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    I just posted it on line6.ideascale.com. i hope they see the benefit of this idea. cheers
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    Me neither, but I think you'll have a hard time convincing a developer that there's any money in it. I have no idea what Helix's market share is, but there are only so many guitarists out there, and this is but one of a million amplification options. Some might be willing to fork over money for such a utility, but in the end I suspect only a small percentage of Helix-ers would bother. I just don't see rearranging set lists in HX Edit as being arduous enough to make folks willing to pay money for additional software that does the same thing. Just my 2 cents...
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    As someone who bought the official cable (admittedly with a coupon) I can at least verify it's high quality. I've kicked the living lollipop out of that thing. Frankly, I have no right to it still working ... but it does.
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    It's not the only one - @arislaf drew my attention to the way the cranked SuperO changes tone dramatically - for the better - when the bias is lowered. Which goes to show how much there still is about Helix that I don't know :-)
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    I've migrated to 4 Stomps/4 Snaps as well, stomps on top, snaps on bottom. It is certainly adequate, especially when you incorporate a few things on switches accessible in Stomp mode just one click away. The thing that leaves it lacking for me is the wasted real estate. Most of my patches have just two or three snaps, the rest is handled with the stomps. That leaves one or two footswitches wasted as they are allocated to snaps that I don't have. I think the ability to assign snaps to footswitches in Stomp mode would be the ultimate. I started an Ideascale topic on it, vote it on up if you're of like-mind! http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Option-to-assign-Snapshots-to-switches-in-10-Switch-Stomp-Mode/833058-23508
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