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    There are no rules. I usualy use some Ir cabinet with Helix cabinet. For me it has bigger and better sound. You can try everything.
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    Very nice IR Library here....particularly liking the Bandit 112 IRs, sound great for my clean tones...and I used to gig with a real Peavey Bandit 112, great little amp. Here's the Download link https://soundwoofer.com/Library/Index
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    I play at least once week, sometimes 2, and 90% of the time I use my 12 inch Yamaha DXR. It just seems to better replicate the sound I get out of most FOH PA speakers. The only time I use my QSC CP8 is when I play smaller, more intimate venues in which we aren't using the PA for the instruments or if I'm just jamming with someone, and it's more than adequate for those situations. At home dialing in my presets I always use my DXR12, and it translates just fine to the CP8 if necessary. I always have my DXR12 or my CP8 mounted behind me in the backline and never as a floor monitor. I even dial in my tones with the speakers in a vertical position at home. This is true even though both speakers provide a correction for bass coupling in their DSP contouring options. The reason I do this is that these type of speakers have a very wide sound coverage in the upright vertical position, but a limited horizontal sound coverage if used as a monitor. This makes it much easier for blending with the rest of the band and I don't have to worry about wandering out of coverage or off-axis when I'm on stage.
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    The "Legacy - Blue Comp and Blue Comp Treb" is a great emulation of the CS-1, but sadly it's a CS-1 and not a CS-2 or even a CS-3. The CS-1 is a great effect for very specific tones.... but it's a lousy compressor! (Just my opinion) IMO... for stomp compression on the Helix I like the Red Comp (Dyna Comp) and the Kinky Comp (SP Comp)... or from the Legacy side, the Boost Comp.
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    What exactly would you need to know? By default, USB Outs 1/2 deliver the full Helix shebang and USB 7/8 carry just the dry guitar DI signal. For reamping purposes you may want to record both, so you know what you played (from recording USB 1/2) and still have all the reamping options by using the dry signal that you recorded in parallel.
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    I think people may abandon ship for *simpler* setups, but to accomplish the same things it can do in analog would be just as complicated if not more so. Stick it out, learning new things is part of the fun!
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    Can someone from Line 6 please reply? A generic reply "we are currently working" on it is OBVIOUSLY NOT ENOUGH.
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    If you're using the XLR output, this is a reminder to make sure there is no phantom power feeding it. It won't ruin it but it will change your level.
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    They weren't really upgraded. They were ported over. It does allow for the algorithms to run at a higher sampling rate, though, so in some cases that might make a slight difference in how they sound. The way Ben Adrian described it once is that it's like they put the older effects in an HX wrapper.
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    Beware that anti-glare filters are not all of the same quality.. Buy a good one. In any case it shouldn't be too expensive. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
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    I have my POD 2.0 like 10 years ago and this last year I started with this problem: every random time, when I'm playing or not, POD enters in "Edit" mode and "destroy" the sound of the bank I'm using. For example, I'm using a distor and when it enters in Edited mode sometimes a flanger, a chorus, a delay, or simple the sound get less distortioned, and I must change banks really fast. Any suggestion?
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    I also do not like that they put the Legacy effects into a separate category. Should have mixed them in with their corresponding category just like all the other ones and differentiated them with an alternate font or color or whatever. When I audition different overdrive pedals or delays for example I prefer to have them all in one place. Having to jump out to a separate directory for the Legacy effects makes no sense to me although at the time maybe it was quicker and easier for them to program them that way. I think a lot of people would use them more if Line6 mixed them in to their respective categories(distortion, modulation, delay, etc.) with the rest of the effects. Don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth 'cos it was amazing that they added them but I hope they decide to change this at some point. Actually put this one in Ideascale a while ago, vote it up: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Move-Legacy-Effects-in-with-the-rest-and-make-em-look-different/921132-23508
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    Hey guys, Marcus from Soundwoofer here, glad you enjoy our library. If you have any feedback, please let us know as the library is still under development. We have also opened up for users to register accounts and upload Impulse responses to the library. You can register an account here Also wanted to tip, we have also released a series of "Mixpulses" that are combinations of several microphones (12!) into just one single file. You can find the mixpulses here
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    Pointing to the manual (albeit French... which works for you ) is not a bad suggestion, but was the downvote of the OP really necessary? The OP knows the options, just wanted advice on which one to choose. This forum is all about advice and helping out :)
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    Have exactly the same issue. Any answer or related topic I could check?
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