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    I leave the volume knob at zero unless I'm playing live.
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    Ah. Now I understand. Not a plug-in that I knew about, but it looks interesting. Have fun.
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    Hi Brother Thanks but figured it out - see screenshot This is an excellent plugin for guitarist - only used for a few mins after realizing you have to load ilock program to get it to work Called Archetype Plini - jury's still out wont replace my helix of course but interesting and sounds pretty good for a vst is also standalone 14 day trial
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    Hi, i use a Helix LT and made the 2.81.1 Update. First everything was fine but soon Problems started. In my case i could not change the behaviour of my footswitches anymore, they stuck in 8 snapshot mode. As someone mentioned i tried to do the update again, but the problem remained. The solution was simple, i just made a Global Reset and now everything is working fine.
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    annd we're up and running. Thanks again rsvette12!!!
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    So a little backstory... I’ve been playing guitar for 22 years. I’ve had many amps during this time as I’m an habitual gear-flipper (not for profit, but for tone chasing). Some of my faves have included a Mesa Rectifier Roadster, Bad Cat Hot Cat 30r, Egnater TOL100 and Sherlock Fathead (small Australian company).I’ve also had my fair share of modellers and currently have an Axe Fx 2 and Helix LT. The point of this post; I’ve spent the last 3-4 weeks ignoring my axe fx in favour of spending some dedicated time with the Helix. At first I was trying to dial in the Helix in the same way I have done with the Axe fx with very little reward. It was like every tone the Helix generated was dull in the high end and washed with a boxy-sounding, papery mid range. I thought it was the internal cabs, so I loaded some of my trusty IRs and got back into it. The papery mid range had gone but then there was this slow, wooly attack on my high gain sounds. Fast forward to tonight... i uploaded a preset from Customtone (something I almost never do) and there it was!! 95% of the Recto tone I’d been looking for. Looking at the settings, the amp is set way brighter than I had it earlier, TS808 in front is a must and, using the internal cab block, the annoying mid range was gone along with brightening everything up. All using settings I wouldn’t typically use because I thought I knew better (the real amp’s only needed a treble setting of about 5-5.5/helix treble is around 8/9. The lesson learned? Prior gear experience, preconceived notions and listening with your eyes doesn’t help. HELIX ONWARD!
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    Helix Floor Firmware 2.81 Upgraded direct from 2.71 about 5 gigs ago. The previous gigs on 2.81 went fine but tonight something went very wrong. Booting went straight to snapshots mode (I don't use snapshots) and there was no way to return to my patches . The 'cancel' option was displaying on the mode button which should have taken me back to my patches, but it didn't do anything, nor did pressing both bank buttons together which also should have returned to patches. I checked globals, tried setting to 8 presets (usually use stomp/preset) and also tried changing setlist to FACTORY 1 (to rule out a problem with my user patches). I rebooted about 10 times but there was no way out of snapshots view. The only way I could save the gig was when I discovered if I use the bank button it would allow me to select a patch, but once selected it goes straight back to snaps view and then I had to press bank down twice to get it back to the same row of patches, and I had to do this for the rest of the night with every patch change. Resetting globals (5&6) and the issue appears to be gone which suggests a bug or some corruption of the settings, even if the globals had been changed (which were definitely not changed by me since the previous gig 2 days earlier) , I should have been able to toggle back to patches by pressing bank up/down at the same time, or cancel (which the mode button was displaying), plus I checked globals several times and it was definitely still set to stomp/preset. I also think my sound was affected, very harsh like pad was turned off even though it said it was on in global settings.
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    I appreciate the feedback. Sorry that I forgot to mention the IR being used - I didn't realize it wasn't part of the download. I am using the free IR from https://line6.com/allure/ - I use the Allure 64 US Deliuxe P12N IR.
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    Actually, I was basically advocating using the interface if he's happy with it... it's all personal preference. Yes, Helix routing makes things absurdly easy for recording dry tracks, reamping, etc... but I don't do that much. For day to day use, I like having the volume controls for the monitors, headphones, and especially the Focusrite's direct monitoring mix control all right there next to each other on the desk... not a big fan of having to bend down to the floor to adjust volumes, but that's just me. As always, ymmv... whatever works.
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    I'm with Cruisinon2 on this one. Over the years I've owned a pretty wide range of audio interfaces, but they all do the same thing and I can't say any one of them was dramatically better than the other. However I can say they were ALL more inconvenient to use as far as the recording workflow than the Helix as my audio interface. For some background, I have a Helix floor dedicated to use with my DAW computer. It's my second Helix and serves as a backup to my primary Helix unit that's used for live performances, but it stays connected to my computer all the time. Certainly having my studio monitors connected to it simplifies things as far as my setup, but it also means I can sit down at my computer and simply jam on my Helix unit to jam tracks I have on my computer. It also makes it easy to watch instructional videos and play along...and we haven't even gotten to recording yet. As far as recording it has DRAMATICALLY simplified my workflow. First, I have all the instruments I'm going to need for recording plugged in which includes my vocal mic, guitar, acoustic, bass, and keyboard. Recording a track is simply a process of selecting the appropriate preset on the Helix for whichever instrument I plan on recording, arm the track, set the levels (generally they're already set and stay set), arm the track and record. I have the HXEdit up and running as well as my DAW so making adjustments to the source instruments couldn't be easier. If I were to want to record multiple tracks simultaneously I'd simply lay them out on the two paths in the Helix and assign one to USB 1/2 and the other to USB 3/4. If I want to simultaneously record a dry track it's always available on it's own USB channel assignment. I've never encountered any audio interface this convenient and easy to integrate into my system than the Helix for my purporses. I'm sure there are some cork-sniffers out there that will downplay the quality of the recording, but when they show me it somehow made a difference in how many CD's or tracks they sold, I might reconsider. Otherwise I count it as just cork-sniffing snuff....
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    When I search for it I have to use Windows 7 for OS to get it. Using Windows 10 will not find it, maybe Windows 8 would work but ​​I just use Windows 7 'cause it works. Here's a link to the direct download of Gearbox > http://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=3121.
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