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    1) If the effects are intended to receive Instrument levels (like the CC), set the loops for Instrument level. If they're intended for line level (rack gear), set to line. 2) I'm pretty sure the Helix Effects loops are buffered. You can adjust the level of the Send/Return jacks, so it probably compensates for any signal loss.
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    Near as I can tell, the entire human race spends ~90% of it's waking hours dreaming and scheming ways to get free $hit... closest most of us get though, is finding 10 bucks in a pocket when you're doing the laundry. Best of luck in your quest!
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    Use a low DSP effect like a Gain Block set to 0.0db assigned to the same footswitch, saved in the opposite default Bypass condition as the Clean/Crunch switch.
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    When it happens once it's an anomaly. Happens twice, it's a problem. Standard questions: Are you using a proper surge arrestor/EMI/RFI filter? Are you on the latest firmware (2.81)? If NO, start there. READ AND FOLLOW THE UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS! If YES, are all your presets/setlists backed up? Do a reset - reboot holding 9+10. After all that, if it does it again, return it for a new one.
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    You'd think, except as he said, it worked just fine on 2.71 firmware. It was the update that killed it.
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    Get a Helix Floor (or Rack)! When Helix Native goes on sale again for 30% Discount grab it for $69.99! Helix Native has already been on sale several times and most likely will be again in the not too distant future. The combination of Helix Hardware w/ HX Edit and Helix Native delivers full creative, editing and transfer capabilities of your Presets between the hardware and software. So, regardless whether your creativity strikes during practice, rehearsal, performance or recording, you'll have the tools to work your magic. You've already been using the Helix Native Demo and you're familiar with Line 6 gear. In the unlikely event you don't like the Helix Hardware, many Helix vendors have a satisfaction return guarantee period of several weeks. And, should you opt to keep the Helix, you'll be able to sell your older Line 6 gear at your convenience.
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    Set the MAC to use Helix as it's sound card. It will send over USB to Helix In 1/2. In Globals set the USB 1/2 Destination to the Outputs you require. Control YT level from the MAC, Headphone level from Helix.
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    You can easily set up the Helix to do this is Pedal mode. it also has snap shot mode which is far more powerful for changing setting per patch. I'm sure in reality, you can do far more with the Helix than your current unit could ever do.
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    As flexible as the Helix is, sadly you have hit on the one limitation within the routing that I have also noticed. There is only one parallel split per path and the "dry through level" of one block will have an effect on the following block(s). I don't think you can do this with individual block on/off, but you can utilize snapshots to accomplish this. Stomp mode is quite limiting compared to Snapshots... that's the nature of this beast. Different options for different jobs. Within a preset.... an assignable parameter or on/off state can be controlled by "1 stomp" or by "8 snapshots". Preset: Loads the blocks with specific effects. Snapshots: Sets the parameters and on/off state of those blocks.... with very few limitations. Stomp Mode: Manual control over a limited number of on/off states or parameters.
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    Real amps? Not all effect loops in real amps are line level. If it isn't stated in the manual of the amp, then you need to check with the manufacturer. Helix AMP Models will have no bearing on whether or not the effects loops are instrument/line. The loops are set separately in the global settings. Regarding Instrument Level, Consumer Line Level (-10), Pro Line Level (+4) and even Mic Level. The key word is at the end.... "level"! Aside from "instrument vs line" for the Helix Loops, each also has a "send and return level" you can use to compensate for the many differences that can occur.
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    Man this topic come up a LOT. I have the hd500x. I L6link into my DT 25 or DT 50 depending on the size of the venue. I don’t know anything about the hd400 but the key to fronting the DT amps with the HD floor unit is pre-apm settings and No Cab Sim. Full amp models no good. Using a HD 500x pre-amp I can get the same sond as the stand alone amp. Love this setup. There is a learning curve ( I’m still tweaking patches to songs I’ve been playing through that set up for years) Use only pre-amps and NO CAB SIM give yourself time to learn how to dial it in to your perfection
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    The Helix is like anything else. The more you use it, and the more familiar you become with it, the easier you'll find it to use. If you're struggling with tones sounding harsh, I'd say the main questions are what are you playing the Helix through (which is the issue perhaps a majority of the time), and what amp and cab models are you using. You may want to take some time and watch some of Jason Sadite's video here: Beyond that, there are plenty of people who want to help here. But if you come out of the gate with a combative attitude, it's not going get you very far.
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    Hi, I am just wondering if you ever resolved this? I am on 2.30 and up until Christmas time the Helix worked flawlessly. A week or so back I had this problem, with the sound "stuttering first" then it went silent. Tried a few power on cycles. Nothing. Suddenly it came back. It has just happened again tonight. Exactly the same. In my case the tuner was detecting the input, but nothing on my outputs or headphones. I tried both my Variax and my Strat GK3/GR55 into the Helix to no avail. It was like this for ten minutes and then it came back to life. I don't recollect this happening before the 2.3 update, so is it a 2.3 bug?
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    Hi, I am posting this in the hopes that someone else might find this answer who is experiencing this issue. I was trying to update my new Line6 Firehawk's firmware, I had the Firehawk attached to my computer via USB cable, I had downloaded the Line6 Updater software and installed it and ran it. However, in the software, it did not show the Firehawk. I tried two different computers, and two different USB cables, all with the same result. It turned out that Line6 devices will not appear in the updater until you have registered them with Line6. Once I registered it with Line6, it appeared.
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