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    It appears that there is an issue with the LA Comp. You likely won’t notice it if you use it before the amp block as it doesn’t do much to the over all volume in that position. However if you put it after the amp block it will affect the volume of the patch and as a result depending on how it’s feeling when you load the preset you may get full volume and you might get less than full volume (as I said it’s random). I started using the compressor at the end of the chain after watching and following along building a patch from a Jason Sadites youtube video. And it 2.71 it worked great. In 2.8 LA comp seems to have an issue loading. If I take it out of the signal path the preset will consistently load at the same volume if I put it back in and keep re-loading the patch after less than 10 re-loads (most often less than 5) the patch will load at a lower or higher volume. I also tested with leaving it in the signal path and just disabling it which has the same effect (as expected). When Line 6 answers my support ticket, I’ll just point them to this thread as I know there are others who have put in a support ticket for this issue.
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    Brilliant idea! I just wanted to start a voting - and found this one: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Polyphonic-attack-decay-like-the-EHX-Attack-Decay-pedal!/960038-23508
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    We all here understand you position regarding the Firehawk vs the Helix boards support and development and we understand that if we would like a better performance board we can always upgrade to Helix and such. Nevertheless you, Line 6, still owe us a RELIABLE equipment which, up to this date, has a lot of reported BUGS. I am not complaining in what is the Firehawk capable to do, because I am satisfied with that, but about the Bluetooth disconnections, the “freeze” boards, the lack of firmware and app updates, the cloud errors, the looper improper performance, etc All of the things mentions before are supposed to be “strong” advantages of the Firehawk against its competitors because, please have in minds, your competitors ARE supporting their new and previous equipments continuously. If you need and example, check the Headrush, Fractal and Boss products. Throw us a bone here! I’ve previously suggested that if the support for the Firehawk is over, let us have an open source code option, there might be capable people interested in developing a PC/Mac based interface or such. Believe me, I like the Firehawk very much and I think I don’t need anything else for my musical needs, but I’m also sure that there’s still many potential that can be brought out of it, allow us to explore it and explode it! Thank you. Noe G.
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    Hello, someone has the Brit Metal Vol.1 pack of Choptones? How does it work? And the Bogie JPC2 Amp Pack? Is it worth paying € 55 that costs?
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    +1 props to @litesnsirens for catching this. I use the LA comp at the end of many patches, so this fully and finally confirms my intention to give 2.8 a miss for the time being. Really, I don't need the grief.
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    I don't think Line 6 considers either of those lines disasters... I mean, the AMPLIFi is still being sold, and the Variax has done pretty well. As far as the piezo plink, that's something that exists, and is something that's a difficult problem, and I don't think there was ever going to be an easy fix. Some players' style seem to make it more of issue for them than others.
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    Well then it's a broken design. Call it a kitchen appliance if you will... still something that needs fixing. In the context of the "discard snapshot edit" this is totally broken. If I set my Helix to discard I expect it to recall the snapshot as it was saved, including the states of external controls. Honestly, there isn't a single use case I can imagine that would require JUST the ext amp to behave differently from everything else. The LED turning off but the switch contact not following is a dead giveaway that this can't be the intended behaviour.
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    My M audio cable finally arrived and worked like a charm! I actually have 3 dt amps - a dt25 1x12, a dt50 head, and a dt50 2x12 (all purchased used a few years ago, cheaply when the pods died out and demand was quite low for these amps). Much to my surprise 2 of the 3 had the latest update, the head did not. Monkey did a great job, although one time I had to reseed the usb plug in the computer to get Monkey and the amp communicating. All three amps sounded incredible. I want to stress that anyone who has not tried a dt amp with a helix will be blown away. I have not tried the new line 6 powered speakers, but the difference between the amps and my stagesource (also bought used) is night and day. There have been endless debates about amps in the room and powered speakers, but my helix never sounded better than last night with the dt amps! And man, no matter what tones I chose on the helix and sent to the amps, they sounded alive, magnificent, loud as hell, and definitely like a killer amp in the room. Yes, I was blown away. Looks like the helix and dt amps only work in channel A. Other than master volume on the amp, no other controls change the tone when using the L6 link cable directly from the helix to the amps (a good thing as the helix took full control and made everything sound superb). Thanks everyone for the advice and help!
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    No need to get snippy flash. Maybe either or, but we're both just trying to help the OP, so maybe you should get a few more posts under your belt before you start telling me "how this whole forum/community thing works". You posted info that seemed misleading. I commented on it and linked to my source. You seem to have inferred some snarkiness on my part. None intended. That's part of the problem with internet forums, intent doesn't always translate well. PEACE! :-)
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    For whatever it’s worth, I succumbed to the GAS Attack and bought one. Gonna stock up on epi pens and I’ll report back...
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    Interesting behavior on this as well. If you set the 'Snapshot Bypass' = "Off" with for example your Reverb block in an active state and bypass it either on the existing snapshot or another snapshot, now when you switch to any of your snapshots it is off in all of them. This provides a convenient method to change the state for a block from active to bypass or vice-versa in all of your snapshots at one time. Handy for previously constructed presets as well as ones you are creating! This used to be a more tedious process where depending on your global snapshot behavior settings and how you set up your snapshots initially you would have to go to each of them and change the block state and save.
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    Sorry for the late response @PierM. First, I would like to apologize for using the wrong word (immolation). I have no idea where that came from, but thanks for correcting me! But I just figured out the issue (or what I thought was an issue) with my backing track. It's definitely NOT a bug in Powercab or Helix after the new updates. What I needed to do was simply choose from my computer's sound configuration to use the Powercab plus as the computer's speaker NOT the Helix. So the sound of the backing track when I play it from my PC will not be affected by any of the speaker simulation I choose from my Helix or directly from the Powercab. Thanks for your response again!
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    I have a Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen which I use with native and almost exclusively use high gain patches with great sounds/success. I came from an HX Stomp using the same speakers, cables, guitars, etc. To me, it sounds great. Using the same settings with patches I copied over. I'm playing through two JBL 308P MKIIs and running Native in Cakewalk on Windows 10. I set my input to instrument, input gain (interface) where it's still green or maybe a flash of yellow when I strum a super hard chord, interface volume at max (adjust volume in patch), computer volume at max, input gain in Native set to -7.5 so that it peaks at around -12 with hard chords, and monitors set to +4dBu. Your results with levels may vary with input gain settings. All my guitars have pretty high output pickups (Alpha/Omega, EMG, Dirty Fingers) so I've got quite a hot signal coming in. The input gain is close to off on the interface. Hope this helps!
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    I think it is a given and users who do the upgrade should be resigned to the fact that there are going to be a fair number of bugs to be discovered as "Core" constitutes a major code rewrite. You almost need to think of this as a brand new product. There will also be the usual share of erroneous bug reports due to wholly or partially failed upgrades or confusion about global settings. If the legitimate bugs are something that interferes substantially enough with how you use your HX device you may want to wait until the next hotfix or a couple of minor revisions when the major bugs have a chance to be worked out of the new Core rewrite. For me the new features far outweigh the bugs I have run into so far but YMMV.
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    SOLVED – Line6 support came to the rescue: apparently iOS lets you longpress the button which would usually hide the keyboard. By long pressing the software keyboard shows and continues to show whenever you focus a text input again. GREAT! Here's an image coming from the Line6 support showing what to do 8) https://my.hidrive.com/lnk/LOgiuBx6
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    What's with all the negative waves man? I understand the argument--in a market economy every commodity product becomes a race to the bottom. "Sell Grandma for a nickel of per unit cost, and sell your wife for a dime." Cheap crap that looks cool is what usually make the most money, but with the latest updates I think the Spider V is an exception. I bought my Spider V 60 used for 100 bucks. The store had two of them, and had marked them down, so I did not expect much. Much to my surprise I have received full support from Line 6 including a free Cubase download, and now the update to MK2. For my purposes it sounds quite good, but I don't play in stadiums, and I tend to use more of the clean and chime style presets. I never really expected the Spider V to sound just like a big vacuum tube class A stack amp. I guess if I had spent $500 for the V60 I might be a little disappointed. Wait a minute.... Forget all that. Please tell everyone you know that Spider V amps are crap. I want to score a used V240 with stereo chorus really cheap. Big time thanks to the line6 guys for listening to the customers and giving us this update.
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    Are these the tones you used for like you say? Thanks for uploading these.
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    I have this as well, but put it down to being the main HPU (Hamster Power Unit) losing it's footing occasionally.
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    Hi. Installed 2.8 without problems. But there's a bug with the expression pedal. Whenever I engage the wah then go to another snapshot or preset. Exp 1 stays on. It won't go back to exp 2. I have exp 2 assigned to volume. Exp 1 is set to snapshot and exp 2 to global
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    Maybe I worded it wrong or more likely you understood it wrong. What I'm referring to is lowering the input slider in Native (as you can see, it's adjustable) by -7.5db as to decrease the incoming signal even further. Now hopefully I haven't lost you here, but that then puts my actual input level at that -12 we referenced earlier. So if we want to wrap that all up and really drive it home. My input level WAS too high, so decreasing it by 7.5db I brought it nearer to the suggested level. It worked in my specific scenario and I added my experience in the hopes it could help benetbenet or somebody else who may stumble onto this thread. See, that's how this whole forum/community thing works
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