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    Here's a FREE PRESET AND IR to make your Helix sound like my real Dual Recto. In the video you'll hear a comparison between Helix and Axe-Fx III. I can definitely get them both sounding just like my Recto: DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bfibnuenvsp7bwo/ML Sound Lab FREE Recto.zip?dl=0
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    :), it was what i was thinking at the beginning.... lol But you're right it seems there's a possibility shown in this vid, i don't know how they do so (may be a fx loop block...) I don't own the stomp but i've seen the ability to send midi too, i thought it was impossible, this was really the main thing that prevents me to buy one. In this demo, there's powercab's model speaker changing, what i was looking for, thanks a lot Kilrahi, i want one now !!!! I just have to talk to my wife now !!!! ;)
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    Just to confirm, I've done all of these pretty regularly with the HX Stomp because blocks are at such a premium. In my opinion it works really well. I tend to use the amp channel volume instead of the final output volume block . . . but I'm not sure why I prefer that. They both work.
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    Version 1 - Under the board - Version 2 - :)
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    Thank you for the link, V-B. Following on from that and other threads here and at TGP I get the impression - subjectively supported by my ears - that a modest cut in input gain does result in better humbucker tones, even with low output HBs. The canary in the coal mine for problematic input gain seems to be the JC 120. It's surprising how many pickups sound bad with the pad off. Assuming that there's nothing unusual about the JC 120 model in Helix, this suggests that with the pad off, many pickups are hitting the front of the amp - any amp - hard enough to make a bit of mess that shouldn't be there. Of course this would affect all tones, all the way up to cranked, and a number of commenters think that it does (including me). So although it's an old chestnut (sorry), maybe worth a revisit. If curious, I'd suggest to anyone wanting to check - try a few guitars through the default Jazz Rivet block with the pad off and on, dig in a bit with the playing, and see what you think.
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    cruisinon2 - I know you have been around for awhile, can you post something you have done with helix that sounds good to your ears?
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