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    There is no one here bothered about that anymore, now we’re all waiting for 2.90.
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    When running Native as a plug-in within a large DAW recording project, there's often a trade-off between monitoring through the plug-in/DAW vs latency (delay between playing the guitar and hearing the guitar through the software/hardware). In Logic, I often have to set my buffer up pretty high in order to prevent audio glitches if I want to monitor through Helix Native when recording a new guitar track. For me, its important to hear the sound of a guitar modeler and its effects in order to get the mojo of the track while recording. Yeah, I can use a guitar modeler in my Apollo Twin DSP, and monitor that in real-time, but its not the same. It's workable but not ideal. That's a big trade-off. I recently bought a copy of S-Gear (another popular amp/cabinet and effects modeler). Its not as extensive as Helix Native, but for the included amps I actually prefer its tone and response. But the HUGE benefit is that the software includes a stand-alone application identical to the DAW plug-in. Now I can set up routing through my audio interface so that I can monitor the sound of the S-Gear amps and effects through the standalone app with very low latency (8.5 ms), while recording the guitar along with my existing Logic tracks. I can leave my Logic buffer set high for large track and virtual instrument counts, and still have low latency when monitoring my amped guitar. Its delicious. And, like Native, I can choose to record the raw track, or the S-Gear processed track. Sadly, Helix Native does not include a standalone app. If there was one (and it would need to be a low-latency application), users would be able to 1) monitor their guitar modeling with near zero latency when recording tracks and 2) play through the app without having to fire up their DAW, load the plug-in, etc. P.S. There are standalone apps that will host plug-ins out there. That might work for this usage, but I haven't tested it. Worth a try!
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    Thanks. I know what you mean about Native being an afterthought. The continual occurrence of the same bugs just go to show it. That “1.50 Available” sticky has irritated me for a very long time - it’s just sloppy maintenance and it happens throughout these forums. Thanks HO, although, you are usually the “go to guy” on proof reading this stuff. It is good to see that Line 6 have decided to put some effort into creating a guide to updating. Let’s face it, every update has spawned a multitude of “how”, where” and “update bricked my Helix” posts and the same questions are asked over and over. The “Please Read before posting a new thread” on here has had over 80,000 views and was started by Phi Miller (phil_m) rather than a Line 6 staffer. It’s about time they took a lead.
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    Hi, You are usually on very good at spotting minor goofs in these posts, but you must have missed the error in the instructions for how to backup from within Helix Native. STEP 1b—Backing Up Helix Native If you don't currently own Helix Native, skip this step. Open any instance of YOUR CURRENT VERSION Helix Native (NOT the new Helix Native 1.80) within your DAW and click the gear icon in the lower left corner to open the Preferences window. From the Presets/IRs tab, click "Export Bundle." Choose the destination folder and click "Save." In version 1.70 Helix Native there is no “gear icon” in the lower left corner, it was replaced by the “My Account” button in the “Marketplace” update. This “error” has also been commented/noted on the Helix Family Group on BookFace. Maybe someone from Line 6 (Tony, Eric) should deal with it swiftly, to avoid any more confusion.
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    Have you tried removing the real Tube Screamer from your signal chain and using the modeled one in Stomp? Also remove the noise gate and set the input pad to ON. A high cut in the cab block at ~6kHz might take the pick attack down a notch. When you set your patch up, try to keep it close to unity gain within the Stomp - an empty patch is the baseline and should be nearly as loud as the patch with amp, cab, fx.
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    Here's the rub though... the whole point of using an FRFR speaker is to provide a clean slate with no added color, so a modeler can do what it does, unencumbered. With that in mind, any two speakers that are truly FRFR will sound essentially the same. If you lined up half a dozen different ones to try, you may notice very subtle differences, but the odds of having a night and day, "eureka!" moment are slim to none, because they're all designed to do the same thing. Which in a sense, is nothing... except make you audible. It won't be like A/B-ing a Marshall vs a Boogie cabinet. If you really want to stick with the goal of running direct to FOH, it really means making peace with the fact that fundamentally, modelers are not guitar amps. It's a different philosophy, a slightly different feel, and for most it requires a period of adjustment. But it's not for everybody... and that's OK, too. If Marshall's are your thing, try some Celestion based IR's... that might get you closer to a sound you can live with.
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    I'm not a gambling man, but my money has been on sync with summer NAMM which is next week (given they announced at winter NAMM). I'd say Wednesday/Thursday next week to gain some press coverage during the show.
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    I try to stay out of these disagreements generally but this is just a disgustingly cynical and manipulative invocation of some genuinely laudable principles to serve your own ends. Those ends appear to be an intense need to control others and get attention. You have now essentially called everyone a racist, ageist, and abuser of people with disabilities because they did not stick to your unrealistically rigid view that this should be a strictly technical conversation. Any genuine advocate of these principles of tolerance, unity, and equal access would never degrade them and reduce their future effectiveness for such a trivial purpose as imposing their own myopic will on a forum. This kind of selfishness is exactly the behavior that robs worthy principles of support and reduces them to the status of "snowflake". I believe using them in this manner demonstrates a fundamental lack of comprehension of or adherence to these values. A self-serving appeal to these principles for no purpose other than to get others in this forum to comply with you is irresponsible and completely lacking credibility, If you observe most forums you will notice that there tends to be an almost organic ebb and flow to many topics. In this case because the new firmware has become a bit of a waiting game there have been some welcome distractions and digressions along the way as the topic could not possibly sustain only a technical conversation for this duration with so little information available. This organic process also seems to unfortunately often include at least one person who feels they know better than everyone else how the topic should be conducted. Nonetheless, despite the risk of being no more than a cliche you charge into things and attempt to redefine courtesy and etiquette as requiring everyone to accede to your ridiculous commands to shut up and stand up straight in line when you could instead simply meander over to the links with which you were courteously provided that better suit your stated interest and temperament. That indeed would have been real courtesy instead of berating everyone else. Your posts remind me of a a certain personality type - it is a type abhorrent to most artists and musicians as it seeks to control, stifle, and smother. I hope you prove me wrong if you continue to post in this forum. Anyway, you are entitled to state your opinion and I hope you find a way to do it in the future without implying everyone else is some kind of immoral something"ist" for not agreeing with you over such a petty matter. I appreciate everyone who has shown patience, humor, and provided welcome diversion while we wait for the next firmware. Party on!
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    Good point (there are different forums for different purposes)! His point is invalid! This thread was NEVER an OFFICIAL L6 thread. It was, from the beginning, about user commentary. Some complained, others defended, occasionally DI jumped in to clarify something for someone. But it was never the OFFICIAL source of information. His point is based entirely on the idea that this thread IS somehow official and should be devoted to official pronouncements, and that someone might be inconvenienced by not being able to find the information they should be looking for in the sticky without wading through a lot of "irrelevant stuff". The OFFICIAL L6 thread for announcements concerning release 2.8 is the sticky at the top of the forum, a fact that he steadfastly refuses to acknowledge, then accuses everyone else of "breach of etiquette" and other gross crimes against humanity! Thereby, using his invalid point to justify his own behavior! My coconut is empty.....need more rum!
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    He didn't just make a point. He claimed to know what people were thinking and attempted to insult people in what appeared to be a self righteous way. It was way more the presentation than the point that was attempted to be made that caused the reaction I think.
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    Think and say what you will. Nobody is trying to silence you or the caped crusader above... he can drone on about everyone else's alleged "insensitivity" until he's blue in the face. However, he's openly attempting to gag the rest of us if we don't conform to his vision of what's "acceptable". And therein lies the difference. I took issue with his opinion... but I didn't tell him he's not allowed to express it, nor did I comment on his mental capacity. That was all him. If pretending that there's no difference between us is what gets you to sleep at night... knock yourself out. I don't care either way. Enjoy your day.
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    For all we know, it's one guy on the team, and he's ambidextrous.
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    What if the 2.9 people finish BEFORE the 2.8 people? Then what will happen? ;D
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    I've spent more than 20 years on online forums. Based on my experience (and yeah, it's my anecdotal experience) you are sputtering nonsense. Throughout my time on forums, wherever it was, there were always people who tried to be strict and police the thread, as you seem to be trying to do. It was always the same result though . . . a fruitless waste of time. Each forum has a culture and how much derailment that culture is cool with, but once that is clearly established it runs itself. I've also never subscribed to the belief that it hurts anybody. It does not. People are smart and can use their brains and quickly figure out where official news is, and where it isn't. Now, it IRRITATES some people. SOME people. Not all people. That's it though. There are plenty of forums I don't touch because their culture is definitely not mine, and I move on. You're wasting your breath if you hope to change that. Most of us here see nothing wrong with this thread's current direction (other than the new complaints about this thread). I still can't fathom why you keep going on and on about it. You made your case, one or two people agree with you, but it's not enough to make things swing your way. Move on.
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    I'm going to remind you ONE MORE TIME, that there's a STICKY at the top of the forum where news about the update will be posted by L6 when there's important news to post. This thread shouldn't even exist. It's NOT the place to look for news about the update. But, since it does exist, we're having fun with it. Your attempts to make us feel bad about ourselves because of the possibility that some handicapped person might not be able to find the IMPORTANT NEWS that WON"T BE IN THIS THREAD ANYWAY is pretty self serving in my eyes - "Andy, the defender of the helpless" is a bunch of BS to make YOU feel good about yourself. As Spikey said "...take off those tight azz jeans and air it out, K bud? Peace- ; )"
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    I have an Angry Charlie V2 that I have been using in the fx loop so I can run wah and phaser in the stomp before it. It sounds great. I use a US Double Nrm or a Whowatt as the amp. But with this set up I can also plug into any clean amp and get a great sound (disable the stomp amps). I have owned the Pinnacle, Bogner Ecstasy, MXR Badass, and Marshall Jackhammer pedals among others. The Angry Charlie is simply amazing. I'm just as happy using it as I am the Friedman (Placater) in the Stomp. I also have gone through all of the pedal in the Helix and Stomp and they just don't have the right character. The Deranged Master is great in front of an already distorted amp, but non of the pedals really sound like a good rock distortion to me into a clean amp.
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    This is An Updated SetList…..06-01-2019 Allen's Setlist.hls
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    I finally found a solution -- I CAN'T BELIEVE!!!!!!!! I had to disable the Gatekeeper. http://osxdaily.com/2016/09/27/allow-apps-from-anywhere-macos-gatekeeper/ Here are the instructions on how to do it. After some research and many failed tries, I succeeded after I did these steps: - Open Terminal from Applications > Utilities > Terminal - Run the following command: sudo spctl --master-disable It may ask for your user password. - Open Security & Privacy panel and you will be able to see this new option Anywhere. Enable it! (unlock the padlock will be needed to make this change). - Now, If you had previously installed the Line6 driver, it must be uninstalled. - Install the driver again -- I've installed directly from the driver file, without using Line 6 Monkey, don't know if it will work. - When prompt, restart your computer. Open up the Security & Privacy panel again and *crossed fingers* you'll be able to see this message: - Click Allow and that's it :) After those steps I could open POD HD500x Edit and BOOM, it's connected I hope this works for those who are having the same problem!
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    Maybe this snip from the manual (pg14) is relevant: NOTE: If you don’t want Snapshot footswitches to disappear after selecting one, set "Global Settings > Footswitches" > Knob 4 (Snapshot Mode Switches) to “Manual Return.” In this case, Helix stays in Snapshot footswitch mode until you press FS6 (CANCEL).
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