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    What do you guys and gals think about this unit for doing bass and guitar? I don’t have any experience with any of thier other products but I often hear good things. I have been wanting a powered cab solution for running both; so, this seems like a winner. http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/powerengine/deucedeluxe.html
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    hi, i follow a discussion in the helix group on facebook and many friends talked about this topic, so we decided to do a test to better address the topic and try to understand if there were actually all these differences, as the video was very appreciated on the facebook group I had the pleasure to share it here and hear other opinions.
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    I'm glad you found a purpose for Helix and I agree, with its multi in's and outs, with Helix it is basically a hard thing to not become the center of your rig! That's one idea Line 6 knocked out of the park. I love Roland too, BTW they were the 1st to perfect "Alternate Tunings" on the fly, back when a Line 6 rep here was telling us it couldn't be done on a Variax. I know this for a fact because I was here when he was saying this. Yea u had to have an" attachment" added to your guitar to do it, but still. So I have a lot of respect for Roland's early ideas and gear, as some of it was a trendsetter for future products from other companies we enjoy today. I also think that everyone is entitled to their rig layout and opinions on how to make it better, and just because we all have "a better way" doesn't mean we really believe Line 6 is going to change their ways of doing things. ; ) Could the over-all design of Helix be better? Sure, just like everything else made in the world, including us. Good luck DB!
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    So this conspiratory color. I guess you've been colored. (wink wink)
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    I have an idea for a usefull video: Let's prepare loud ground loop or/and EMI noise enviroment: 1. Connect Hx with 1/4 TS jacks 2. Connect Hx with 1/4 TS jack by a transformer isolator (like Behringer HD400) 3. Connect Hx with 1/4 TRS jack (Yes, Hx 1/4' outputs and sends use TRS impedance balanced connections) 4. Connect HX with 1/4 TRS jack by a transformer isolator 5. Connect Hx with XLR (no ground lift) 6. Connect Hx with XLR (ground lifted) 7. Connect Hx with XLR by di-box with balanced XLR input grounded 8. Connect Hx with XLR by di-box with balanced XLR ground lifted Also connect laptop to Hx thru USB with PSU :) ...also connect your guitar amp Then you can henestly share your observations or even call it "experience" ;)
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    There's no way to go from bank 1 to bank 12 other than clicking bank up eleven times. It's probably worth rearranging your set list to get your sounds closer together if that's possible for your use case. The editor on computer can help to re-order things quickly but you can also do it on the preset screen with one of the small knobs under the screen.
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    bit.ly/AmpCabPack These are (now 31) very simple Amp+Cab presets for any Helix device with amp models, meant to be a “jumping off” point for bigger presets. Every preset contains an Amp+Cab block, with a few of the amp’s parameters assigned to Footswitch 1 for a different sound, kind of a Clean/Dirty channel thing. There are two folders, one for Stomp and one for the Floor/LT/Rack/Plugin (the later named “Full”). These presets were programmed with an HX Stomp playing though Yamaha HS5 studio monitors in a treated room, cross­referenced with a QSC K8.2. I’ve tweaked each preset using 4 guitars so they’ll hopefully sound good with whatever you’re plugging in with minimal tweaks. The 4 guitars I used are: a vanilla Strat with a MIJ Body with MIM electronics and a Warmoth neck, a Strat with 500k pots, a SD Hot Rails in the bridge position and noiseless single coils (bright sound) — a stock PRS S2 Standard 24 (warm sound) — and an Ibanez Iron Label S 7 string with Dimarzio Ionizers (high output). Yes, I ran a 7 String through a Fender Champ model and it was FUN! Leave some feedback or questions if you'd like. Thanks and enjoy, Alex Kenivel PS this is the third revision of this pack. More presets will be added so watch this space for more.
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    14 more models covered. Same link works. Now up to 45 presets for each device
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    Thanks, I’d already tried all 4 USB 2.0 ports, and I don’t own a hub. In a a last ditch effort I tried another cable, which worked flawlessly. However it is only 10cm long so not ideal! So I think in this case, and the bundled cable is just poor quality, which is a little disappointing after how much the helix cost. But im just pleased I can now back up my patches. Thanks again for the response.
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    Just tell gearbox that your OS is XP or Vista. The old (legacy) downloads will then appear. Install them as normal in W10. I run Gearbox, Monkey and Workbench on my W10 Acer with an X3L and a Variax 700. No issues.
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    This sounds like fun! I have a small list... To be built in a manner that we can easily take it apart and clean or replace essential parts when we need to No wall wart Tablet integration adjustable volume for ALL outputs high cut in the DEPs 3rd party IR loading separate cab block completely writeable footswitches Hz, not % Default perams stay the same when changing models So pretty much everything we've been talking about for the longest time now and have been voting up on ideascale :p
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    Well, I disagree that no one would buy it. Hell, I bet some of the tech chasers would sell their Helix to buy a HD600. ~~~ always gotta have the newest toy. So, just to play the game instead of dealing in reality.... The HD600 would have a 2nd exp pedal. A headphone volume that is independent of the master volume. And ANDROID SUPPORT.
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    Does anyone know what the nut width is on the JTV-89F? The specifications listed here do not say how wide the nut is on the JTV-89F: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/guitars/james-tyler-variax-guitars/james-tyler-variax-general-faq-r31 and neither does the product manual here: http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434d357e5106d40019c0a/application/pdf/JTV-89F%20Onesheet%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20A%20).pdf Specs: JTV-89F - Mahogany body - 3-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard (Tyler Fast n' Flat neck shape) - 25-1/2" scale length - 16" radius neck profile - Tyler Fast n’ Flat neck shape - 24 jumbo frets and dot inlays - Locking Floyd Rose® nut and string tree - Sealed tuners (16:1 turn ratio) - Black and black nickel hardware - Floyd Rose® Licensed double-locking tremolo system* by Graph Tech - L. R. Baggs Radiance Hex piezo pickup system - Two high-output, PAF-style alnico humbucking pickups wound to Tyler's specs - Master volume and tone knobs - Model and Alt Tune knobs - 5-way selector switch - VDI (Variax® Digital Interface) for integration with Line 6 POD HD500 and POD HD Pro, and limited compatibility with POD® xt, POD® X3, Vetta™ II amplifier and other legacy Line 6 products - Li-Ion battery (12 hours of play time), and international wall charger - Variax Workbench™ software and USB interface - Includes quality padded gig bag - Additional battery, charger and cable kit available separately Regards David.
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