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    Couldn't help to do some experimenting and created a very simple patch: Amp + Cab (Divided duo) followed by the LA studio comp with the peak reduction and gain both at 5. Standard settings on the amp+cab. From my DAW I sent a simple loop into the Helix (input USB 7/8) and then re-loaded the preset every few seconds. Indeed random drop outs as already known. Next I decided to add a gain block AFTER the compressor with the gain at 0 (i.e. it basically doesn't do anything). Then did the same thing and it seems that the issue is now gone. Now, before going "yeah, we may have a solution/ workaround" can someone please do a similar experiment and report back. Perhaps I was just lucky ...... Update: Just confirmed the above for two of my original presets.......
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    I could not get the same tones out of Native I do from Helix. Ive been told from others the same thing, and then there are a few that say it sounds the same to them. Maybe it's just me but food for thought. Id get Helix and then buy Native later when on sale.
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    datacommando, Thank you for replying again! I only own Helix Native, and no other Helix product. I have since read the 1.8 Helix Native pilot's guide a bit. It is very nice we have the Undo and Redo function now.
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    Glad to hear it. It was just a hunch based on some of my own driver glitch experiences. Made me wonder if this would work in some circumstances.
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    IIRC, 1=1+2;3=3+4;5=5+6;7=7+8. When I asked Cakewalk support (pre Bandlab) about it they blamed L6. I pointed out that it's not a problem in other DAWs. "Bite Me" was their reply. Cakewalk was my first DAW, way back before it was bought by Gibson. I even bought into the "Lifetime Updates" six months before Gibson killed it. I switched to Reaper and was AMAZED how much better it was. When Bandlab revived Cakewalk I was thrilled. They haven't done diddly to improve it. Things that take 5 minutes to set up in Reaper or LIVE don't work in Cakewalk at all. The Cakewalk/Bandlab forum is a toxic cesspit. Do yourself a favor. Reaper is $60 with an unlimited trial. DO IT!
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    Try running the HX Edit installer package again - but only select to install the WinUSB Driver. De-select all other components.
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    The trial version requires an active internet connection.
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    Yes, you can assign more than one effect to a footswitch.
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    D-load the latest driver. It's below the Spider V remote download. http://line6.com/software/index.html Select Spider V 30 Choose all software Choose W10 When it locates you will see Spider Remote, and beneath that will be a driver download. Try that! Seems to work for a lot of people
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    I'm assuming when you say line out you're talking about the 1/4" line output and the XLR output. If you have your output block set to 'multi' they will both be available without any interaction from you. The only thing you have to concern yourself with is what signal level you want each of them to send. This is how many of us that use on stage monitors and direct lines to the mixing boards set things up. In the ins/outs settings in global settings you have the option of setting the 1/4" output and XLR outputs separately. So a lot of us set the 1/4" output to 'Line" and the XLR output to 'Mic' as that's the most common arrangement. Once you've set things up that way you can choose either of the outputs or both (one to the onstage monitor and one to the mixing board). As PeterHamm mentioned you want to make sure the PA isn't sending phantom power to the channel you're using on the board as that will affect your sound quality. One thing I do to make sure that doesn't happen is I use a phantom power blocker on my XLR output. They're relatively cheap and great insurance against a soundman inadvertantly plugging you into a channel with phantom power. They're available in several places on the internet, but I got mine from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Sescom-SES-IL-PPB-Phantom-Blocker-Sescom/dp/B00A6ZE7A8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504784452&sr=8-1&keywords=phantom+power+blocker
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    A wide range of things can work well for bass from direct input, Tech 21 Sansamp, Bass PODXT, Helix and, oh a good bass amp. I find that bass doesn't benefit as much from the contribution of certain effects or speakers (or speaker models). These tend to make low end become indistinct and muddy, creating more challenges with other instruments that might be competing for the same sonic space. Bass can benefit a lot from a good pickup choice and position, good wound strings to provide some high frequency content and definition, finding the sweet spot for picking, etc. as much or more than amp and cab models. I've struggled over the years to get a good bass tone when tracking. I've come to realize that a Tech 21 Sansamp is often a simple and very effective choice. The rest is in the player's hands. Bass strings are big and create wide range of frequency content, more than a guitar. Letting that come through can often produce pretty good result. That said, I do have a number of bass and combination bass and electric guitar patches I use for rehearsal that I quite like. But I probably wouldn't track that in a recording session.
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    Once the DT is set up as I described, you only select the appropriate channel and voicing in the DT with midi from Helix, you aren't actually changing anything in the DT. Helix outputs are so different from the HD500 and are independently configurable. You can easily have a feed to the DT and a separate feed to FOH from Helix. If I didn't already have a DT I don't think I would buy one to use with Helix. There are other options like the Friedman, Matrix, Tech 21, a pair of good powered monitors or L2/L3 speakers. Helix really is good enough to stay FRFR completely. I'm just stubbornly trying to get the most out of the gear I already have.
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    I might have replied to this in another thread but anyways. Helix doesn't fully integrate with the DT because the modeling architecture is completely different. In fact, as is stands now, the Helix signal is applied to the DT's HD ampmodeling before hitting the power section. That's why the knobs on the DT are all functional. It sounds like crap! However, with one midi cable and a little Helix programming you can turn off all the DT's internal amp modeling, change the class, topology and pentode/triode settings and apply the Helix signal straight to the tube power section. The difference is night and day! The Helix amp modeling sounds incredible with the DT once you do this. Just connect a midi cable along with your L6 link from the Helix midi out to the DT midi in. I already created a setlist with templates for ALL the Helix amps and preamps with the default settings. Load it up and try it. See if you like the amps or preamps better. Its worth the effort. In the mean time they say they are working on the issue for what its worth. Doesn't matter, with midi its a non-issue. http://share.myflare.com/hB549Z
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