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    Was delighted to see the new HX mono reverbs added a few firmware revisions ago but I would like to see Line6 provide new HX mono versions of at least a plate, room, and hall reverb. Other new mono reverbs would be welcome too but these would be a good start. Mono HX reverbs use less DSP and after four years of being out in the wild the Helix is primed to finally receive these meat and potato reverbs.
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    I’ve been doing that but I just want certain blocks at a time. Heck even the ability to overwrite the default settings of each block would be more helpful. Sean Meredith-Jones www.seanmeredithjones.com
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    Ownership is like a coupon. If the previous owner used the coupon, you'll pay full price. If not, you'll get the discounted price.
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    1) not so much that the average human can tell the difference 2) 1M is 1M, but the Helix has variable settings starting at 10k, which makes a difference with some effects like fuzz 3) The apollo has better latency when used with VSTs. It's on-board amps are said to be quite good. 4) Depends what you're doing I have a Helix Floor which I plug the guitar into. Same zero latency monitoring as the Apollo. I use a Scarlett 18i20 for an interface as it has many more Ins/Outs and better latency than Helix when used with VSTs. The Helix is a better guitar device, and can be used live - do you REALLY want to bring your computer to Joe's sleazy Dive Bar'n'Grill? Keep the Apollo and use both for what they're best at.
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    I had the same issue even after performing the factory reset so then I powered off and back on holding the 2 left foot switches and it rebuilt all the presets.
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