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    And it's mounted! One power cable and one speaker cable and my rig is ready to roll! :)
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    Okay that does it - since you really wanted to take part in the egg hunt that you missed out on I'll create you a different kind of hunt and the prize will be A FREE CAB PACK!!!! I will give you a Cab Pack for free with one condition. This condition will be the hardest thing I've ever asked of anyone but here it goes - find one person on this forum who agrees with you after hearing this full story. Just one real person will do. The person has to be someone neither of us knows and not a fake account person. We need a real name and personality behind this one mystery person. Let the game begin.
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    Also, you're talking about the transition from traditional analog equipment to digital modeling. Yes - that transition takes time and effort no matter what digital modeller you try first. Actually Helix has about the best and most intuitive user interface among its competitors. You would be making a much longer rant if you had started with one of them. Switching from using the old old analog black telephone wired to the wall to using an iPhone required a manual too. Who had ever heard of a phone that could take pictures? How do I do that, and where are my pictures? Who has ever heard of a guitar amp that's not actually an amp at all, but dozens of amps, along with a hundred pedals and the ability to switch out mics and cabs and adjust the bias? What the hell is bias anyways? P.S. I'm not saying your rant is without reason. It's certainly true that moving from analog to digital guitar gear requires a significant learning curve and is not an instant hit. I'm just suggesting that it's not Helix itself that's the cause of your frustration; any other modeler would probably leave you feeling worse. Line 6 has actually made great improvements in the Helix user interface compared to its predecessors even as recently as POD HD.
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    I definitely agree that Line 6 could do better (though they have been getting better, so that's good). However, you can work to make a complex concept to be presented as simply as POSSIBLE, but is it REALLY possible to make powerful equipment something that can be learned in one hour, one day, or even one year? I personally think that's a hard no, but if a company ever figures out how to do it they'll probably be rolling in it. I can explain how to play a guitar pretty quickly. There are only twelve possible tonal notes in music - and the guitar has those 12 notes arranged all over the fret board with various repeats. Press at the fretted parts to select notes and pluck the fretted strings just above the bridge for sound. There. Done. Gonna take more than a week though to actually do it. Anyway, keep at it. it really IS worth it.
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    Dangerous. These forums are full of entitled d-bags.
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    Update and PSA- I've been watching the vids & still plan to use more amp models; as one poster said I'm only using 10% of what the Helix is capable of. However, the noise @ idle issue mentioned above has been completely fixed! I had put a noise gate after the drive blocks but before the amp send/return fx loop. Putting it after the fx loop totally made it dead silent! Anyone who is using 4cm with a high gain amp should do this, in addition to the hum eliminator mentioned in Ronald Kasper's YT vid.
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    I can think of only one scenario where an electrical shock and sparks flying about would be "desirable"... and that scenario may or may not involve a last minute reprieve from the governor. ;) Shocks and sparks are never normal. Ever... lol. I won't pretend to know what the problem is, but strange things are afoot somewhere. There's nothing special about the USB cable that comes with the Helix. It's the same thing as the vast majority USB printer cables.
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    The Silver pack is awesome. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for when he first released it. The Marshall Silver Jubilee is my favorite amp/cab.
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    Still stand by those words and believe the LT would've been a wiser choice for me. Anyway, the main lesson I learnt here is to be patient and not to trust vendors who say they have no plans for sales. Cheers guys. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Yeah, its a big difference coming from pedals, but there's nothing wrong with the interface. As far as multi-FX go its about the best out there (that can do what it can do, anyways, I'm sure some of those little Zoom units are easier just because they can't do half of what Helix does), but at least you're willing to look at the manual. There are so many functions available that if you're not sure, its easy to get lost. I do think the iPhone comparison is a little silly, since an iPhone/iPad really only does a few things, but one of those things is loading apps that someone else has made to carry out other tasks. The manual and YouTube should get to you to figure out anything that just messing around doesn't. You have to put a looper block into a preset to get the Looper button, there's no universal looper that's always on.
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    All I can add to this is...I'm SOOOOOO impressed that you actually took the time to read the manual!!!! That would save a TON of redundant questions we keep getting in here if only a fraction of the new users would follow your lead!!!! I can't say I had any particular good or bad feelings about the manual, although I will say I find it far more useful as a reference guide than as a beginner's tutorial. I think in some ways Line 6 may have a predilection toward thinking it's user base will be familiar with modeling because that's really all they do. What may be different now because of the Helix and the general state of modeling is that you have many more users that are completely un-initiated in the concepts of modeling, and I can understand how that can be confusing. Although the user interface does somewhat duplicate the visual aspect of a traditional pedalboard and amp arrangement, I would encourage you thing a bit outside of the box and do some investigation of the concepts of signal chains as applied both in the recording studio as well as in live performances, because that's where all of this modeling stuff really comes to life and can add extraordinary value to your efforts. For example, the general idea is that a compressor pedal tends to be one of the first pedals on a pedalboard before going to an amp. But that's really not true when it comes to recording studios or even live performance setups through a mixing board and PA. Likewise are the concepts that separate an amp from the cabinet it uses and the cabinet from the microphones used on the cabinet and how those mics are placed on the cabinet which have significant implications in your final tone and sound. Those, as well as mixing effects in parallel paths really don't have much of a parallel in the traditional floorboard and amp world, but bring a world of unique and useful capabilities to the Helix for both recording and very professional live sound.
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    Your rant reminds me of my father holding a multi function remote control :) The helix interface is DEEP, not difficult. In order to access the thousands of options everything needs to be multi function. Read the cheat sheet Learn the shortcuts Do yourself a favor and download HX Edit. That will give you a larger visual of what is going on. Familiarity is the key... LOGIC is Apple, iPhone is Apple, iPad is Apple. All of your examples are Apple! I take it you are familiar with Apple. Helix is not Apple... so there are some things you need to get familiar with. Once you do, ALL Line 6 products will make sense. What Helix model do you own? The FLOOR should always return home to the signal flow page. The LT's home button also returns instantly to the Signal Flow page... but the LT also has performance mode button to display the "Presets/Snaps/Stomps" since it doesn't have scribble strips to show those. If you have an LT, don't confuse what is actually considered "home". There is no shortage of videos on you tube... head there and search for "An Idiots Guide to Line 6 Helix"... it's a decent little primer series for the product. Once you get past the basic knowledge look up "Jason Sadites helix" to dig deeper. Be prepared to spend some time on this thing... it's worth it.
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    Thanks datacommando might buy these would be great not to have to take 2 guitars to a gig. This getting old malarkey is not good but interesting getting there.
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    SchulzeJ,... yes, up to a point. It has to do with the frequency/bit rate of the application. Since this is such a topic here, I have chats about this every year at the trade show and through social media with my pal Steve Lampen of Belden Cable,... he writes books on this stuff, and confirms the info I bring here. Along with CAT6 and CAT7 performing poorly with our gear, because our gear runs outside the optimum frequency bandwidth of those cables. There are subtle differences between the three CAT's and that makes all the difference. CAT5, CAT5e are the ones to use with our gear.
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    Don't remember giving you permission to post any part of our conversation. After spending about half an hour asking about sales, which product to buy and basically ending the conversation saying I'd wait for the next sale, this guy gave me a 5 Eur Coupon. I dislike you even more now, for trying to come out as the good guy. Guess you had to try to save your skin. And the no company shtick is not true. Any ethical company would. Also what the deal behind doing a 20% sale followed by a 50% sale?? Lol. Anyway its the internet. Maybe you're a good person in real life. It'd be nice if some forum members on here could see another POV, instead of sticking up for a seemingly popular vendor.
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    I'd like to thank everyone for sticking up for me. There are a couple of details that were left out by @aaronbrito 1) He got a 5€ discount when we didn't have a sale going on as an act of kindness on my part - that's 1€ price difference to the 20% Easter Sale 2) I offered to make things better by giving him another discount but he didn't accept it - I assume he wanted something for free His message to me: I kindly told him that this is not true. No company would ever have a sale if it meant they'd lose 20% off their last months profits. Also it's against social media policies to spam thousands of customers when you have a sale going. This would lead to a ban/restrictions on social media. Again - I try to do my best when it comes to customer service but people asking for free stuff is unfair for the people who pay full price. Thank you so much for sticking up for me - you guys are the best.
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    Just a couple of thoughts / observations / suggestions based on your post: For your Helix patches, be careful about creating them using headphones, and then using them live.....the sound will likely be very different - Fletcher-Munson and all that. They will need to be changed for live use...probably an EQ with boosted mids - there are numerous posts on this topic here and in the Facebook group. I use my Powercab + (PC+) as both a studio monitor and a live gigging amp using the patches I have made in m Helix. I run from the Helix to PC+ vis the L6 Link digital connection. If I need to go to FOH as well, then I run an XLR from the output of the PC+ to the board at mic level signal. There is plenty of volume on stage if I need it, as I have volume leveled the Helix patches, and I use various speaker emulations on the PC+ that are leveled as well. The Line6 Powercab is much more than an FRFR speaker. While it has that capability, it can also emulate various speaker models, and run IRs of your choosing. The cab models in the Helix are models of cabs that are mic'ed with various configurations and microphones. The Powercab speaker emulations are just that, speaker emulations, and what you hear is not a cab mic'ed - until you use the XLR output - then you get to choose mics and distance, etc. The Powercab user manual does a good just of describing and explaining this. You can still use the cab blocks in your Helix, but you would then only use the Powercab in FRFR mode......I think this just gives people another option when creating amp and effect chains....or maybe you don't like the whole cab/mic modeling and just want to go with speaker emulation in the Powercab Hope that helps a little.....
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    Found the post I made, in the FAQ thread, where I used Reaper to truncate an IR and this is the number I came up with: ~15ms. Anything below that is where you'll start to notice a difference, with the low end vanishing first. Now, I didn't try every IR in existence, but I did try a few, and every one, for the most part, had the same threshold.
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