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    It wouldn't be the processor itself, but the memory (RAM or ROM) data loaded into a processor. If there is a power surge high enough, it can put any memory chip out of Read Mode and into Write Mode, and re-write memory or blank it altogether.
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    Per the NAMM press release from Line 6 regarding firmware 2.80: Improvements/Changes Impulse Response blocks now display as many IR file name characters as will fit in the inspector header. In addition, the last several characters will be visible regardless of name length (as they're often the most important ones!)
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    These are IRs bring out the best in the Helix as far as I'm concern. I find the effects sound 100% better. I have to apologize for what I'm about to type, the Helix literally sounds like an AXE FX. In a mix the guitars sound more 3D and vibrant. At least give them a listen you might be pleasantly surprised.
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    My experience using the Helix in live environments is VERY positive. I run it direct to FOH and using wedges, or into a Crate Powerblock and 2 x 12 cab unmiced for very small clubs, or direct to FOH "and" to an on stage amp fx loop/cab, or mic'd cabs with tube amp heads or the power block ... All with great results. You have so many useable options. There are very few places now that accept cranked tube amps, I have much better results with the Helix. You can dial it in to any type of environment, and for recording, it's amazing I also had very good results with the Pod X3 Live, and the Helix takes to it all new level, outstanding in my opinion. You do have to learn how to use the cab mics and high and low cuts and eq's, but once you do .. lookout, fun times. Small adjustments to amp settings and dirt box settings go a a long way. (large adjustments too). You can definitely find your "go to" dirt boxes that will please you (I'm partial to the OCD and the fuzzes) Have fun
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    I guess for me I've never experienced this issue with either of the amp models simply because there are so many other factors that come into more serious sonic variation in the arrangement of blocks in the signal chain such as the right type of cabinet, mic, and mic placement that the placement of the reverb on either of these two models is not something that jumps out at me as being "off" in any way. For me I've always placed the reverb very late in the signal chain after the amp and cab as I would in a typical studio setup regardless of the amp. But I do hear some people prefer the results of placing it after the amp but before the cab/mic setup. It's all a matter of what your ear tells you as far as do you want the reverb effect to be colored by the cab/mic or not. I prefer it not be colored and be pure once the amp/cab/mic tone has been fully formed. To me it just has a more professional polished sound like that of a recording.
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    I can't speak to the FRFR108 but the FRFR112 sounds impressive running in mono. In stereo it would be massive. Good product. As I stated in a previous post, I run it as a stage monitor, then to FOH on stage, but at my band practice it pushes plenty of volume, with room to spare. I use it as my sole amp now, with the Helix as the brain. No issues.
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    IT will say "please restart windows" ;-) Thanks for the info....so let's wait till we can spend some money
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    Thanks. Well I don't want to cycle through the presets, I rather prefer to have 9 different presets accessible directly just by pressing one time ;-)
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    Hi guys and thank you so much for the nice words. I've had a Helix for a few months now and I most definitely can make it sound like my real amplifiers with our IR's. I'll post clips soon. I don't necessarily feel like I miss having literally a hundred advanced options that something like my Axe-Fx III has. We're actually working on releasing some Helix compatible presets that work perfectly with our IR's so keep an eye out: ml-sound-lab.com As for free IR's we keep things pretty tight but occasionally there are free IR's that get shared. Here's one to give you an idea what an "ML mix IR" sounds like: http://bit.ly/MLSoundLab
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    Ya I'm pretty sure. Search YouTube. They have a link at the bottom of the video. I have been using Ownhammer for about a year. These suit me better. This has been in the Fractal community for awhile, I truly believe this is what separates the two camps.
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    on a Further note - I tried running both amps together off the same G10T transmitter using the same patch and it was amazing, it sounded far bigger than you`d think it would especially if you modify one of the patches slightly FX wise . EG I had the 240 running a lead patch with no delay and had strong delay version on the 120 ..... Two Acoustic sims , one copying a bright Taylor, the other a Yamaha APX (used a strat on the neck and middle for this) and it sounded like two acoustics in a large room , massive sound, well impressed ....... even could add the G10 receiver on the same channel again into another amp etc . in hindsight , two 120s setup this way would make a good club rig, shame there wasn`t a way of changing patches on both amps from one floorboard
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    Apologies accepted ;) Amps sounds only as good as a speaker they are connected to. Do they have any free samples?
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    Interesting analogy on the laptop. The stomp definitely can stand on its own without the other peripherals, which I use mainly to avoid having to reach down to the unit when standing. One thing I haven’t figured out, though, was how to scroll through the presets without each of them loading immediately. Most mfx units with banks & presets allow you to get to the desired preset first and then confirm with a second tap. If I can’t recall where I had saved a preset, this will allow me to scroll through the list to find it without loading each preset along the way.
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    Open E tuning. Really don't need a Drop D and a Drop Db, but hate having to use custom tuning for Open E.
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    .... or even a set of working emoticons :)
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    .... this all seems so ding-danged random. I run my system with wi-fi turned off all of the time and things are OK. Maybe you have to wear a certain color of shirt?
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    Don't make me call glen fricker@ SMG
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    It also doesn't come with broccoli florets, an air filter, or Vagisil...I want my money back. ;)
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