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    Meters won't hurt the pros nor the amateurs. No shame in using all the senses to get the best result faster.
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    That's it. Some driver is poorly written and is holding onto an interrupt longer than it should, denying access by your USB audio devices for too many milliseconds. nVidia graphics and wireless networking are common culprits on laptops, and sometimes you never find a way around it. With desktops you can at least switch out hardware. Or disable devices in device manager if you don't need them - or better yet, in BIOS. That way drivers don't load, interrupts aren't taken, system runs smoother.
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    I have the Head Rush 8" & so far have not been very impressed with it. To my ears, the Helix sounds a lot better into FX return of my DSL40C.
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    i agree fully with what your saying regarding analog vs analog comparisons...and to further that, trying to match 'my' TS808' to the version modeled in the Helix and whatever one they modeled...your absolutely right. My 1:1 comment was more of a dig/comment on the Axe FX side. I dont know if the II or the III they came out with are more 1:1 matches regarding knob response/ranges, but in the original versions the amps/pedals often had a wider range of effect to allow you to do things not possible in the analog world. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but it made it harder at times to mimic rigs and setups you wanted to emulate or recreate. If they had a TS808 with the gain on 9:00, tone at 2:00 and output on 3:00....its easy to assume maybe the pedal version is set to 3/7/8.5 respectively??? But then when translating that to the Axe Fx because 1-10 on the analog pedal really was 3-7, it made it harder to guess where the 3/7/8.5 really was, referring to my example. Thats all. I'd rather have the TS808 match the version they modeled 1:1 (or closely depending on model) and if they want a super TS808, then do something like they did with the Brit 2204 model.
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    I have owned and played several Tube Screamers in my lifetime... I have NEVER had two of them sound/react the same on the same settings. We will never experience the exact tube screamer Line 6 used for it's modeling (other than the model itself)... so direct 1-1 comparisons often mean nothing. (this applies to almost everything in the Helix) That said.... tube screamers (with a few setting tweaks) can be made to sound pretty much the same... and this video is proof once again that it can also be done with a "digital" tube screamer. The difference was no different that two different tube screamers... and in a blind test I would NEVER have known which was which.
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    Glad you like them ! I just updated the full pack to firmware 2.82, all the presets were reviewed and many received new snapshots, + all the snapshots were named, you just need to download the zip file again to get the new versions
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    Thanks everyone. Very useful. I have ordered a pair of HS5s.
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    yes you can, I dont have my helix in front to know the exact steps....BUT I do this all the time for my presets w/wah. HX Edit Steps Step 1: Add the Wah (choose model and such. Step 2: right click on the position parameter and choose Exp 1 (I think it defaults to Exp 2, if not, ignore this step) Step 3: click on the other tab on the right, I forget the name. Its above the higher end of the parameter sliders, it allows you to assign things to controllers Step 4: in the 2nd drop down, choose 'Bypass' Step 5: on the first parameter, you will lower/raise it to whatever % travel you want the pedal to move to trigger the bypass state of the effect. For me, I have it opposite how you have it. I like it 'toe down' as off, so I set mine to 97%. This allows 98-100% as my 'off' range and when it comes to 97% or lower it turns on the effect. I also lower the delay parameter to 0ms for this action as when its off I want it off. Some people like to have a small delay in case they travel/wander into the 'off' range it doesnt shut off automatically. This should take care of it. You should be able to do the same thing on the Helix itself, to get to the Controller Assigns menus I think you just have to hold down the parameter's knob for a second or two to get it to bring up that menu. Could be wrong here though, I do 90% of my editing on HX Edit
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    Thank you for the replies. Sometimes it's quite easy ... I forgot that you can change the Fx Loop to stereo. Issue solved :-)
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    The feature I would like to see is Ā«convertingĀ» of Amp+Cab/Amp/Preamp blocks I use the Helix with two DT50 but also direct out or with headphones for practice at home at night. I dial my tones mostly connected to the DT50, where I use preamp-blocks. When I'm satisfied with a preset, I make a copy for direct out/headphones. There I have to replace the preamp-block with an Amp or an Amp+Cab block. Switching the block resets all settings to default. That means, I have to manually write down the settings, change block and apply them again. I like so see the possibility to either a) change the block type between Amp/Preamp with all settings kept, or b) copy only the amp-settings and apply them to preamp-block and vice versa
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    Hi, I've just posted an idea for improving the effects loops so they don't use up any effects processing slots. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/An-eco-mode-effects-loop-that-use-no-processing-slots/941635-23508 I'm using the HX effects, so I have 9 effect blocks to play with, but I use two of these up with two separate effects loops for my analogue gear. I understand the effect loops have some cool features, but I never use them and never will with my set up. The loops go to my pedals and if I want them on I just use the pedal switch rather than take up one of the HX switches. I would really like the option of effect loops which are just simple in and out points that can be put somewhere in the signal chain. No gain, mixing, trails or foot switch options at all, just an in and out. And as such no need to take up an effect processing slot. They could appear on the user display as a dot in between the processing slots, just like the start / end points of path B, so there would be no need to add any extra pages to the display either. This would free up 2 processing slots and make the HX a lot more flexible.
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