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    I just got my Stomp today and I LOVE IT! Wow! The amp models are tremendous!!!! I had been worried about the limited DSP but I have not reached any limitations with ANY of my settings. Sounds great with jazz or blues or whatever.... The effects are great - especially the drive pedals and modulation effects. They sound great as they pop up with very little tweaking. There are only two things I have found that I dont like: 1) All of the EQs available seem to cheapen the sound - I use a bit of EQ on my clean sounds to fatten the tube amps a bit - but when I use them on my archtop jazz guitar that has an acoustic component I hear a plasticy sort of sound introduced by the EQ 2) This is pretty minor - but I wish the editor would allow parameters to be reset to zero with a double click. My thanks to the forum people here for answering my preliminary questions! I am sure I will be back with something, but it is so easy to operate it seems totally intuitive now that I have it.
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    You probably haven't gotten many answers because it's not a common request. If you created a dual path, and on that second path put an "FX Return Right" block, you could then plug the mix into the "Return/Aux In - Right" port. From there, the challenge becomes how to hear it. If you move the split path block to the farthest left it will go on the HX Stomp, and hard pan the A and B paths hard right and left, and then at the very end mix the two paths BACK together but again hard pan them right and left, you might be able to plug into the Stomp's "Output - Right" and hear it that way. Some caveats: 1. It might only come in one ear and drive you nuts. 2. This is a complicated cluster of a setup and I could very easily be missing some fine detail that blows it all to hell. My experiments with dual instruments through the Stomp seem to indicate this could work, but I have no way to test it. Alternate idea: While you lose the ability to activate the beloved overdrives with one button press (by activating the FX loop), why not just put the overdrives IN FRONT OF the Stomp? That does a few things for you. One, it frees up yet another one of the Stomp's precious blocks, and two, it frees up the Stomp's FX loop. With the loop free, it's far easier to do what it is you want. Here it should work if: 1. Split the paths again as before, but this time at the split send all of the signal to Path A with none going to Path B. 2. In Path B place a "Return/Aux In L/Mono" FX block at the start of Path B. 3. Instead of having Path B recombine with path A, send it out of the Stomp's "Send Stereo." 4. In the Stomp's internal global controls, set the headphones to monitor the Stomp's "Send Stereo" port instead of the "Main L/R." 5. Have your sound guy plug the mix into the "Return/Aux In L/Mono." Doing it this way should allow you to hear the mix as you want to, and you'll have more blocks to play with.
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    Yes, you could do that. Okay I hadn't heard of that pedal, and can I just say, now I am wishing it was Christmas time!
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    Thanks for the input, yeah I'm on a quest to find the exact update we did, it wasn't when I bought it, it was around the time the Badonk amp was added and as mentioned my friend did it for me, appreciate the input, yeah it's a weird one, I'm sure these guys are fully legit, maybe I'm mistaken but I'm quite used it the way I described for a number of shows with different ordered setlists with around 16 different snapshots and straight after the update is when I noticed that the behaviour had changed, thanks again for your help, Chris
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    Thanks Kilrahi for your answer. I updated without problem the 2.80 and 2.80.1 versions before this one. I always follow scrupulously the instructions, that's why I was surprised by this problem. But I tried with another computer, and all worked fine. Apparently, the usual PC was on strike... :-) I will see with the next upgrade. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.
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    Hi. I think the limitations of Helix's parallel routing are its drawbacks. If you need to set multiple effectors in the same position as shown in the picture, It can be configured in TC G-force or Fractalaudio's fx2 or fx3. However, helix can have up to two parallel routes, but can not be located in one place. I wonder if it can be solved through an update.
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    It is actually a very practical request... Having this ability allows you to setup paths very similar to "Aux Sends" on a mixer. Anyone with experience in mixing/engineering knows that keeping certain effects on separate sends has huge benefits. One very practical example of this is keeping a reverb and delay on separate "sends" so one is never processing the other. No need to create a new request at ideascale.... there is already one you can up vote... (adding another just dilutes the voting pool) https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Multiple-Parallel-Paths/860595-23508 ... and there are several others that suggest more advanced options in the parallel path that will virtually allow the same thing.
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    Sorry, I don't really know. :D Maybe because of the low/high cut It was just an example, a screenshot from a Fremen-Preset. It was the first one with double tracking I found in my list. (He also uses other delays for double tracking.)
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    I had this behaviour with snapshots set to recall, but when set to discard it ceased to be a problem and each snapshot change reverts to it's initial saved state. I use 'recall' for editing and 'discard' for performing.
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