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    I had this some years ago, it wasn't my guitar setup. My guitar sounded awful in ear. eventually the bass player turned the input trim/level on the mixer down. `Bingo great sounding guitar, basically the input signal was overloading the preamp causing tinny distortion . Hope this helps.
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    You can already do that. You can assign whatever CC you want as a bypass controller. It's on page 48 of the manual: You can actually have a CC assigned as a bypass controller along with one of the on-board options. The one thing with that, though, is a value of 0 will be off and 127 will be on. So that won't really work with a MIDI expression pedal like you're talking about. What you can do is use the CC associated with EXP1 or EXP2 (CC#1 and CC#2, respectively) and have your expression pedal mimic one of those. So when you do that, the auto-engage feature will work just like it would if you have the expression pedal directly plugged into the Stomp. So just change the CC assignment on the MIDI Mongoose (I'm assuming this is what you actually have, not the MIDI Moose, as the MIDI Moose doesn't have an expression input) to CC#1, and that will let you control EXP1.
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    Another strong NO to ASIO4ALL. While going digital seems a logical choice, I can't tell the difference between recording a digital signal from the Helix and recording the Helix through the analog inputs on my Scarlett. Not that I'm opposed to digital tech (obviously, I have a Helix) but most of the recorded music I like best was recorded with a tube amp through a microphone and onto tape, then gouged into vinyl, tracked by a needle whose vibrations were converted into the electrical signals that were reproduced by a paper cone speaker, so.....
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    My board in it's current (final?) state. The compressor, Sub n Up, drives and volume all come first in the chain. HX Effects handles all of the other effects and sends midi control to the AA. The AA is the amp sim, plus a bit of "always on" plate or spring reverb. The board itself is on the large size as it was constructed when I was using an M13.
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    We're saved! Visionaries, those folks at Rokit...Lmao.
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    Now THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^ makes a lot of sense. I often end up forgetting that a fair number of people running their own mixing boards don't even understand the most fundamental aspects of gain staging the channel inputs, which is Mixing 101. It never even occurred to me because that's such a basic aspect of dialing in a mixing board I forget the chaos that can create if you don't do it. This is a VERY likely candidate for something like what's happening to the OP.
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    If you are opening the G10 you need to first remove the silver nut on the top jack socket, then take out the screw under the bottom label then run a plectrum around the joint in the case to release the clips. I would not recommend trying to replace the mini USB, it’s a flawed design and the tracks on the board may not survive the resoldering. I would recommend replacing it with the standard Boss type 9v coax socket, and a 9volt to 5 v converter board as described above. More robust and far more reliable, and the usb data transfer function remains intact. Best Wishes Steve www.redtapemusic.biz
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    See my post on the previous page. https://line6.com/support/topic/22109-relay-g10-usb-input-poor-design/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-256136
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    Just, great and all-in-one pdf format with the comprehensive list of models including the legacy... Thanks a lot!
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    Well..... I brought the line 6 Firehawk First and then... I brought the HX Stomp.... Guess What !!!!!...…… The Firehawk in my opinion the better of the two unit(s).... I when back to the Firehawk.... Because... 1. For Playing Out on Stage..... Firehawk is Better then the HX Stomp.... 2. Sound of the Amps though the Powered PA's... Firehawk was Better.... 3. Firehawk was also simplistic.... KISS System.... Better then the HX Stomp.... I think that Line 6 should go back and revaluate the Firehawk Line of products....
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    http://uk.line6.com/data/6/0a06439c36d454ebd5077a5a3/file/pdf/firehawk-amp-models.pdf http://uk.line6.com/data/6/0a06439c36fe54ebd52c487eb/file/pdf/firehawk-effects-models.pdf
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    I have an issue with the tuner. It will not stay on. Any solutions out there?
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