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    Hey Line6, for the last couple of months there was quite some fuzz (pun intended) about when the update will finally arrive and why on earth you even dared to give us an ETA when you couldn't- bla bla bla I won't deny to have had similar feelings - you can't change your feelings, but how you act on them, you can... And I guess I speak for quite a few people when I say this anger and frustration about how things went down is just another proof of how much this community cares and how passionate we feel about these products; how we just couldn't wait to get these immense changes. And .. this is basically .. a good thing? I guess?! Anyways- My Helix is almost 2 years old now and over that time period I .. practically got a new Helix in features on top, without.. well, paying anything. You are certainly not in an easy business and the competition doesn't sleep, which makes the effort and love you put into seemingly minor details even more impressive. I don't know how many other companies drop a bombshell like that with so many quality of life changes for free- and I don't care. I cannot remember being that satisfied still with an investment that big after that much time. You work your butts off, and it shows. You guys are awesome! Without going into the whole sound debate, which I am heavily underqualified to take part in anyways, I truly believe the Line6 Helix Floor is objectively the most intuitive, most flexible, most fun to use and sexiest guitar processor out there. And you just made it even better- immensely better; .. yet again- Since this is not nearly said enough, nor thought enough I fear for all of that, I Thank You. louis PS: Exiciting times lie ahead of us, ladies and gentlemen :) - Hopefully I'll have my third Helix in 2 more years 8)
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    I have saved the Helix-LT Factory presets on my dropbox! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3rkgd5nn6zsbxmu/AADh8Oau8WEoxLFEIQ_n83cBa?dl=0
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    I had a joystick failure on my first Helix, and as datacommando says, it happens very suddenly. No indications of impending failure, it just works one second and not the next. The correlation with the 2.8 update could be coincidental.
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    I’m re-resurrecting this semi-necro thread, for which I am semi-apologetic, but I have to change my vote. Previously I stated that I left the pad off even though I liked it in some applications, because it is not selectable per-preset. My position has changed. These days I leave the input pad on all the time because I find that it actually makes my input signal hit the amp more like I think it should. Lemmee ‘splain. I do a lot of squeaky clean playing and have been consistently surprised at how far back I’m having to dial master and drive levels to keep amps like the Twin Reverb and Deluxe Reverb from breaking up. These are amps I’m familiar with and I have some idea of how my guitars hit them, and they just seem to break up way too early. With the input pad on though, suddenly things are more in line. To me it plays more like having turned an input boost off than turning a pad on, if that makes sense. Yes, if you build a patch with the pad off and then turn it on, then everything sounds wimpy and anemic. But if you build it from the ground up with it on, then everything is there. More-so even, because you don’t have to choke the amp to keep it clean. IMHO, YMMV, etc, etc...
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    I'm beginning to realize that this is opening up a whole new world that I didn't really realize existed, or understand. Certainly not a Helix issue as it's there no matter what you are or aren't running through, but it has opened my eyes a little to the intricacies of sound engineering. Great info - thanks.
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    If you're using an amp+cab block, then you've already got a cab/mic sim in the chain, so you don't want an IR block anywhere.... daisy chaining 2 different cab and mic sims back to back will be a disgusting muffled mess that you'd couldn't EQ your way out of in 3 lifetimes. You can use either the Helix cabs or a third party IR, but not both together. The FX loop can go anywhere you want...depends on exactly what you're putting in there, and whether or not that particular effect will work best before or after the amp model. There's no "rule" one way or the other.
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    I am experiencing a bug in controlling my amp using "Ext Amp" commands. My amp (Mesa Lonestar Special) has a stereo cable jack for controlling channel switching and boost. Tip (latching) is for channel switch and ring (latching) is for the boost. My helix is set up using snapshots. I have "Ext Amp 1 Tip" assigned to a switch. The state of this switch I save per snapshot (Clean/Distortion) . Secondly, I have configured the expression pedal switch ( which btw, is INCREDIBLY hard to press/activate) to control the "Ext Amp 2 Ring". Whenever I am in my distortion channel and want to activate the boost, my amp switched back to the clean channel as the boost gets enabled. I have tested with a meter and what seems to be happening is, if "Ext Amp 1 Tip" is engaged and latching, them Ext Amp 2 Ring is also engaged by the expression pedal switch, "Ext Amp 1 Tip" latch is released, causing my amp to go back to it's default channel. I tested assigning the Ext Amp 2 Ring to any pedal and this bug persists. I have been using this configuration for a long time with no problems. I have three shows this week, I guess my work around will be to go back to the mesa pedal for the boost functionality. Bummer, I hope this gets addressed soon.
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    THANK YOU Line6 for giving me my dreamrig (back. Had Pod HD500 JTV and DT 'before'). Runs like a dream with Helix FW 2.80. Really great job, extremely appreciated!!!
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    Going through the Factory 1 presets list trying each one after the update, I landed on the Grammatico Brt preset. I put the Heir Apparent in front of it and pushed the gain up to about 6.9. That was all I changed. My Helix was running into my Powercab set flat and I was playing my JTV 59 on the Lester model. Cranked up loud, it was a blistering singing crunchy Texas blues tone a la early ZZ Top. After a few minutes, I put on a slide and just WOW! I may have to pop it upon Customtone. I’m looking forward making some time to deep dive the other new models and update my other patches with the new OD models. Very happy with this update!
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    I was not surprised that sometimes, companies don't meet intended schedules. But now that it's dropped, what HAS surprised me is the depth of the update!!! I believe Line 6 has fulfilled their design goal that Helix would be a platform, and they've done it with style. They got it right.
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    First, read the manual (both of them, MIDI and Command Center). In HX Effects, Global, MIDI, set MIDI PC Tx to OFF. This prevents the HXFX from sending it's default PC# when switching presets. In Command Center, set an IC (Instant Command) to send the PC# required (per the Blackstar Series One 45 manual - there's 128 choices!). In your case, if you want the HXFX preset to load WARM CLEAN, set the IC to PC#2 on that preset. If you want another preset to load SUPER CRUNCH, set the IC to PC#4. Likewise, if you want to use a Stomp to switch channels within a preset, set that stomp to send the appropriate PC# per the Blackstar Series One 45 manual. Don't forget to save the preset!
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    I did some research on this, found and ordered the M-Audiosport Uno. That cable has one usb end to plug into a computer and then two midi ends. if the amp has one midi jack, will this cable work by itself? or do I need something else? The need of a dt firmware upgrade explains why over the years with the helix, the midi commands never seemed to do anything to the helix amp.
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    I'm an LT user.... but I've always found the 6 block limit on the Stomp to be an odd number.. and very limiting. Even though I don't own a Stomp.... I will upvote your idea.
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    That's it, guys! The 2.0 Firmware update on the DT25 (or on any DT amp series) will solve all of your problems (Changing the Topology, Tube config., Power Amp, Reverb and going straight to the Power section of the amp via L6 Link) I just update the firmware and it works great. Problem solved! P.S. When you're going to update the amp, don't forget this: the Midi In is going to the Midi out section, and the Midi out is going in the Midi in. USB Midi Interface Used: E-MU Systems - Midi 1x1
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    Use an IR after an Amp block, not an Amp+Cab, as an IR IS a cab, and you're running a cab through a cab. If you want to use an IR with a cab, use an Amp block vs Amp+Cab, then pull one of them (IR or Cab) down into a parallel path. That way they'll be blended vs running one into the other. See if that helps with the drive sound.
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    Check in the Global Settings———>Preferences Check that Joystick Encoder it’s set to Model. This is the original behavior. If it’s set to Selection, it is moving Left/Right while rotating, but you can still select Models if you rotate while pushing.
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    Brue58ski, you said earlier, there was a dt update from May 2018. Can you please confirm which is accurate? Thanks!
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    I.T tech here.... changing ports, uninstalling old drivers, different cables, etc... etc... is definitely the most common problems/solutions related to any USB device. It just may not have been YOUR problem.
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    Thanks for the replies. Definitely a 300. I called the store and they were VERY apologetic. They said it must have been a stocktake error - it was put into the system as a 600, when it was in fact a 300. Offered me my choice of a full refund & collection, or a partial refund and keep the 300. I’ve elected for the latter - I can pick up a replacement battery box for very little on eBay, and I have a Pod XT Live here so I can do without the XPS. I’ve ended up with a brand new warrantied 300 for a good deal less than I’d pay for a used one. I’ll play it for a while, then may have a chat to a guitar-building friend of mine about transplanting the electronics into something more tasty :)
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    Makes perfect sense. Also happens to me, that’s what I came looking for. atvevery start up. Have to go to Global settings and move the knob to mic, then back to line to correct it.
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    Probably a overall solution, to do before any action on the Helix, could be to install the new Edit package with Helix not connected at all, then reboot the PC, connect the Helix and install the update.
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    Following 2.8 upgrade, the mode switch (button 6) turns off snapshot 1 LED (Button 2) Anyone else noticed this?
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    Hang in there, Line6 will get it worked out for you. Sorry you have to go through the hassle. Assume you have already tried uninstalling the Line6 software and then going to the downloads page, scrolling past the "Flash Memory" file, downloaded the "HX Edit" 2.8 version and reinstalled and restarted the process. This works for a lot of folks. Some specific hardware jut seems to be more uncooperative than most but in several years now of updates I have almost never seen anyone with a bricked unit that can't be unbricked with the right sequence of actions or using another computer and cable. I can almost guarantee you will get a satisfactory resolution, stressful in the interim though I know.
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    You just need to try a different USB port and possibly a different cable and start the update over again. Eventually it should work.
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    Same issue as a couple others when running Helix 2.8 out the XLRs. I reset the global settings for Line output on the XLR after the update. However, now when I turn on, regardless of it saying it's set to Line in the Global settings, it puts out a Mic level signal. If I toggle to Mic and back to Line I get my 14db back but it requires a manual adjustment each time I turn on.
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    In 2.8 after every startup the xlr out resets to mic volume. Even though it’s says line. Switching from line to mic and back to line fixes the problem.
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    Bedankt voor het, het is erg handig voor alle Nederlandse Lijn 6-gebruikers. Goed om te weten dat je de update uiteindelijk hebt voltooid. De beste wensen van de groep
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    Hi. Installed 2.8 without problems. But there's a bug with the expression pedal. Whenever I engage the wah then go to another snapshot or preset. Exp 1 stays on. It won't go back to exp 2. I have exp 2 assigned to volume. Exp 1 is set to snapshot and exp 2 to global
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    Earlier in this thread I posted that rather than use the pad... I would just insert a GAIN control in the first block and attenuate that as needed for higher gain guitars.... BUT my thought process has now changed. According to DI (Digital Igloo) the INPUT PAD is an analog pad applied prior to the A/D conversion so I now keep it on. At the very least... it's a safety net in case you swap out for a particularly hot instrument... but I also know that the digital realm likes to have headroom, there is NO HARM in coming in a little softer and compensating later. I still keep a GAIN control in the first block... but now I use it to "increase" the level for lower output guitars rather than attenuate for higher output guitars.
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    Had this happen to me as well and got it to work by doing the following below. Download the Hellix 2.71 firmware Flash Memory directly from line6.com https://line6.com/software/index.html And from searching thru the Line 6 Device Factory Procedures I came across this for the HX Effects which worked for the Stomp. If you run into any trouble with a failed update or your unit will not boot up, try powering on while holding the right arrow ">" This will put the unit into update mode and you can re-install the latest firmware from there. After powering on the unit while holding PAGE> button I opened up the Line 6 Updater and choose Offline Mode at the bottom, selected the HX Stomp, and then updated via the firmware .hxf file I downloaded directly form Line 6. Did the reboot again and got it back working.
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    The most recent firmware/flash memory update on the download page is from 2012. Version 2.00.
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