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    Dear folks at Line 6, please update the Firehawk FX in 2019! suggestions: - improve switching, it’s lagging quite a bit sometimes... - add new effects and amps like you do with the Helix products; I’d like to see POG and HOG effects and some new boutique pedals and amps - improvements for the looper, increase of recording time would be nice to make it useful and also being able to eliminate a recording without starting playback for 2 seconds, this makes the looper useless in live situation. - overall bug fixes to add more stability to the system. I love this product and I know it can do so much more if Line 6 puts some effort in updates.... not everyone wants to buy a Helix..... i know im not alone here, just hope someone at Line 6 takes proper action! thank you for your time and I’ll be waiting for feedback!
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    There you go... The Helix doesn't appear to be the problem... HX Edit or Communications (USB port and cable) is.
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    I believe the MOD DUO does exactly that.
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    Yes. There is nice online test if that difference is important for you.. http://abx.digitalfeed.net/?fbclid=IwAR29my8UYktEJtujTwCWQP-MrNmWQW4dzvnSXJPqZ0YUN2bU64bM2w_BIiM#numTrials/10/sample/2 You can also make a test of how you percieve IR lenght difference but Helix hardwere is useless for such a test because it uses only low lenght FIR filters. Happily you can always use Helix Native and some free IR loader. Rock & roll electric guitars are indeed different animals. 48kHz sampling rate and 32 bit floating point math is such a waste of that precious DSP power of two old 450Mhz Sharc procesors. 48/32 It is too Hi-Fi for the purpose. 32kHz, 16 bit would be just enough. ;)
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    Now that Line 6 is in new ownership, when can we expect ANY form of update in regards to the future of the line? Is there even a team, a person, that has responsibility for it's content? I've had mine 4 years and it feels as if they never cared for the amplifi ecosystem once it went out to stores. Please give me a reason to continue to support Line 6 products.
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    Hey Guys, Today I have a Line 6 Helix Tone inspired by the amazing UK band Architects. The song is an original I wrote while playing around with this tone. I used two Ownhammer Impulses OH 412 TRAD V70 121-00 and OH 412 TRAD V60 OH1F-05 Explanation video to follow in the next few days. Thanks so much for all the support, positive comments and input. You guys are awesome.
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    tell us what you think.I wanted to try one myself because im a man child and i want new toys.
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    Hello I just get my 500X today and save the original bundle ! So maybe some people need it ? Just follow this link & download https://app.box.com/s/w8nbve5p25mjw5mxwsbifk1ynexga0ck Greetings
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