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    While I totally agree with everyone above that a Helix anything is not for your stage of playing, I think that the next question is - where are you likely to play? If it will only be at home, you need to look at the best practice amps. If there is some chance you might play with a drummer or a small group of friends somewhere where you can make a bit more noise, you choices will be a little different. The Yamaha THR series are a very good solution for home playing and the new THR30 would even do for small group practice (not a gig!) - THR10 would be more than enough if you won't be playing with anyone. These have lots of advantages like being able to be a great general music player and a play along system. Portable - sound great not too many options but more to explore with a computer connected when you want to start to explore the brainspace that modellers like the Helix represent. Also in the same territory is the Boss Katana - the range covers smaller versions that compete with the THRs all the way to real gigging amps all built on the same basic concept. The beauty of all these is they are designed for someone like you with great sounds at the push of a button and at the same time don't act as a dead end, but let you dive deeper as you learn. Check some YouTube videos on best practice amps and the amps I mention.
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    Hi guys! Long story short: would you still recommend buying the FHFX this christmas (2019)? I read a lot of posts about bugs, lag etc. but how good/bad does it hold up, being a couple of years old already. Long story long: my brother plays guitar and does background vocals in our rock cover band. We do all kinds of rock-related music, some 80s rock and metal, some grunge, some new metal, some indie etc. There's even the odd jazzy tune that we cover from time to time. Because we play such a variety of songs, my brother switched from his Hagström to a Variax and just loves it. All of us in the band to, to be honest. Now that the Variax sounds so good, he is looking into downsizing from his 50 watt tube amp and stomp box pedal board with 4x12" cab to a modeler. However, the Helix LT is just too pricey and here in Germany, used ones aren't that much lower than new ones. So the idea now is to go with the Firehawk FX as it can be had for literally a fraction of the cost. The big upside is its "keep it straight and simple" approach. My brother loves his android tables (a lenovo) so the whole idea of remote controling his tone seems to be very sensible. However - some of the posts in this forums make me wonder how usable the device is at all. Is the audio quality still good compared to modern modeles such as the Helix? How bad are the lag and connection issues these days? Is it a viable option for live usage (as we play a gig once in a while)? I would love to read your thoughts on this. -pac PS: the reason I post this thread is simply that I already have a Line 6 account and he doesn't yet.
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    Hi everyone! I did not follow the instructions to "back up" using HX Edit because the machine is brand new so nothing to back up. The instructions should be more clear it is MORE than a backup and is required. Anyway, the Line 6 Updater failed. I tried installing 2.71, 2.82, 2.5, even 2.30 again - all with the same results - install failed. By the way, nowhere in the instructions does it say if you need to do ALL the FW steps from 2.30 to 2.82 or not. I just saw that "2.71 or earlier" in the 2.82 instructions so that's what I tried first. I downloaded HX Edit 2.30 (current FW version) and it will not connect says error unknown -9123. So now, neither HX Edit works nor Line 6 Updater and my new Helix is now a brick. What can I do now? Max OS High Sierra 10.13.6 Helix LT 2.30
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    Drag and drop all the effects dedicated to channel A to the upper line (after the split point) in the screen, and drag and drop all the effects dedicated to channel B to the lower line, in the mixer block make sure that channel A is 100% panned to the LEFT, and channel B is 100% panned to the RIGHT. Connect the LEFT and RIGHT outputs to the different amps you are using as needed. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
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    The Firehawk FX is still a good choice, imo, for those like you who value simplicity and mobility. It still does today what it was designed to do several years ago. There will almost certainly be no further firmware updates but it is still supported in terms of getting help in case of hardware failures. I don't know exactly what bugs you are referring to but I wouldn't count on fixes at this point. I have owned a Firehawk FX for several years and have not had any Bluetooth issues other than occasionally having to forget/reconnect the device. However I know that many users do have issues. I suspect it sometimes has to do with local factors such as other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity, and there's no predicting how your environment will perform. Also, remember that this is a user support forum. The people who come here are generally those who encounter problems. You don't hear from those who are perfectly happy and satisfied. I think if you were to count the number of people here who are reporting problems, and imagine how many Firehawk FX devices have been sold worldwide, the ratio of users with problems is pretty low. That's not to minimize the issues but just to say that the likelihood that you will have serious problems is quite low imo. (I'm talking about actual serious bugs - not design preferences.) I say go for it. Since you're already leaning towards it there's a much better chance that you will be happy than disappointed.
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    Hey I just had a thought the other day about possibly creating a preamp through the HX EFFECTS & am wondering if anyone else has tried this?.. OD/DS Pedal ---> EQ Pedal ---> IR Cabinet Sim The idea is the the OD/DS gives u the preamp while the EQ pedal helps you shape the sound a bit more since the first pedal is limited and than add an IR cab to simulate the desired cabinet.
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    Pac_man, I'm a FH owner and have become frustrated with Line 6's choice to no longer support it. If you look at the SW updates available, FH doesn't appear once and yet all of the POD line is still there. I consider this a big middle finger to those of us who spent $499 on a new pedal only to have it abandoned a few years down the line for their pet Helix. Blu tooth connectivity continues be a huge issue which renders the pedal useless to me as I can't edit parameters. I'm giving it one more try with the Gear Monkey. If that doesn't work I'm trading up to a Head Rush. It's a shame as I have been a L6 customer for almost 20 years with the Variax 300 and bass, both guitar and bass POD XT Live pedals, and the Relay 10.
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    One of the best things about buying an AXE FX III, is no longer having to put up with the snotty attitude from some of the long-standing members, which is so prevalent on this forum. Nothing at all wrong with the OP's enthusiasm, so stop trolling him. -
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    Well... I'm back... Yes... the OP... And I'm posting this just to let you all guys know that tomorrow Thursday 19th of December 2019... It's been six months since the last update... Now diss, whine, insult and point fingers all you want... It doesn't change time and circumstances. Bye, haters.
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    Firmware: Firmware 2.82 Bug: When I edit some preset/snapshot settings the main control knob stops responsing to press after some (not always the same) time. It starts working again after I save the preset/snapshot. Note: If this is the intention, it would be nice to show it to user on display like "You have to save, before continue."
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