey, everyone! I got my problem solved with the help of Line6 support. Here's how: 1) UNinstall whatever drivers you have installed on your computer; 2) go to Line6 Software page and find the necessary driver; 3) install it from this page (NOT the Monkey program); 4) immediately after installing got to your Mac's System preferences ---> Security & Privacy; 5) you should see the restricted program listed there on the bottom of that window and the ALLOW button on the right side of it. Again: it SHOULD be there in this case as it was not there form me any time I tried to get the driver on my computer previously; 6) push the ALLOW button and that's it. This is what I did yesterday after 2 day unsuccessful attempts to install the driver in multiple ways. The key in this process is the immediate movement to the System Preferences/Security page on your MAC as that restriction/Allow button tend to disappear after a short period of time (I read this in some other forum). So... the best of luck!!! I hope this works because it did for me after all!!!
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    I recently saw Jeff Loomis announce he is now using Helix into Seymour Duncan power amps on tour (Arch Enemy, Solo Artist and Former Nevermore guitarist). I know some folk tend to discredit the high-gain shredder category, but he's been playing/touring for so long now and is a pretty big name in that arena. I'm just excited to see one of my favorite players on the roster.
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