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    Then I think a complete reset(9+10) is the only way :( (then you lose your presets!) ... You can try to hit the Bank Up and Down buttons together to enter preset mode (quickly, don't hold them down). But I think, this is not the problem here.
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    I think it's a bug, and you have to reset the global settings(FS5+6).
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    No, there is no way to do this. Think about it like this - you have a mono effect in a mono effects loops. Even if there was a way to use the same block in multiple paths, it would mess your signal routing up because you'd be summing the input from both paths and the signal going back into the Helix's effect return would be a blended signal of the magnetic pickups and modeling.
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    You can only use each loop block once. I think the only way is to use a merge/mixer block for the inputs and to use one path. Then you can mute(set the level to -max db) the input in the mixer settings via footswitch/snapshot, you don't need. ...I have no other idea at the moment.
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    Yeah Sorry guys. I am an idiot. lol Meant to say run the Rockman through the POD. Forgive me!
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    Yeah, you can't go wrong with G, Em, D & C. :-)
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    All four lights are lit up and can't get it to reset or come on. Help
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