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    Very interested in that. Have you found a freeware to read the axe format? I want that too.
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    Since we are on fuzz, i wonder after which fuzz face was the arbiter. Suppose to be the same with the legacy, but they are so different. And of course the legacy is more hendrix.
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    Hi Antonio. Yes, Thank you I am using a harmonizer. I use this: I've created my own custom patches (big surprise there right???) using the reverb & delays in this unit. That "Step" Button gets me into a long repeated delay that I use for big screams and long vocal lead lines. It's a very cool device. I don't know if they are still available though. Now they have the same one but it's black in color and they're charging $300 more. TC has some good products but they also have some very bad products (for vocalists). For example, stay away from the "HARMONY SINGER" pedals. This one though was a good one and it's on my main A board now and has been for about 18 months. Regards, Glenn DeLaune Website | Youtube Channel | Facebook | Line 6 Marketplace
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    Yeah... sadly, I've been to my share of miserable sounding shows too. That's what happens when you try and play music, invariably at absurd volumes, in a facility that was designed for basketball and hockey, lol... don't think the architects pay much attention to acoustics. One of the best sounding shows I ever saw was Dream Theater @ Irving Plaza in NYC about 20 years ago. They called it "An intimate evening with DT" or something... stripped down set-up, smaller drum kit, amps, etc., everybody up front, using only about half the stage. What really stood out was the volume... more than sufficient, but not the "scream to be heard by the guy standing next to you" levels typical of most shows. Sounded great no matter where you were standing...the "louder is better" philosophy really needs to go away.
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    That is extraoridinary claim especially when people use IEMs which vastly reduces the in situ conditions influence. Well... this is art, not science so extraordinary claims require no evidence or a banana anegdotal evidence is convincing :) I am waiting for some yt video titled "Why leveling the presets is only effective during a gig sound check" ;)
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    Exactly... There are musicians, and then there are measurebaters. Musicians listen to music, measurebaters look at numbers on a screen. The photo world has these people, too. They take ugly photographs but know all the measured specifications of all their lenses. Guys, you don't need the meters. Sorry you think you do. You don't. And if you use them for so-called "leveling", you will really get yourself in trouble in an actual live environment.
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    You will still need to futz with levels even after you get them "perfect" with meters. I learned way back before I used Helix that my ears and my sound guys ears were way > than any meter.
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