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    If you’re looking for a solution to use HX Edit while “on-the-road” without resorting to hauling around a laptop, take a look at the various Windows 10 tablets that are < $150. In the accompanying photo, I’m using a NuVision Windows 10 tablet (8.5” x 5”) to run HX Edit that is currently priced at $125. https://www.amazon.com/NuVision-Definition-Touchscreen-Quad-Core-Processor/dp/B071DW87JG
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    I know an excellent divorce lawyer...;) Enjoy!
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    Just an idea. Best thing for couch guitarists. Full power but smaller, lighter, also it is good on the desk and on stage or rehersal. And cheaper than LT, sure. I want it.
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    I can’t wait to get started with it. For anyone interested, I posted an unboxing video to YT. I won’t link to it here in case that’s against the rules, but my channel link is in my profile.
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    No really - Helix LT arrived today - holy crap - this thing blows Native out of the water and my interface is no slouch (rig kontrol 3) I didn't realize what I was missing - you should have told me lol - stunning I bought a lot of presets yah ok they sound pretty good in Native - now I realize these guys made some killer presets because it doesnt sound like that in my daw I luv this thing - the response the sound the feel of every strike on a string is crazy Guys how hard is it to start recording in daw with it, meaning if I change snapshots will it record real time without having to set up midi or something ? - to giddy to try it yet - thanks for any help
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    Many thanks for your reply and for taking the trouble to walk me through the setup, much appreciated! I've got my new rig (HX Stomp, Mission Engineering pedal etc.) all organised, just need to get it ordered. Glad you love your Stomp!
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    This really made me laugh
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    Line6 doesn't make a 4x12 FRFR cabinet... however, as noted above there is the Stagesource stuff, and the newer Powercab.
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    Do what I did. Get yourself a mini-refrigerator for the studio and stock it up!
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    It turns out it was, in fact, the battery! And my foolishness. Apparently I got the new and old batteries confused when I swapped them out upon receiving the guitar... I could tell because a new 9V from the same package that I have at home had a different expiration date than the one in my guitar; so I must have taken the old battery out, put it back in, then thrown the fresh battery in the trash. At least it was a cheap and easy solution. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!
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    Definitely check out the guy suggested by arislaf above. Here's a direct link to the Youtube videos demonstrating Glenn's patches: https://www.youtube.com/user/extremevideopro/videos Gilmour patch demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgRDtXiuHJk There are are other people doing this too, Google brings forth a bunch of results. I think you'll be pretty pleased with your purchase.
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    Thanks for that. Much appreciated.
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    Aside from actually looking like an amp, I can't see it being particularly more special than any other 12" PA solution. I'm happy with my pair of these: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Thump12A--mackie-thump12a-1300w-12-inch-powered-speaker
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    Don’t forget to break occasionally for food and hydration. Enjoy!
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    Good thing they are free on boss, the sound..... bad... But no, on helix it is payable the premium patches. Check this guy https://glenndelaune.com/patch downloads.htm
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    ^^^ this ^^^ The 2.8 update has this listed as one of it's features...
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    It will be in the next update, in spring sometime.
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    Okay...color me conspiratory, but first this guy (who has a registered product) said: and then this guy (with no registered products) said: which suggests that it is at least possible that one person is posting from two profiles.
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    Helix works great as a MIDI interface. No problems at all.
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